Lunatic: Congress Makes Time to Ban Insensitive Words in Old Laws

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Congress should give itself a giant group hug for banning the outdated psychiatric slang “lunatic” floating around the millions of documents in Washington D.C. Ironically, the medical term “idiot” remains on the public record, likely because it fits the bill for certain politicians wasting taxpayers’ precious time and money nowadays.

Yahoo News has the story:

The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a Senate-passed bill striking the word “lunatic” from federal law, without removing a nearby reference to “idiot.” The vote sends the legislation to President Barack Obama to be signed into law, removing what advocates consider an outdated, offensive term for mental illness from the United States Code.

The legislation, crafted by Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad and Republican Sen. Mike Crapo, sailed through the House on a 398-1 vote. The lone dissenter was Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert. Thirty-two lawmakers did not vote. The bill had won unanimous approval in the Senate in May.

Poor Louie Gohmert. Why, he must be in favor of calling mentally unstable people lunatics! Incidentally, the term ‘lunatic left’ has been used to describe the radical fringe of the Democrat Party for decades (and quite insensitively, one might add). But we’ll all be holding our breath when there’s bipartisan legislation banning the race card or forbidding lawmakers from calling conservatives wingnuts, rightwingers, Nazis, teabaggers, or worse.

Not that anyone should care. This hyper-sensitivity about our ‘discourse’ and everyone getting the vapors whenever a naughty word is uttered has become a sappy substitute for politicians taking decisive corrective action to halt the country’s ongoing economic troubles. No one could possibly be for calling people mean things — so does that mean we should ban all possibly offensive terms in ancient legislation? That’s all this pathetic grandstanding is about — team-building based on the lazy feelgoodism of political correctness.

Here’s a “lunatic” idea: Get off your rear-ends and come up with a rational compromise on how to stop the U.S. government from spending more in a year than is produced in the entire economies of every country except China, Japan and Germany. Cut some taxes, ease some regulations, and close some tax loopholes… idiots.

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