One Homeless Man. Two Sets of Clothes. Incredibly Different Results.

One Homeless Man. Two Sets of Clothes. Incredibly Different Results.


Do people treat others differently based on the clothing they’re wearing? It seems like a no-brainer.

The difference is shockingly illustrated in this video by vloggers Quiet Assassins. The video shadows one homeless man, Sandy, while he panhandles dressed in his normal attire and dressed as a businessman.

Why is the clothing so effective in getting passers-by to open their wallets? Maybe it’s because he doesn’t appear to be homeless. Advocacy groups routinely caution against giving cash to homeless people, for fear it will be spent on alcohol or drugs.

One way to help is through donating time or money to groups using proven strategies, such as Housing First, in helping break the cycle of homelessness. Such programs cost society far less over the course of a year than living on the streets or incarceration, as this chart from Anchorage, AK, shows.


The creators of Sandy’s video have started a GoFundMe page to help him, stating that he never panhandled before their experiment and is simply a man who hit hard times, as so many have been during this recession.

Whether you decide to give cash to someone on the street or donate to a community organization, this video is a reminder to look past the clothing to the person inside.


Newest Book Overlooked By The New York Times Best Seller List Raises Serious Questions

Another author has fallen victim to the New York Times Book Review.

Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel, the latest book from author and lawyer David Limbaugh, was banned from the publication despite having first week sales figures worthy of a spot in the top 10 on the national list of best sellers.

Appearing on the radio show of his brother Rush, Limbaugh described his new work as a compilation of his own spiritual experiences relating to the study of Christian apologetics through which he offers reasons to support and defend his faith against those who would attack it.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.20.55 PM

In response to the book’s removal, Marji Ross, president and publisher of Regnery Publishing, the book’s publisher, stated:

“While publishers have long tried to discover the secret recipe by which the New York Times concocts its bestseller list, it seems increasingly likely that they are ‘cooking the books’ to fit their particular ideology”


“Yes, of course, conservative books appear on their list – including many Regnery books. I can only assume they are force to place conservative books on their list in order to retain some sliver of credibility. But this trend of underreporting sales of conservative books is pronounced – and hard to justify.”

A spokesman for the New York Times insisted that, “the ratings speak for themselves and [we] are confident they are accurate.”

However, according to Nielson BookScan, Jesus on Trial sold 9,660 copies during its first week – enough to outsell 17 other books on the list.

Also, Jesus on Trial reached a high spot of No. 1 on Amazon’s list of national best sellers.

Unfortunately, this is yet another example of the New York Times choosing political best sellers based upon criteria other than book sales.  As recently as June, Dinesh D’Souza’s book, America, was absent from the “Top 25 Fiction Hardcover’s list” despite having sales worthy of a No. 12 spot.

Additionally, in 2011, the New York Times attempted a change in its policy for having some political books on its hardcover nonfiction best sellers list.  These changes resulted in a reclassification of several political books causing them to be removed from the hardcover nonfiction best seller list to other, less-popular rankings of best “advice,” “how-to,” and “miscellaneous” books.

Immediately following the announcement, three top 10 books were removed (at least, temporarily) from the nonfiction best seller list:

  • Mike Huckabee’s A Simple Government
  • Dick Morris’ and Eileen McGann’s Revolt!
  • Frank Luntz’ Win  

Ironically enough, all three authors are Fox News contributors.


Pranksters Take Advantage of Gullible iPhone Fans With Microwave Hoax. The Results are Scorching.

The iPhone 6 is here, and while many croon about the latest updates, there is one feature that the product does not have: the ability to charge inside a microwave.

But a group of 4Chan users has been trying to convince gullible consumers otherwise, with an advertisement claiming the technology was real, according to Digital Spy.


The official-looking ad almost prompted some outrage on Twitter, when frustrated users showed what happens when someone zaps their expensive, new phone.

There were some whose whole weeks were just ruined…wave3wave4While others tried to use this as a “teachable moment” for others out there.


At least one user didn’t get the whole “prank” idea, and tried to bring the problem to Apple’s attention.


Some speculate that the photos may be faked by those who created the hoax. But if some actually did fall for the prank, let’s hope they purchased some insurance for their device!

Civil Rights Leaders Demand Actress Daniele Watts Apologize to Police But Won’t Like Her Response


Last week, actress Daniele Watts claimed she was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department for kissing her boyfriend. She alleged she was racially profiled and that she was accused of being a hooker.

Then, a police audio tape surfaced that showed Watts being uncooperative with police and that the officers accused her of having sex with her boyfriend in a car. The celebrity gossip site released some pictures a few days ago that appear to corroborate the police account.

Now some civil rights leaders have demanded that Watts apologize to both the LAPD and the black community as a whole.

CBS Los Angeles has more:

Project Islamic Hope President Najee Ali, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other civil rights leaders held a meeting at 9:30 a.m. denouncing Daniele Watts after a recent incident.


[...]Civil rights leaders previously called the incident a blatant act of racial profiling before the audio recording and several photos were released.


“We have nothing to be embarrassed about. She should be embarrassed. She’s the one that told the lie. She came and stated she’s a victim of racial profiling. We found out later on based on new information that she wasn’t,” activist Najee Ali said. “We didn’t make a rush to judgment. We can [sic] to aid a victim who we thought was victimized. For us, she’s wrong. That’s why we’re demanding Daniele Watts apologize not to LAPD but to our community.”

However, Watts’ response was not what they were looking for. According to Fox News, the actress refused to apologize.

When there are legitimate instances of racial profiling, stories like Watts’ make it harder to establish credibility when it is most needed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.31.39 PM

Thousands Came to NYC to Spread Climate Awareness, But It’s What They Left Behind That’s Trashy

Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched down the streets of New York City over the weekend. The “People’s Climate March” aimed at spreading awareness in advance of the United Nations climate summit, Huffington Post reports.

Activists marched alongside United States senators and congressmen, former Vice President Al Gore, and such “celebrity environmentalists” as Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo and Sting.



But it wasn’t just echoed chants and placards that were part of the sights and sounds of the march. Streets littered with trash were part of the experience, captured by Twitter users and Twitchy.

Sidewalks were covered with discarded signs.

1 4

Some trash *almost* made it into the can.


While others mistook a post box for a trash can.6

A ‘climate’ march loses a significant amount of credibility when the participants leave the streets in a way that distinctly contradicts the purpose of the march in the first place. If a cleaner Earth is really what the climate change activists want, they will have to be better stewards and role models for their own movement.

What a Tough-Guy Cop Did for Two Troubled Children is the Best Assignment He’ll Ever Have


Tough-guy Detective Jack Mook is a confirmed bachelor who has served on the police force for 22 years. He also volunteers at Steel City Boxing in Pittsburgh, PA, teaching underprivileged children how to box.

That’s where he met 15-year-old Josh and 11-year-old Jessee Lyle 6 years ago as students.

Mook told TribLive, as he coached Josh and Jessee, he became more and more aware of their troubled home life and would often take them out to eat, deepening their relationship.

Then, when the boys stopped showing up for their almost daily lessons, Mook knew something was wrong. He contacted their case worker, but she insisted they were fine.

A month later, their foster care guardian was in a police chase that led to a car crash. Mook seized his opportunity and filed for an emergency order to become their foster father.

Though Mook confesses that having to do homework is one of the toughest part of being a new parent, he told CBS that it’s the best thing he ever done in his life.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.15.30 PM

Now, almost two years later, Jessee and Josh are happy, safe, and officially adopted. Mook told TribLive, “You give up a lot, but I gain more than what I’ve lost… I’ve got a family now.”

Thanks to one tough guy, brave enough to open his heart, two children have a dad and Mook has found his family.

The Broken Road Leads High School Sweethearts Back to Each Other After 63 Years


Marcella and Johnny dated in high school, but as happens with many high school sweethearts, they parted ways.

Over the last 63 years, each has been married and raised a family. And both were recently widowed.

Johnny held a place in Marcella’s heart, though, as her daughter related to KAIT-8.

“We’d ask her about her boyfriends, and every time we asked about a boyfriend, his name came up.”

The couple reconnected and found that the connection they’d shared all those years ago was still strong.

Johnny and Marcella were married on September 20, citing vows they composed themselves. Marcella’s vow says it all:

Though life has taken us down different paths, we have both known countless happy times along with sorrow and troubled times through the years we were apart.


Now faith has brought us together again. We have now found a love much sweeter and deeper than what we had in our teen years.


Because of our age we have but a few years left to spend with each other, and my promise to you today is to try with everything within me…to make our last years the best years of our lives.

After a honeymoon in Branson, Missouri, the newlyweds will be coming back home to Arkansas to do just that.


Kira Davis: ‘Blackfish’ Movie Does More Harm than Good When it Comes to Animal Welfare

By now, many Americans have heard of a documentary called Blackfish, which creates an emotionally harrowing tale of human overreach, greed and the potential risks of holding animals in captivity. The film specifically targets SeaWorld and their killer whale program, as it tells the story of SeaWorld Florida orca Tillikum:

“a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Along the way, director-producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite complies shocking footage and emotional interviews to explore the creature’s extraordinary nature, the species’ cruel treatment in captivity…and the pressures brought to bear by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry” –

It certainly sounds captivating. Seeing that CNN actually gave the movie primetime airtime, and having brushed by it every day for the last few months on Netflix, I thought this might be a good film to watch with my 12-year-old son whom I’ve been homeschooling this year. Our most recent science unit has had us concentrating on the seas and ocean life, so it seemed appropriate.

As it turns out, Blackfish is an engaging story but one told through second and third-hand eyes. A closer look at the cast members reveals that some of them had never had any interaction whatsoever with Tillikum and none of them were working for SeaWorld at the time of film’s focal point – the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau. Furthermore, there were no statements from or interviews with any of the trainers and employees involved in any of the incidences. No official statement from SeaWorld was included in the film.

I won’t waste time refuting all of the poorly presented evidence in this movie, except to mention one important fact I think people aren’t aware of. SeaWorld has not cultivated orcas from the wild in well over thirty years, something the film leads the audience to believe still happens. SeaWorld has set up its own rebuttal page for those who are curious enough to hear their side of the story (in the interest of intellectual curiosity I highly recommend at least a skim).

I was more than a little curious and, living only an hour from SeaWorld San Diego, I was able to set up a visit to the park with my children, where we not only enjoyed the typical activities but also received a guided tour behind the scenes. We spoke to multiple park employees, toured the marine-life rescue center and interacted with some of the animals awaiting treatment or recovering from illness before they are released back into the wild.

I admonished my son to keep an open mind and reserve judgment. However, like the movie had an emotional impact so did watching firsthand how SeaWorld employees interact with the animals and educate the public. The passion and love the SeaWorld staff expressed for their animals and their jobs was palpable. Some even joked they take better care of their animals than they did their children. SeaWorld San Diego is even working on a massive expansion to their pools, which will double the orca habitat to 10 million gallons of water and increase the surface space to over 1.5 acres. It’s not the ocean, but it’s hardly the miserably cramped quarters outlined in Blackfish.

It vexes me that a “news” outlet like CNN would give ‘Blackfish’ such prime airtime. So many Americans turn to CNN as a source of news, and watching the film on their channel only reinforces the notion that this must be factual and unbiased. The reality is that Blackfish does not qualify as a documentary. Indeed, even on their own website the makers are careful not to refer to it as a “documentary,” instead referring to it as a “story” or “tale”, its stated goal being to end all killer whale captivity.

As a homeschooler I’m not just disturbed by the agenda-driven emotional manipulation of Blackfish. I’m angered that their goals (however noble)  are so shortsighted that they don’t recognize the value of sea parks in sustaining these amazing creatures in the wild. The messages throughout the park are frequent and consistent – protect the environment; conserve and recycle; the way you live has an impact on all creatures in the wild. Sounds like exactly the type of message the animal rights crowd would approve of.

Aside from the hundreds of millions of people who have been able to see orcas up close through the SeaWorld parks, an estimated 9 million children have participated in education programs at the parks, designed to give them a greater stake in caring for the environment that supports these majestic creatures. Reading a book or watching a film about animals is helpful, but there is no replacement for the impact of an up-close and personal experience. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons I decided to homeschool – personal experiences.

The wealth of information we gained from our one day at SeaWorld was immeasurable. My own son, after watching the killer whale show and interacting with dolphins and sea lions in the rescue center told me, “I think I want to work with animals when I grow up. I want to protect them and help people understand more about them.” That’s the value of a SeaWorld, or other parks and zoos. They don’t just serve as an invaluable source for researchers and scientists. They also spark imagination and wonder. They encourage our children to be good stewards and caretakers of their environments.

Blackfish plays on emotion. The producers have skillfully used the natural inclination of celebrities to eschew factual information in favor of emotional argument, to create an online buzz that has worked to propel the film into the public eye without much resistance from alternate sources.

It is not just dishonest, it is damaging to the very cause the makers claim to support. Blackfish is a drama, but it is no educational tool, so don’t believe the hype. Do your research and make your own judgments.

Muslims Speak Out Against ISIS as #NotInMyName Social Media Campaign Takes Off


A London-based community activist group launched this campaign earlier this month. Called #NotInMyName, it is designed to counter the social media activities of ISIS and other Islamic groups.

Some Muslim groups are sending group photos in support of the movement:

Others are making a religious statement.

Some are using the movement to specifically mention Alan Hemming, a UK man kidnapped by ISIS while on a humanitarian mission in Syria.

But even with over 14,000 tweets in less than a week as pointed out by Mashable, does this type of thing effectively do any tangible good? This is, after all, the latest in a long line of hashtag activism efforts.

While a debate about the effectiveness is interesting, one thing we can absolutely agree upon is that this outpouring of support further strengthens the movement against the disgusting acts of ISIS.

glen doherty

After Gov’t Ignores Them for 2 Years, Family Of SEAL Killed In Benghazi Seeks Massive Retribution

The family of Glen Doherty, one of the two Marine SEAL contractors killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack, are taking matters into their own hands and suing the CIA and the State Department for $1 million each, according to The Washington Times.

Three other Americans were killed in the attack, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractor and former SEAL Tyrone Woods.

Up to this point, the families of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods have been outspoken in their criticism of the State Department’s and Obama administration’s handling of the attack and its aftermath.

Doherty’s family have not been as vocal or public with their criticism – until now.

The lawsuit, filed by Glen’s mother Barbara Doherty, seeks $2 million for the wrongful death of her son. The suit claims that there was not enough adequate security at the compound. AP reports:

“We know Glen would have done anything to support the United States and protect our freedom as Americans. Two years after the Benghazi attack, our family has not received the symbolic justice all families of such American heroes deserve,” said Barbara Doherty.

The AP reports that the family came to the decision to sue “reluctantly.” The family had been trying in vain to “reach a resolution” with the government for two years.

The Smith and Woods families have not filed a similar claim, or declined to comment when asked if they were considering legal action, according to U-T San Diego.

The AP reports that both the CIA and State Department have said they have no comment on the lawsuit.

RFK Jr. Gets in Heated Exchange With Reporter Over Leading By Example at Climate Change Rally


PJ Media‘s Michelle Fields interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday and, putting it mildly, Kennedy got a little annoyed at the questions.

She started asking him about whether or not he had concerns about the carbon footprint created by the activity surrounding the event. He seemed to handle that reasonably well.

Fields asked whether or not he was going to give up his cell phone or stop driving his car. She then pressed him on whether or not he was setting a sufficient enough example and suggested that giving up those things may send a good message.

Kennedy was clearly not happy; he literally grabbed the microphone from her as he spoke.

Lesson: Don’t mess with a passionate environmentalist and his cell phone, even if it leaves a carbon footprint…

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.04.25 PM

Atlanta Braves Scrap The Always-Awkward ‘Kiss Cam’ For The Irresistibly Adorable ‘Simba Cam’

This might make you feel old: Disney’s The Lion King was released 20 years ago this year. But one Major League Baseball team is bringing the movie back in style in an incredibly adorable way.

The “kiss cam” is a prevalent part of any sporting event these days – from college hockey to the NBA – and anyone can tell you they’ve seen their share of awkward kiss cam moments.


So the Atlanta Braves are taking on a much less controversial, and much more adorable subject: babies. Specifically, the “Simba-ing” of babies, as the Today Show reports. Anyone cognizant in 1994 knows what I’m talking about…


We present to you… the “Simba cam,” complete with The Lion King soundtrack.

Simba cam fever is seriously catching on.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.17.23 PM

And people are proving you don’t even need a baby to participate.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.17.12 PM

Even puppies are getting involved:

And the Braves’ mascot, Homer, isn’t going to feel left out just because there is no Homer, Jr.

Long live the Simba cam!

Colbert Talks Footwear, Takes On Obama’s ‘Boots On The Ground’ Comments In Hilarious Fashion


Here’s a hilarious dose of satire to start out your week. Some news channels have recently analyzed Obama’s comments regarding the troops that the U.S. is sending to Iraq, questioning whether they are actually “boots on the ground.”

Using a huge variety of footwear, Colbert takes on those comments and reviews the President’s strategy in Iraq. We never thought Ugg boots and golfing shoes could be used to illustrate international policy, but Colbert makes it work – hilariously.

There’s a Reason Everyone is Listening to This HS Athlete’s Ultra Motivational Post-Game Interview


Apollos Hester plays wide receiver for the East View Patriots in Georgetown, Texas.

When the Patriots defeated the Vandegrift Vipers 42-41 after having been down at halftime, Hester was interviewed by the local news outlet TWC News Austin for his thoughts on game. But this wasn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, post-game speech. Instead, an enthusiastic Hester delivered a motivational speech for the ages.

Some of Hester’s best lines are so inspiring, one forgets that he’s even talking about a football game.

At first we started slow, we started real slow. Sometimes in life you’re going to start slow… and that’s okay.


That’s all it takes to be successful, is an attitude…


Regardless of the scoreboard, you’re going to be successful because you put in all the time, all the effort, all the hard work, and you know that it’s going to pay off. And if it doesn’t pay off, you continue to give God the glory.


Win or lose, we realized that it was going to be okay. We were going to keep smiling…

Hopefully this isn’t the last time Hester is interviewed after a game so we can continue to enjoy more of his wisdom and optimism.

With Her Last Breath, A Victim Of Domestic Abuse Saves Her Baby With One Final Act of Heroism


Jessica Arrendale, 33, had suffered through several episodes of abuse from her boyfriend, former Marine and Iraqi vet Antoine Davis, 30. But they shared a baby together, a six-month-old girl, Cobie, and Arrendale’s mother said Jessica was never able to turn Davis away.

jessica arrendale cobie

Jessica Arrendale with daughter Cobie. Photo Credit: Facebook.

The cycle of abuse became fatal on Saturday night, according to WSB Radio. Arrendale and Davis had gone out for the evening, and he had become belligerently drunk and abusive.

Davis chased Arrendale up the stairs of her three-story townhome in the Oakdale Bluffs subdivision sometime around midnight, she said.


Arrendale tried to defend herself with a baseball bat, but she was overpowered by the former serviceman, who struck her several times with the bat, [Arrendale's mother, Teresa] Ionniello said.


Jessica Arrendale. Photo Credit: Facebook.

Arrendale locked herself in the bathroom, and Davis got his assault rifle. He forced his way into the bathroom and shot Arrendale in the head.

“He shot her and they (police) don’t know how she was able to twist her body and fall literally in the opposite direction,” Ionniello said. Instead of falling onto the floor, Ionniello said her daughter fell over the toilet, dropping little Cobie into the water-filled bowl.

With her body covering Cobie, police speculate that Davis could not see the baby. He then went into the baby’s room and shot himself.

Not knowing that both Arrendale and Davis were dead, the SWAT team and police were taking extra precautions to not escalate the situation. They did not enter the building until 13 hours after the murder-suicide.

The baby remained in the toilet, covered by her mother’s body, for 13-hours before officers finally stormed the townhouse and rescued her. She was cradled in the arms of an officer who rushed her outside to a waiting ambulance.

People from across the world were touched by Arrendale’s last act. Messages honoring her memory were posted on an online tribute page. Her story sheds further light onto the harsh realities of domestic violence:


It resonated with parents:


And people she had never met:


Arrendale is considered a hero for the way she protected her baby, even as she was dying.

“She had pure will,” Ionniello said. “She wanted that baby to live.”

Cobie suffered a traumatic brain injury and is being treated at a children’s hospital. Ionniello hopes to bring the baby home soon.

Ray Lewis Triggers Controversy Littered in Irony After Questionable Comments on NFL’s Ray Rice Cover Up


Former Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker and current ESPN analyst Ray Lewis spoke out against Ray Rice on Sunday. Rice was fired by the Ravens after video surfaced of him knocking out his then-fiancee in an elevator.

During Lewis’ comments, the future Hall of Famer chose words he’d probably take back if he could.

“We’re here for one reason and one reason only. We’re here for domestic violence. We’re here because we saw a friend of mine brutally hit his wife in an elevator. There’s some things you can cover up and then there’s some things you can’t.


Right now is a sad day for me because the reputation that I left in this organization, this isn’t it.  What was built that many of years took hard work to get that. Took a hell of a reputation to put on the line.”

Lewis was indicted on murder charges in 2000, following the stabbing death of two men outside a bar. The charges were dropped, after he testified against two members of his entourage who were also charged in the case. Lewis plead guilty to a misdemeanor obstruction of justice charge.

Lewis went on to become the motivational leader of the Ravens, before retiring at the end of the 2013 season. But, yeah, Ray, saying “some things you can cover up, some things you can’t” – not a good idea. Even though your comments about domestic violence were right on.

Navy SEAL Credits Higher Power for Miraculously Surviving Horrors That Most Of Us Can’t Even Imagine


Not even 27 bullets could stop Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day from getting back home to see his family.

Fox News has more:

On the night of April 6, 2007, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day came face-to-face with four heavily armed Al Qaeda leaders inside a room

Despite being shot 27 times at close range, Day was able to defeat the terrorists, clear the rest of the house and walk under his own power to a medevac helicopter.

The Al-Qaeda terrorists managed to shoot the rifle out of his hand, which means that Day went real-life Rambo on them with just his sidearm. Furthermore, he wasn’t just shot twenty-seven times; he received shrapnel wounds from a grenade as well.

Day explained that after being shot in every place with the exception of the head, he prayed asking for God to get him back home to his two girls and wife. He credits guardian angels for helping him beat what some might call impossible odds.

Eleven of the twenty-seven rounds went into Day’s body armor, which is a miracle in itself. Because even military grade body armor isn’t meant to be able to withstand that many bullets at such close range.

It took a few years for Day to recover from his injuries. Today, he is sharing his story with the world and spearheading a fundraising project, where he will run a half of an Ironman race for wounded warriors and kids who suffer from brain injuries. If you would like to donate to Day’s efforts, you can visit his project link here.

What an honor it is to have such high caliber individuals fighting for our freedoms and inspiring us to be better.

Fed-Up News Reporter Shocks Co-Workers By Quitting On-Air – With Some Pretty Colorful Language


Warning: strong language.

An Anchorage, Alaska, TV reporter quit on-air Sunday, right after announcing that she was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. And she went out in “style” – dropping the f-bomb as she announced her decision.

Charlo Greene, now formerly of Anchorage CBS-affiliate KTVA, made her no-bones announcement on the station’s 10:00 PM newscast, following a segment titled “Voting for easier access” (to marijuana). She describes her organization as a liaison between medical marijuana users and suppliers.

“Everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.


And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice, but f**k it, I quit.”

The startled news anchor was left literally speechless, barely pulling herself together to go to a break.

Obviously, Charlo also said “f**k it” to the old adage: “Never burn your bridges.”


Vice President Joe Biden Sets Record for Most Foot-in-Mouth Incidents in One Week

Vice President Joe Biden is comfortable in his own skin. So comfortable that he continues to say the wrong thing at the wrong time – which he’s done five times this week.

These aren’t your ordinary gaffes, though. They range from silly to jaw-dropping and earned Biden the “Worst Week in Washington” award from the Washington Post. In case you missed it, here’s the wrap-up:

#1 – He opened the week by referring to bankers as “Shylocks,” an anti-Semitic slur, in a speech to the Legal Services Corporation. He later apologized.

#2 – The next day, during a speech in Iowa, he recounted meeting Singaporean politician Lee Kwan Yew and said he was known as “the wisest man in the Orient.”

The term “Orient” is considered outdated and colonialist, and the Republican National Committee said it had “unacceptable imperialist undertones.”

#3 – After the speech, a British reporter was asking him questions about the Scottish independence vote, when Biden took a swipe at Prince Harry‘s playboy reputation. He noted that his wife was at the Invictus Games with the Prince, saying he was worried if “you know what I mean.”

#4 – Biden then relaxed in a Des Moines diner, where a reporter asked him if he agreed with Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey’s assessment that “boots on the ground” may be needed in Iraq, a position counter to President Obama’s. Biden responded, referencing Dempsey, according to the Washington Post:

“He said that if in fact he concluded that was needed he would request it from the president. His conclusion is that it is not needed now.”

#5 – He wrapped up the week at a women’s conference on Friday. Biden was commenting on the old days, when he believed Republicans worked across the aisle. He then complimented former Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

With the number of times Biden has stuck in his foot in his mouth verbally, one has to wonder what’s going through his mind.

Airplane Passengers Showed Unbelievable Resolve As They Realized Their Worst Fears Had Come True


Passengers on JetBlue Flight 1416 had quite a scare Thursday, when the cabin of their plane filled with smoke and the oxygen masks dropped down.

One of the engines had quit 25 minutes into the Austin-bound flight, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around for an emergency landing in Long Beach, California.

Fortunately, everybody remained calm, and no one was seriously injured.

You could feel the tenseness melt away as the stewardess announced they had safely landed:

And as the passengers slid down the emergency slides and were back on solid ground:

Talk about a story to tell your grandkids.

Parents Shocked by Daughter’s Reaction When They Surprise Her With the Puppy She’s Always Wanted


When these parents surprised their two studious children with a puppy, they expected there to be a ruckus of joy. Instead they got an incredibly sweet reaction that touched them deeply:

“For years our kids have been wanting a puppy…especially our daughter. She has been naming her stuffed animals since she was 2 (and even makes them little beds for them). When we surprised her, we thought she would scream…but her reaction was even sweeter.”

Peaches and her new best friends are going to have a great life together.

NFL Player’s Over-the-Top Celebration Moves Teach Us That Even Star Athletes Have Their Limits


Stephen Tulloch had a painful lesson in the dangers of excessive celebration over the weekend.

The Detroit Lions linebacker, who had just made a successful play in a game against the Green Bay Packers, decided to celebrate with a hip thrust. He was a bit too enthusiastic, however, and ended up injuring his knee – and having to sit out the rest of the game.

While the soon-to-be infamous hip thrust damaged Tulloch’s knee – and perhaps his dignity – he is not the first to fall victim to the dangers of excessive celebration.

Take this guy, who celebrated his victory a bit too soon:


Or this player, whose well-intentioned knee slide quickly went awry:


And then there’s this football player, who probably should have made sure he had a better grip before attempting these acrobatics:


Thanks, guys, for a reminder that everyone has not-so-proud moments – even sports superstars.


Thanks to a Very Smart Mother’s Day Gift, Mom Sends Intruder Running – Right Into An Electric Fence

When Cathy Kouba heard the sound of her back door being kicked in and then her home alarm screaming Thursday night, she did what any protective mom would do: She reached for her favorite Mother’s Day gift to greet the intruder.


Image credit: KOCO.

But after the El Reno, Oklahoma, woman racked the shotgun she’d received from her son, the face-to-face meeting was not to be. The suspect ran. Kouba told KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City:

“I have a daughter that’s handicapped and she was asleep on the bottom floor,” Kouba said. “And so for the fear of her being hurt, motherly instincts kick in.”

The last thing she saw was the intruder’s backside leaping over her backyard fence. While shooting a fleeing suspect is in many jurisdictions illegal, Kouba opened fire.


Kouba told KOCO-TV she must have hit him, because he left a trail of blood:

“[The police] didn’t get him but, you know, I’m sure he’s going to end up in the hospital somewhere. I mean, he’s got buckshot in his butt, I’m sure he’s going to.”

To make things worse, the bad guy got tangled up in Kouba’s electric fence on the way out of the yard.  Kouba told KOCO’s reporter she wasn’t sorry to see him go:

“I worked hard for what I’ve got. And you’re not going to come and take it away from me.”

But what happens if you want protection for outside your home and your shotgun is, uh, a little too large for your handbag? Firearms trainer and head of the Oregon Firearms Federation, Kevin Starrett, has some advice:Get training, get a conceal carry license and carry a pistol.

My advice to women is the same I give to men, which will be different from every other instructor’s advice. If you are comfortable with the controls on a semi-automatic, find the largest one you are willing to carry (by largest I mean frame size, not caliber). Make certain you can comfortably operate the slide.


I would suggest a striker fired pistol in at LEAST 9mm. If the shooter is not comfortable with a semi-auto, I would suggest a 38 revolver with a Crimson Trace laser on it. I would suggest she never keep a gun in her purse and she always carry spare ammo.

Thanks to Kouba’s quick reaction, the bad guy didn’t hurt her daughter or get away with any of her belongings. In fact, he left something behind besides a trail of blood: His fingerprints.

Woman Brutally Breaks Up With a Man We’re All Familiar With, And She’s Not the Only One Who Wants To


We’ve all seen it before, whether in our own lives or someone else’s: A person meets someone incredibly charming. They quickly fall for them but soon realize that person’s actions don’t match their words. They promise to change, but after multiple chances, prove that they never will.

According to this video by Americans for Shared Prosperity (AFSP), that is exactly what happened with President Obama and many female voters.

AFSP is headed by John Jordan, a winemaker from California. He plans to air this video and a similar clip on national news networks and in publications this week. Politico reports:

Jordan said he is bothered by the Democrats’ focus on a “war on women” that emerged in the 2012 campaign cycle, but also believes Republican messaging has been weak in pushing back.


So the ads he commissioned from Florida-based ad-maker Rick Wilson feature a woman speaking direct-to-camera about issues like the economy and national security, in a 30-second spot and a 60-second one. She accuses Democrats obliquely of treating women like single-issue voters, and talks about President Barack Obama as if he’s a boyfriend she’s stuck with for a few more years.


“The goal here is to communicate with women voters in a way that outside groups and campaigns haven’t,” Jordan said.

Traditionally, the Democratic party has touted itself as the party for female voters, pushing topics such as equal pay laws, government-funded birth control and abortion coverage as issues that women and Democrats have in common. Many have accused Republicans of “attacking women’s rights,” insisting that the GOP is engaging in a “war on women.”

And, for the most part, it’s worked. In the past 6 presidential elections, more women have voted for the Democrat candidate rather than the Republican:


Looking toward this year’s midterms, numerous Democrats – including President Obama – have stated that women voters are the key to victory. But a stagnant economy, multiple crises abroad and a not-as-good-as-it-sounded healthcare law have taken their toll on what has been the Democrats’ stronghold.

In a recent CNN poll, 55% of women – the same percentage who helped re-elect Obama two years ago – said they do not approve of the job the President is doing.

With this media push, AFSP hopes to capitalize upon that statistic. And for a Republican party that hopes to overtake the Senate this fall, it couldn’t come at a better time.