This Simple Graph Compares Reagan’s and Obama’s ‘Recoveries’


This Simple Graph Compares Reagan’s and Obama’s ‘Recoveries’

How often have you heard a Democrat prattle on and on about how well Barack Obama has done with the economy, given the mess he inherited? Usually, it’s some version of, “Things are getting better, but the economy the President started with was so awful, so he’s done as well as anyone could expect.”

When Ronald Reagan took over from Jimmy Carter in ’81, things were actually worse economically compared to when Obama took over from George W. Bush in ’08.

Consider these three important comparisons of economic indicators, then and now:

- Unemployment was at 10.8% versus 7.7%

- Inflation (Consumer Price Index) was at 13.5% versus 2.7%

- Interest rates (prime rate) was at 21.5% versus 3.25%

In other words, Reagan inherited a bigger mess. Yet, there’s this chart of job growth:

Obama v Reagan Net Jobs

Yes, you read that right: net job growth has declined under Obama.  And by the end of  the second year of their terms as President, economic growth under Reagan averaged 7.1% , under Obama an anemic 2.8%.

So, how did Reagan manage it? Across-the-board tax cuts, non-defense spending cuts, a restrained monetary supply, and deregulation.

What’s Obama done? Tax increases, spending increases, a massive money-supply increase through “quantitative easing,” and an explosive increase in regulations.

Game, set, and match to Ronald Reagan- and a sound, conservative economic policy.

Six Kinds Of Awesome: Obama’s Latest Budget Would Tax You More Than Ever In U.S. History


Triple Facepalm: Four Counties in Alabama Have More Active Voters Than Adult Residents

Four Alabama counties need to do some major work on their voter registration lists.

In Lowndes, Greene, Macon and Wilcox Counties, the numbers of active voters are actually higher than the numbers of adults who reside there:


Additionally, in eight counties there are more registered voters than adults:


There are a lot of factors at play with these numbers, such as under-reporting by the Census and duplicate registrations at public assistance offices, which are required to offer enrollees the chance to sign up to vote. If someone registers more than once with a different name spelling or date of birth, it often slips by unnoticed.

These discrepancies, which are not limited to Alabama but are common throughout the country, create ample opportunity for voter fraud, especially in states that do not require voters to show identification.

Fortunately, Alabama recently passed a voter ID law, and as that law goes into effect this year, it is very likely that we’ll see the above numbers improve.

Selfless Little Boy Saved Up Hundreds For PS4, Instead Uses Money For Something Much Better



Six Kinds Of Awesome: Obama’s Latest Budget Would Tax You More Than Ever In U.S. History

Warning: This contains a bunch of mind-bogglingly gigantic numbers that we’ll try to make understandable!

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just released its analysis of the budget proposal that President Obama presented last month. The result: it would yield the highest level of sustained taxation in the history of the country. Over the next 10 years, taxes would grow from 17.6% of gross domestic product to 18.7%. As current GDP is just under $17 trillion, that means annual taxes would be $3.1 trillion, or $9,804 for every American.

Here’s a graph showing taxes as a percentage of GDP since 1930:



In addition, the federal debt would increase by $7.2 trillion over that time. That’s like saying the debt will increase by $82.2 million per hour for 3,650 days or $22,831 per second, over the next 315 million seconds.

This graph shows what the debt increases would look like over the next ten years:


Some historical perspective:

  • From 1930 to 1941 (preceding the attack on Pearl Harbor) taxes averaged 5.3% of GDP
  • During World War 2 the average was 16.1%
  • From 1946 through 2013 taxes averaged 17.1%
  • From 1992 through 2013 taxes averaged 18.3% (note that the federal budget was balanced from 1998 – 2001)

The good news? None of the President’s budget proposals have ever come close to passing Congress, including when the Democrats held the House and Senate during Obama’s first two years. So it’s incredibly improbable that this one will, either. But it does give insight into what he wants to happen. Thank goodness, the Constitution doesn’t allow presidents to use their pens to simply sign budgets into law.

You Should Be Celebrating Or Maybe Not: Today Is Tax Freedom Day

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Vice President Biden To Russia: ‘Stop Supporting Men Hiding Behind Masks’


Stating that the U.S. will never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Vice President Joe Biden delivered a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Monday visit to Ukraine:

“Stop supporting men hiding behind masks.”

While Biden’s comments may have little impact on Putin and the Russians in the short run, it’s exactly the kind of message the Obama administration – including Barack Obama – should continue to send. Russia must be called out, as Biden said, for continuing to paying sympathizers to do its bidding in Ukraine.

CA Teacher Reinstated After Being Suspended For Altercation With Drug-Dealing Student


Selfless Little Boy Saved Up Hundreds For PS4, Instead Uses Money For Something Much Better

Nine-year-old Hector Montoya saved up for months so that he could afford a Playstation 4. However, when he heard about a mother and child who were killed in a fire because they didn’t have a smoke detector in their home, he changed his mind.

Hector decided to instead spend his money on smoke detectors for vulnerable people, mostly the elderly and retirees.

‘I decided saving a life was more important because one life lost is too many,’ he told CBS News.


The boy’s money was used to purchase more than 100 detectors, with most of them being installed in the homes of pensioners.

Hector’s generosity was unexpectedly rewarded when two teenagers caught wind of the story and decided to buy him a PS4 anyway.

‘We thought he deserved something special,’ said Ashton Harder, 19, who bought the PS4 along with his sister Peyton, 14.


He added: ‘To see a nine-year-old worrying about so many others, you can’t help but want to give him what he wants.’

Thank you, Hector, for reminding us that helping others is the most rewarding gift of all. You’re wise beyond your years.

When Boston Marathon Runner Fell in Front of Finish Line, What Happened Next Brought Crowd to Tears

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CA Teacher Reinstated After Being Suspended For Altercation With Drug-Dealing Student


Earlier this month, a Santa Monica High School student was caught dealing drugs in class. When confronted by teacher Mark Black, the student hit Black, who is also the school’s wrestling coach.

After promptly pinning the student to the ground, Black was placed on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation.

Students and parents alike rallied in Black’s defense, signing a petition and “liking” a Facebook page in support of the suspended teacher. Monday, Black was reinstated by Superintendent Sandra Lyon, who said in a statement:

“Based on what we have learned, it is appropriate to return Mr. Black from paid administrative leave, at this time.”

via  LA Times:

Lyon has emphasized that the district followed its standard practice when it placed Black on leave immediately after the incident came to light. Since the altercation occurred on the Friday prior to spring break, Black has not missed any workdays, officials said.


“I want to make it very clear that Mark Black was not fired or suspended from his job,” Lyon said, “he was simply placed on leave with pay during the investigation.”

As for the student caught dealing drugs in the classroom?

Blair Moore, 18, pleaded not guilty to multiple misdemeanor charges last week in connection with the fight, including two counts of threatening a public school official, one count of possession of a box cutter on school grounds and one count of possessing marijuana on school grounds.

So, here’s the question. While it’s true that Black was not fired or suspended, should school administrators have immediately suspended him? Especially when that action was reported by the media- making him appear guilty in a situation in which it now appears he responded appropriately?

 Democrat Congressman: ObamaCare Is Going To ‘Hit The Fan’ In The Next Few Years

When His Dem Opponent Mocked His Military Service, Rep. Tom Cotton Responded Perfectly


Democrat Senator Mark Pryor caught a lot of flack last month when he attacked his Republican opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton, by saying he had a sense of “entitlement” from serving in the military.

Cotton could have easily joined in the mudslinging by pointing out Pryor’s own blaring entitlement: the fact that he “owes his own political career to his dad.”

Instead, Cotton rose above the fray by responding with a campaign ad that was classy, humorous, tough and brilliant at the same time.

Your move, Pryor…

When Boston Marathon Runner Fell in Front of Finish Line, What Happened Next Brought Crowd to Tears

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You Should Be Celebrating Or Maybe Not: Today Is Tax Freedom Day

Congratulations! The average American has- as of today- earned enough money to pay their federal, state, and local income taxes.  This doesn’t include sales taxes, fuel taxes, real estate taxes, use taxes, vehicle taxes, or anything other than income taxes.

Last year, Tax Freedom Day happened on April 8th, 3 days earlier, and required only 108 days of earning compared to this year’s 111 days. In other words, the Americans’ income tax bondage to government has now been redeemed and you are free to keep the fruits of your labors. But that’s only if you are the average American. Thirteen states have Tax Freedom Days that have yet to occur!

Which state’s citizens were free the earliest this year? Louisianans were free on March 30th. Good for them.

And which states’ citizens will be waiting the longest? Connecticut and New Jersey residents have eighteen more days to go before they can consider themselves free. Suppose that’s freedom, after a fashion.

Here’s a state-by-state run-down:

tax freedom graphic

Are you upset yet? Let’s look at some history:

In 1913, when the 16th Amendment was passed and the first income tax was levied, the rate was 1% on incomes above $6,000 and 6% above $500,000. Today’s equivalent incomes would be $71,610 (in the top 14%) and $11,935,000 (in the top 3/10ths of 1%).  For 2013, incomes of $71,610 would be taxed at 22% and an income of $11,935,000 would be taxed at 39.2%.

Are we Americans- in any sense-  not subject to the tyranny of excessive taxation with massive over-representation? Roughly a third of our year is spent working to pay to a government that is butting-into involved in every single, minute aspect of our lives. We may have earned enough to pay the taxes, but we are definitely not free.

Happy Tax Freedom Day, indeed.

These Maps Destroy All Objections To The Keystone Pipeline

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When Boston Marathon Runner Fell in Front of Finish Line, What Happened Next Brought Crowd to Tears

If this week’s Boston Marathon, the first since last year’s bombings, had a theme, it was strength through adversity.

Many saw that strength firsthand when a man collapsed from exhaustion just short of the finish line. Amazingly, two runners who were nearby – strangers who could have easily kept going – wrapped their arms around him and helped him move forward:

Then, two more runners stopped to help, and the four of them literally carried him toward the finish line:

Together, they finished the race:

What an inspiring display of resilience. It’s when people come together like this that they find true victory and show the terrorists who has really won.

Tim Tebow and Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Spend Easter Together In the Manliest Way Possible

Democrat Congressman Warns America that ‘It’s Gonna Hit the Fan’ After the 2014 Elections


As the delays keep piling up and the horror stories keep rolling in, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) says that, in the next few years, ObamaCare is going to “hit the fan.”

During an interview late last week, Lynch spoke specifically about individuals whose group healthcare plans exceed $10,200, which he referred to as “Cadillac plans.”

“They’re gonna have to pay that employer if they provide that – and many do today, never mind in 2018 – will have to pay a 40 percent tax on the amount over the maximum established under the Affordable Care Act.


So, that’s a huge tax. It’ll be the first time in this country’s history that we have taxed healthcare.” 

Again, Rep. Lynch is a Democrat. From Massachusetts, no less. Something tells me he won’t be running on ObamaCare in November.

Yeah, You’re Gonna Wanna See Allen West Hammer Harry Reid’s Cronyism


These 2 Maps Blow Up the Debate on The Keystone Pipeline Debate

A day rarely goes by without some sort of news or official statement about the difficulty and challenges of the Keystone Pipeline.  Last week, the Obama administration yet-again delayed the decision to move forward with it. Yesterday, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz appeared on television to defend this decision. And of course, it’s been a discussion item for over five years.

So, why is there such controversy? It’s over 1,000 miles long and will cover several states. Take a look at this graphic from our friends at the Washington Free Beacon that shows the pipeline’s proposed location and size:




You’ll be forgiven if you accept the narrative that it will be potentially destructive and harmful. It’s understandable if you look at this graph and conclude that it indeed is a big deal…

Until you look at a graphic that shows the existing pipelines, all 2.3 million miles of them, that carry oil, gas, and chemicals each and every day:




Now do you get it? The Keystone Pipeline would represent a .04% increase in U.S. pipelines. That’s 4/100ths of 1%, a comparison identical to 2 feet versus 1 mile, or 1 teaspoon compared to 3 1/4 gallons.

Of course, we should build the pipeline. It should have been built years ago. The next time anyone questions the wisdom of it, use these graphs and these comparisons to educate them.

Seattle Burger Joint Uses Pot Smoking Jesus In Ad and We Are Not Amused

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Yeah, You’re Gonna Wanna Watch Col. West Shred Harry Reid for Cronyism & Domestic Terrorist Comments


In the wake of Harry Reid calling supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic, violent, terrorist wannabes,” Col. Allen West weighed in on Reid’s cronyism in Nevada – and the real reason he’s so opposed to Bundy and his grazing cattle.

Krauthammer: ‘The Single Stupidest Remark About Foreign Policy Ever Uttered by a President of the United States’

H/T Allen West Republic

Krauthammer: ‘The Single Stupidest Remark About Foreign Policy Ever Uttered By A President Of The United States’


While discussing comments made by New York Times columnist David Brooks this weekend, in which he said Barack Obama has a “manhood problem” in the Middle East, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said it isn’t a question of lack of manhood, but rather a “complete absence of strategic thinking.”

What he said next just might make the “manhood problem” blast look tame by comparison.

Watch This Prius Owner Completely Flip Out On Farmer and His Family…for Driving a Truck


Tim Tebow and Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Spend Easter Together In the Manliest Way Possible


It’s a different kind of spring training for Tim Tebow. The former NFL player spent part of his Easter enjoying the great outdoors with Jase Robertson, star of the hit show Duck Dynasty.

Robertson tweeted this picture of the occasion, appropriately including the hash tag #OperationBiceps:


Though by outward appearances the two stars seem like polar opposites, they have common ground in their Christian faith. They went on a short speaking tour together last year, where they shared their testimonies with high school football teams.

Tebow and Robertson will speak together again this summer at the University of South Florida at a men’s conference. Too bad, because I know a lot of single ladies who wish they could sign up now…

Aerosmith Teams Up With Children’s Choir In This Stunning Tribute to Boston Bombing Victims

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Watch This Prius Owner Completely Flip Out On A Farmer And His Family…For Driving A Truck


I may have enjoyed this video so much because one of my vehicles is a pickup truck. On the other hand, maybe I liked it because this Prius owner made a complete fool of herself: the poor family she accosts in the video committed the unspeakable crime of driving a truck.

Incidentally, while this video was recorded in 2011, it’s once again making its way around the net. Oldie but goodie, I guess.

*Warning* Strong language.

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry to People Who Lost Their ‘Crappy’ Healthcare Plans: ‘Just Deal With That’

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Common Core’s Latest Stunt: Turning Standardized Tests Into Shoutouts to Nike, Barbie and iPod

In today’s hyper-commercialized culture, Americans are used to seeing advertisements everywhere we look. However, there are a few places that brands are expected to stay out of; one of those places is the classroom – until now:

Nike, Barbie and iPod were among the more famous brands to have appeared in a recent New York Common Core standardized English test taken by more than a million students in grades three to eight. Other brands included Life Savers and Mug Root Beer.

While the test questions have not been shared with the public and teachers are banned from discussing them, many children and parents are speaking out:

In one question a busboy failed to clean some spilled root beer — Mug Root Beer, to be exact, a registered trademark of PepsiCo. 


Others claimed Nike appeared in a question about being a risk taker and included the line: ‘”Just Do It” is a registered trademark of Nike’. Sam Pirozzolo, from Staten Island, whose fifth-grader encountered the Nike question, said there was apparently no reason for such a specific brand.


‘I’m sure they could have used a historical figure who took risks and invented things. I’m sure they could have found something other than Nike to express their point.’

Representatives of the Education Department, the aforementioned brands and Pearson, the company that penned the tests, insist that no money was exchanged.

Regardless of whether the product placements were paid for, this is commercialization in a place where many feel it doesn’t need to be. It is unnecessary, and it opens the door to giving private interests further control of our children’s educations.

Government education officials should have only one goal: to teach our kids the skills they need to be knowledgeable and productive citizens in the future. Perhaps if they focused a little more on producing lessons and tests that make sense and a little less on following trademark laws, they would be closer to achieving that goal.

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry to People Who Lost Their ‘Crappy’ Healthcare Plans: ‘Just Deal With That’

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MSNBC’s Harris-Perry To People Who Lost Their ‘Crappy’ Healthcare Plans: ‘Just Deal With That’


On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show Sunday, the host not only admonished Democrats to brag about ObamaCare ahead of this year’s midterm elections, but she also had a few choice words for the reported 5 to 6 million people whose policies have been cancelled due to ObamaCare:

“Yeah, you can’t keep your crappy plans. Just deal with that!”

America’s liberals: Could they be any more “compassionate”?

 It Only Takes a Minute For S.E. Cupp to Completely Dismantle Bloomberg’s Fight Against Guns

VIDEO: Watch ‘Megadeth’ Frontman Mock Obama’s ‘F$#@ing Mom Jeans’ Onstage


Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was caught on video by a fan at their April 19 concert in Tucson, Arizona, mocking President Obama’s penchant for wearing “mom jeans.” And he used some rather colorful language in doing so…

“Imagine if I was your president… Oh boy! I’ll tell you what – there would be no f**king mom jeans on this guy!”

He then added, “Don’t forget to vote.”

“If I was your president…. [Chuckles] Oh, boy… I’ll tell you what… There would be no fucking ‘mom jeans’ on this guy
“If I was your president…. [Chuckles] Oh, boy… I’ll tell you what… There would be no fucking ‘mom jeans’ on this guy
“If I was your president…. [Chuckles] Oh, boy… I’ll tell you what… There would be no fucking ‘mom jeans’ on this guy

Obama has been widely ridiculed for his “mom jeans” ever since he threw out the first ball at a Major League All-Star baseball game in 2009 wearing the wide-set pants. He’s gotten so much grief over it that he actually defended his pants policy to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, but it doesn’t look like Mustaine thought much of his excuses!

Listen to the Story About an Assistance Dog Helping Boston Bombing Survivors Through a Tough Year


Seattle Burger Joint Uses Pot Smoking Jesus In Ad and We Are Not Amused

One Seattle restaurant capitalized on the fact that Easter falls on 4/20, a common term to identify association with marijuana, by sending out this email advertisement:

Jesus ad 2


John Schmidt, the owner of the three-location Lunchbox Laboratory, made this statement to a local news station in response to the controversy:

This is not about Jesus, it’s about the burger of the gods. It’s an actual burger that we have. I’m not your moral guide in life, I’m selling burgers.


It’s not an anti-Christian message, it’s a very peaceful message, Jesus enjoying a sandwich and a blunt.

Not sure a lot of Christians would agree with that, given that Jesus preached that one’s body is a temple. The Bible has numerous verses against intoxication. If you want to smoke a joint and eat a burger, that’s your own business – but leave the holiest day on the Christian calendar out of it.

Obama’s Easter Selfie: Doesn’t This Beg For A Caption Contest?

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It Only Takes a Minute For S.E. Cupp to Completely Dismantle Bloomberg’s Fight Against Guns


It doesn’t take long for conservative commentator S.E. Cupp to convincingly discredit Michael Bloomberg’s attempts at gun control. After pointing out why his crusade is misguided, she ends with this statement:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has crumbled because he duped mayors into thinking they were actually going to fight illegal guns. And when they all found out actually they were going after law-abiding gun owners, they said that’s not what I want to be apart of. His efforts are duplicitous and they’re measurably failing.

Cupp is spot-on; as long as Bloomberg pushes confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens rather than going after those who actually use guns illegally, all the money in the world should not make a difference.

Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Just Got Played on Facebook By Pro-Gun Advocates

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This Picture of Obama at an Easter Egg Roll is Begging for a Caption Contest

President Obama tweeted this picture yesterday, just after the White House Easter Egg Roll, and it begs for a funny caption.


obama tweet

Here are a few of our ideas:

- Just checking to see if you have an unfair amount of eggs.

- If you like your egg, you can keep it.

- Wait, is that a rotten Republican egg?

- I’m just going to take some to give them to more-deserving kids.

- Excuse me, are you covered?

What are your funny caption suggestions?

Hilarious Video: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Says Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Delay Not Political