10 Things We Know About Miriam Carey & the Capitol Hill Shooting

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The Capitol Hill shooting on Tuesday left unanswered questions regarding the suspect Miriam Carey’s bizarre behavior, the aggressive response of the police and Secret Service, and the manic atmosphere during the harrowing event.

This is what we now know:

  1. 1. Miriam Carey, a 34-year old woman from Stamford, CT, may have believed President Obama was stalking her, according to law enforcement sources. (NBC)
  2. 2. Carey drove her black Nissan Infiniti 270 miles to Washington and then crashed into a temporary security gate in front of the White House at 2:20 p.m., injuring a Secret Service agent. (WaPo)
  3. 3. She led a high-speed chase through the Capitol at times about 80 miles an hour, flying down Pennsylvania Avenue until she smashes a Secret Service cruiser. (NYDN)
  4. 4. At least five police officers draw weapons on Carey near the Garfield monument, and then she flees. Multiple shots are fired by police at Carey’s vehicle (as witnesses report and video confirms). (CBS)
  5. 5. She drives the wrong way around Garfield circle and crashes into another barricade at Constitution and 2nd Ave. An officer in pursuit is injured after his vehicle strikes a barricade. (NYDN)
  6. 6. Carey is fatally shot by police officers. Authorities said the woman was not armed. Some authorities suggest there was the possibility of a car bomb. Her one-year old daughter Erica, who was in the back of the Infiniti, was uninjured. (WaPo)
  7. 7. The suspect was suffering from financial distress, since she was fired from her dental hygienist job in August 2012 for being “too rough.” (NBC)
  8. 8. Carey was believed to have been suffering from post-partum depression after an unplanned pregnancy, and appears to have suffered a severe fall in January 2012. (NYDN)
  9. 9. The FBI bomb team and police search Carey’s home in Stamford. Medications used to treat schizophrenia and other mental disorders were found. (CBS)
  10. 10. The police involved in the investigation and incident are having their paychecks held due to the partial government shutdown, and are expected to be paid after it ends. (See ABC)

article-2442703-1884F77400000578-931_634x376“Carey… seemed to suffer from mental illness since giving birth to her daughter last August, her mother said.” (NYDN)

capitalcitymapThis graphic from the New York Daily News shows how the event took place.

523490247Miriam Carey is surrounded by Capitol Police near the Garfield Monument. Shots are fired as she flees.

article-capitol-1003Capitol Hill goes into lockdown.

Shots-fired-at-U.S.-Capitol-female-suspect-killedA police cruiser damaged during the high speed chase.

523486425Civilians on the Hill flee during the lockdown and seek cover.

523486727Citizens get down as low as possible to prevent being hit by gunfire.

article-0-1880935700000578-784_634x382Armed units arrive to assist police in securing the scene.

article-0-1880929A00000578-172_634x423Units ride in the back of a Ford pickup truck as other emergency personnel are on standby.

article-0-1880AC2500000578-716_634x461Police at the ready stand before Congress with assault rifles.

article-0-18808D1E00000578-852_634x450Pedestrians move hastily to seek cover as policeman secure the scene.

imageCapitol Hill residents get as far from the scene of the crime as fast and orderly as possible.

US-POLITICS-SHOOTING-CAPITOLHeavily armed police detachments are dispatched to the volatile situation.

image2Capitol Hill is swarmed with police cruisers.

601127-Woman-Shot-Dead-In-Capitol-ChaseMiriam Carey’s Nissan Infiniti speeding around the Capitol.

14A helicopter sweeps low before the Capitol building.

careydc9LA Late captured this compelling photo after the Carey’s final crash on Constitution and 2nd Ave.

652444-us-shootings-capitolMiriam Carey being transported onto a stretcher and moved from the scene of the shooting.childdc-01Policeman remove Carey’s uninjured daughter Erica from the scene.

BVrX0XWCIAA3ipXMercifully, Erica’s daughter will survive the terrible event.

article-0-1880AF9900000578-940_634x421Police console one another after the car chase and fatal shooting.

carey2Miriam Carey working as a dental hygienist in 2011.

usa-capitol-shootingBomb teams searched her apartment in Stamford, Ct. and found psychoactive medications.

article-2442703-18817BCE00000578-739_634x627Miriam Carey’s tragic story on Capitol Hill marks yet another high profile case where the suspect appears to have been suffering from mental illness.

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