Everytown’s New Ad For Gun Safety Is A Big Misfire, Making The Case For Why Women Should Be Armed

Everytown’s New Ad For Gun Safety Is A Big Misfire, Making The Case For Why Women Should Be Armed


A new ad from “Everytown For Gun Safety” is a big misfire, making the case for why women should be armed.

In the ad, a mother in duress is on the phone with 911, as her ex pounds on the door. While the operator attempts to calm her down, the ex kicks in the door. But he isn’t there to attack her—he’s there for their son. Just when you think the scenario couldn’t get more unrealistic, the man and woman have a scuffle, which culminates with the ex drawing a pistol.

Everytown’s new gun ad has stirred up lots of discussion. Even the hosts on ABC’s The View believe the ad should convince you to “get a gun in your home.” Yesterday, IJReview reported on what The View’s Sherri Shepherd had to say regarding the matter.

First up, Shepherd offered her “flipside” to the ad: “The flipside is when I was at my home and the alarm went off, and I ran to my son’s bedroom and Jeffrey was crying, and I realized all I had to protect me and somebody coming around that corner was a daggone wicker trash basket.


So when you’re standing there, and you don’t know how to protect your child? Get a gun in your home!”

That sounds like some common sense advice right there.

In addition, according to a survey conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 77% percent of gun dealers have reported they are selling more firearms to females. Clearly, Everytown’s fearmongering ad is only going to increase that percentage. And that’s good news to everybody, especially…women.

In Guest Appearance on MSNBC, Rand Paul Reminds Network Why America Doesn’t Trust It


Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) were on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” talking about their bill to reform the criminal justice system in order to help convicted felons rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, the host Ari Melber decided to play the fourth-placed network‘s favorite tactic against Senator Paul and other conservatives: the race card.

The propagandist host Melber decided to ask Paul about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and suggested that he opposed it. It’s not true, but Melber continued to press Paul on it. Paul politely but firmly pushed back against the blatant race-baiting by Melber and by MSNBC in general.

Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters documented Paul’s response to Melber.

Have I ever had a philosophical discussion about all aspects of it, yeah, and I learned my lesson: to come on MSNBC and have a philosophical discussion, the liberals will come out of the woodwork and they will go crazy and say you’re against the Civil Rights Act and you’re some terrible racist.


…So, I’m not really willing to engage with people who are misrepresenting my viewpoint on this because I have never been against the Civil Rights Act, I have never said I was against it. So, for people to say that, really they don’t want to have an honest discussion about it…. When your network does 24 hour news telling the truth, then maybe we can get somewhere with the discussion.

African-American columnist Lauren Victoria Burke points out that Senator Paul’s various criminal justice reform initiatives have virtually no Democrat co-sponsors on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Instead of lying about Rand Paul, maybe MSNBC ought to ask the Democrats why they’re not supporting these initiatives.


A Hollywood Actress’ Way Of Standing Up For Israel Will Help Save The Lives Of Israeli Soldiers

Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory is showing her support for Israel in a way that will help save the lives of Israeli soldiers. On Wednesday, Bialik revealed that she is donating money to “send bulletproof vests to the IDF.”

Bialik explained why she made the choice in her blog:

1. I need to feel like I’m doing something.

2. No matter what your politics are, soldiers sent into war zones deserve to be protected from enemy fire.

3. Every soldier is someone’s son or daughter. Every single one.

Bialik’s move drew both support and criticism on social media.

This guy irrationally accused Bialik of having children’s “blood on her hands.”

Gaza Tweet

Then, this resident of France declared Europe an Israeli-free-zone.

Paris tweet

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and were happy to hear of Bialik’s good deed.

One Twitter user was pleased with the celebrity’s moral conscience.

Twitter Hollywood

This woman who will be able to see the results of Bialik’s actions - lives in Israel.


However, it was this post from the Facebook account of a mother of an IDF soldier that showed the true impact of Bialik’s gesture.

Israeli soldier

We can only hope that Bialik’s contribution helps make a difference in the fight against Hamas. And that because of it, more IDF soldiers are able to return home to their families and loved ones.

bergdahl handover

Kumbaya At Last? Democrats & GOP Blast President Obama for Swapping Suspected Deserter for Taliban 5

Democrat and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee showed rare unity yesterday during a hearing investigating President Obama’s swap of suspected deserter Bowe Bergdahl for the Taliban 5.

The Daily Caller reports:

The president earned condemnation from both parties at Tuesday’s Capitol Hill hearing for trading five high-profile Guantanamo Bay detainees for Bergdahl without congressional approval, a move that voices on both sides of the aisle have called illegal.

Even members of the President’s own party called him out on his ignorance of the Constitution.

Democratic Arizona Rep. Ron Barber cited the historical importance of a “little argument with the British” and advised the White House that if its occupant does not abide by the Constitution, then they might as well start “boarding this place up and going home.”

Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA), who introduced the bill, hopes more Democrats join them when it goes to the floor.

“….[T]here will be some pressure on the herd. But this is a constitutional matter and a national security matter.”


Rigell said that it is “very likely” that at least one of the five released detainees will end up “back on the battlefield” against U.S. soldiers.

The resolution is sponsored by two Democrats and two Republicans and has over 90 co-sponsors.

It is, according to Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA), “one of many steps to hold the administration accountable for breaking the law and putting Americans at risk with their ill-considered transfer of senior Taliban terrorists.”

The resolution will be voted on after the summer recess.

Democrats Have Nearly Catastrophic Meltdown Over Republican Senator’s Outreach to Black Voters


For decades African-American voters have been one of the Democrat Party’s most loyal constituencies. In 2012, according to exit polls African-Americans voted 93% for Barack Obama.

One of the most assertive Republicans trying to reach out to African-American voters is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. He spoke at the National Urban League convention in Cincinnati on Friday, where he talked about proposals on drug policy reform, restoring voting rights for felons, and other criminal justice reforms.

In the past, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has criticized Republicans for not taking the issues of African-American voters seriously. You would think that Democrats would welcome a Republican trying address issues important to African-American voters.

However, as Matt Naham from Rare points out in a piece that you should read in its entirety, they’re not too happy about it:

“Rand Paul falsely claims he supports civil and voting rights,” a DNC e-mail from July 25 read. “Paul yet again falsely claimed he is a champion of the African American community.”


[...] Nor has Rachel Maddow stopped bringing up Sen. Paul’s Civil Rights Act remarks every chance she gets.

As my colleague Soopermexican pointed out when Cher tried this line of attack, that’s just not true. Rand Paul supports the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with the exception of one out of eleven total sections which allows the Federal government to infringe upon property rights and freedom of association.

Making Rand Paul out to be a “racist” because he believes in property rights and freedom of association is simply dishonest. Those rights extend to black Americans as well.

Yet as Rare‘s Naham wrote, Baltimore mayor and DNC secretary Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has piled on in an op-ed titled, “Blacks shouldn’t be fooled by Rand Paul.”

The Democrat record on African-Americans speaks for itself, actually. Black unemployment is double the white unemployment rate at 10.7%. Nearly three-fourths of all African-American kids are born out of wedlock, and 39.8% of all welfare recipients are black, although blacks are only 12.6% of the population.

Black males are six times more likely to be imprisoned than white males. Inner city public schools in Democrat bastions like Chicago are terrible, and black on black crime continues to be a problem.

These are things the Republican Party actually wants to change! Black Americans deserve better jobs, higher pay, and more success earned in a free economy that rewards workers for their acquired skills and hard work. Black Americans have equal opportunity because blacks are as equally capable as everyone else!

Stick around for the most absurd reaction, which comes from the Daily Kos:

Elsewhere on the web, a Daily Kos “diary entry” lectured Rand Paul on what not to say to black people. While instructing Paul what not to say, the author proceeded to call the Kentucky senator a “libert-aryan” — basically a neo-Nazi.

The reason why liberal Democrats are spewing so much vitrol at Rand Paul’s outreach to African-Americans is because it has thus far been effective. They see a conservative Republican threatening to take away their prized voters and since they don’t want to argue how their policies are better for black Americans (they’re not), they resort to name-calling.

Democrats are scared that blacks are going to realize that they have an alternative to the misery that party has brought them. One of these days, blacks are going to free themselves from the Democrat Party’s manipulation by voting for liberty – regardless of what party offers it to them.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Heavily Armed Agents Here to Seize Your Car. Who Are You With? The EPA.


The Environmental Protection Agency is getting tired of the boring dregs of ‘protecting endangered darter snails’ and is finally spreading its wings.

The “new-look” EPA is complete with a heavily armed SWAT team that conducts commando-style raids on Alaskan spas and even has a DHS task force that seizes unauthorized land rovers for violating emissions standards. Umm, awesome?

The poor schlub who decided to commit an egregious crime against the eco-system may be out $65,000, but that’s a small price to pay for environmental justice.

So, it looks like the people who brought us plastic bag recycling and ethanol kickbacks are getting into the repo business. Not bad work in this down economy, if you can get it. It’s not like this “green police” is made up of machine-gun wielding left-wing extremists, right?

On second thought, I think I will turn in my Hummer for a zero-emissions Segway. Don’t midnight knock me, bros.

It’s the End of Water Balloon Fights As We Know Them Thanks to One Awesome Engineer Dad


Engineer dad, Josh Malone, was tired — tired of painstakingly filling water balloon after water balloon for his four children during the summer, every summer. Knowing he was not alone in the struggle, Malone came up with a plan. He told the Today Show:

“I’m a thinker, I’m an inventor, I think about better ways of doing things, and I had a lot of time on my hands to think about better ways to do water balloons.”

He was right. Malone invented a type of water balloon system that fills 100 water balloons in under 60 seconds.

To get his product off the ground, Malone set up a Kickstarter campaign for his new company, Bunch O Balloons, on July 22 asking for $10,000 of donations in the form of actual product orders to get his business up and going. It has already raised more than $600,000.

Did we mentioned they are pre-tied? It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Well, add a 4 for the actual water fight…



CNN’s Oddly Pleasant Interviews With Hamas Makes One Doubt Whether They Know It Is A Terrorist Group


While the U.S. Department of State, the European Union and many other allies designate Hamas, the group of fighters relentlessly launching missiles at Israel from Palestine, as a terrorist organization, this video makes it difficult to think that CNN agrees with them.

From Washington Free Beacon:

Hamas asks Gaza civilians to serve as human shields, has employed suicide bombings to kill Israelis, and its charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.


Yet, in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, CNN has on numerous occasions invited on spokesmen from Hamas for questions such as how they feel about the Federal Aviation Administration banning flights into Tel Aviv and how they “respond” to Benjamin Netanyahu’s accurate characterization of Hamas as a thuggish terror group.


Frequent guest Osama Hamdan likened Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler in one segment with Wolf Blitzer, who chose not to follow up on that one despite the irony of an anti-Semitic group comparing Israel’s leader to Nazi Germany’s.

Perhaps CNN’s reporters are just trying to make their guest feel comfortable and, in turn, willing to answer their questions, but one thing is certain:

Terrorist groups that use civilians as human shields and train their fighters for suicide bombings are not the same as sovereign nations or humanitarian groups – and should not be treated as such.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.10.54 PM

The Latest in the Disaster That is ObamaCare: Auto Renewal is Not the Government Doing You a Favor

In June, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that customers could re-enroll automatically for 2015, if they are satisfied with their current plan.

Sounds like this could be an easy way to avoid previous enrollment headaches, right? Wrong. Caroline Person, a health and law market analyst from Avalere Health notes:

“They’re setting people up for large and avoidable premium increases.”

A major problem lies in the fact that a consumer’s income level fluctuates year to year, which can affect the amount of subsidies you get from the government. Considering that 80% of people on ObamaCare receive subsidies, this poses, as the Associated Press points out, a major problem:

“If those amounts are too low, consumers could get sticker shock over their new premiums. Too high, and they’ll owe the tax man later.”

Here’s how it works: If you make less in 2015 than you did in 2014, you may be paying too much. If you are making more, you are probably going to pay too little while the insurance company gets paid too much. The government will then tax the difference back to you at the end of the year. Ouch.

The real kicker is that there is no way to view how your subsidies are affected on the consumer end of the website for auto-renewal.

Aside from this, there exists another problem —  your subsidy is determined by a factor of income and the price of silver ‘benchmark‘ plans that vary state to state. Many of these benchmark plans will expire and undergo reevaluation by the healthcare companies who provide them, which means a change in rates.

So even if your income didn’t change at all and the premium benchmark price does, your subsidy will be affected.

Avalere Health did a study of nine state,s and found that only one state would have no change in its silver benchmark plans:

1403791967_Change_in_Low_Cost_Silver_Plans_in_2015So long story short, don’t think the government is doing you a favor by offering you auto renewal for your health plan. It’s actually the exact opposite.


Is the Government Choosing Who Lives and Dies Based on Cost? Here’s Chloe’s Story…

Meet Chloe Jones, a 14-year-old Arkansas resident who is bravely battling cystic fibrosis. Chloe is not only fighting for her life against the fatal lung disease, but she’s also at odds with the government that is denying her the care she needs to survive.

Chloe is one of three plaintiffs who filed suit in Arkansas federal court last month. Along with the other plaintiffs, Chloe believes the state is denying them their civil right to treatment under the state-run Medicaid program.

The program, which covers most health care expenses for over 70 million low income people nationwide, has denied the plaintiffs’ coverage for the drug Kalydeco because of its cost. However, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, a spokesperson for the state is denying that claim.

“Cost alone was not the determining factor, but how we will pay for it is something we must consider in advance as we are a state agency with limited funds.”

Yes, the treatment is expensive -$300k expensive – but it’s nothing compared to what Arkansas taxpayers will be paying to provide free medical coverage to non-disabled adults through its private option Medicaid expansion plan.

The state will spend over $1 billion this year alone to cover healthy, childless adults, and at the same time deny Chloe her treatment.

“They just don’t want to pay for it,” Chloe said during an interview in Little Rock, where she travels for treatment from her home in Walnut Ridge, Ark. “I feel like they don’t care about what’s wrong with me, that I’m not as important as everybody else.”

In June of 2012, Chloe’s doctors learned that it wouldn’t be possible for her to obtain access to Kalydeco if she were to depend only on Medicaid, regardless of the fact they were sure she met the eligibility criteria. Chloe was hospitalized at least four times after her doctor’s first attempt to get her the drugs were denied.

To pharmacists reviewing the drugs, however, cost appears to be the only factor behind the state’s denied request:

“In an email to colleagues discussing a review board’s deliberations about Kalydeco, a pharmacist named Pamela Ford wrote, “the consensus of the physicians on the board was that none of the prescribers would have a clue that this will cost AR Medicaid $303,408 per patient per year.”

ObamaCare was sold to Americans as the compassionate way to cover the poor, the sick, and the uninsurable; but in reality, the most vulnerable among us, like Chloe are being adversely affected.  Health care expert Jonathan Ingram explains:

This tragedy will only get worse, especially for the sickest, neediest patients in ObamaCare Medicaid expansion states.  Medicaid expansion puts these truly vulnerable patients at even greater risk as panels of bureaucrats cut life-saving treatments so the Medicaid expansion population of working-age, non-disabled childless adults can continue receiving free taxpayer-funded Medicaid.
So, is this the beginning of death panels?  The state, in reality, is choosing who lives or dies based on cost.  Do you think  Chloe is alone and Arkansas is the only state impacted?  Think again.  I asked Jonathan Ingram for more examples:
Medicaid patients in Arizona died after the state stopped covering life-saving organ transplants, and developmentally-disabled Medicaid patients in Maine languished on waitlists for critical services, all to cut costs and continue funding their prior Medicaid expansions. Instead of a safety net, ObamaCare’s expansion turns Medicaid into a tightrope and its the truly needy patients who are pushed off first.

If you turn on the news today, chances are you’re only going to hear the ObamaCare stories that glorify the government’s takeover of health care.

But there’s another side to the story, a darker side. A side that shows how children, sick children, are being denied life-saving treatments under the president’s signature health care law.

My fear is that there are many more stories like Chloe’s yet to come.

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Another Senate Hopeful Runs from Her Pro-Obama Record, But Fox Gives Her an Uncomfortable Hot Seat


Natalie Tennant is talking a big game about standing up to President Obama or to “any party” that works against West Virginians, but it looks like the folks aren’t buying it.

The candidate for Senator of West Virginia, who would replace Democratic incumbent Jay Rockefeller, was recently grilled on “Fox & Friends” for being a campaigner on behalf of the currently unpopular president.

Here’s just one example of Tennant enthusiastically campaigning for Obama/Biden, as tweeted out by her opponent, Republican Senate candidate Shelley Moore Capito:

Twitchy noted that the political “crystal ball” Larry Sabato has shifted his forecast:

Tennant is just another Democrat posturing against Obama as a staunch populist who will oppose the White House when push comes to shove. In other words, she’s wisely ‘running from the president.’

Other Democrats include: Senator Mark Pryor (AR); Senator Mary Landrieu (LA); Senator Mark Begich (AK); Governor Earl Ray Tomblin (WV); Senate candidate Shenna Bellows (ME); and Senate candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes (KY).

Consider that such Democrats have broken the bank flaunting the American people’s money, ran a “war on coal” at citizens’ expense, and have gone along part-and-parcel with every single bit of the Obama program.

Now witness the ad below, replete with “patriotic” country rock music, that has her posturing like a fierce defender of the people:

Instead of Tennant’s laughably desperate pose that she would ‘turn out the lights‘ on the White House against Obama’s “war on coal,” it’s heading close to time to shut off the lights on her non-credible Senate campaign.

How A Facebook Post Became A Home Makeover For 90 Year-Old Who Traded Retirement To Raise Grandkids


Denver radio station KBPI’s Willie B put up a Facebook post asking listeners,

What’s something you wanted to do, if money wasn’t an object?

He received a wide variety of responses but the winning response had to be one of the most poignant. Stacy Salazar left a message stating that she wanted to,

Replace the carpets for my 90 year old Grammy and fix all the little things around her house. Just a small thank you for not giving us kids up to foster care when our parents died.

Willie B, in conjunction with a group of volunteers, managed to go even further than Stacy’s initial request. In just six days, they organized a surprise for Stacy’s grandmother Vivian Gallegos that left her absolutely stunned when she walked into her “new” home.

It’s beautiful to see a grandmother’s sacrifice recognized by so many people in such a generous and loving way.

Parenting Police In Full Force: Mom Arrested For Allowing 7-Year-Old To Walk Alone To Park


Nicole Gainey didn’t think she was doing anything wrong by letting her 7-year-old son walk ten minutes to the local park. But in her Florida town, that turned into a $4,000 mistake.

Fox News reports that after someone stopped her son Dominic and called the police, Nicole was arrested, charged with child neglect, and had to post $4,000 bond. She has argued that Dominic always has a cell phone on him in case of emergency.

Police contended that several sex offenders live in the area, but Nicole has learned that the charges against her are likely to be dropped.

Was this some overzealous police work, or was Nicole neglecting her child?


Mother Embarrassed By Her Son’s Photo Of Her at the Beach Learns the Touching Reason Why He Took It

Blogger and mother-of-two Bridgette White was at the beach with her children when her son took an unflattering photo of her. She wrote about the incident on her blog, Bridgette Tales, describing the “self-loathing and disgust” she felt when she stumbled across the picture on her phone. 


From her blog, she writes:

“Just as I am about to hit delete, my boy walks in the room. ‘Do you know anything about this picture?’ I ask him. ‘I took that of you in Tahoe,’ he says. ‘You looked so beautiful laying there. I couldn’t help it mom.’

She continues:

‘You need to ask me before using my phone to take pictures,’ I say. ‘I know,’ he says. ‘But mom, seriously, look how pretty you look?’ My daughter walks over and takes a look. ‘That could be a postcard mom,’ she says smiling. ‘You’re so beautiful. I love it.’

“This is exactly what I needed.” 

Bridgette writes about her struggles with weight, and how her experience with motherhood has led her to spend more time focused on her love for her family than how she looks in tank tops and dresses. She admits she is critical of herself, even more so since her weight struggles have intensified recently, but she writes that she is trying to see herself more as her kids do.

While she describes the negatives that she sees, she writes what her kids might see when they look at her:

“I… see a mom collapsed on the shore that just explored the lake for hours with her children… a mom that just helped her kids across the rocks and hot sand so their feet wouldn’t hurt… an adventurous mom that loves her children something fierce.”

Again, unbeknownst to Bridgette, her children captured another adoring photo of their mom that day.

blog2 (1)

But this time, instead of moving her fingers toward the delete button, she wrote:

“Right now though, I just want to love my body where it is. I want it to be OK to see myself the way my kids do. Thank you kids.”

To see and love ourselves the way others do is a moving message indeed.


In Other Gov’t Waste News, Nat’l Science Foundation Shells Out $200,000 To Study Wikipedia’s Sexism

Apparently ignoring the debt crisis or the millions of under-served American veterans across the country, the federal government is spending money on what it thinks really matters – “gender bias” at Wikipedia.

Two federal grants have been awarded by the National Science Foundation to study why the online encyclopedia “suffers from systemic gender bias,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

A Yale professor and an associate dean at NYU Abu Dhabi have been awarded the grants for collaborative research. Their project aims to contribute to the work of Deanna Zandt, who is a major proponent of women editing Wikipedia pages.

via Washington Free Beacon:

Zandt argues that Wikipedia is biased because the majority of its editors are “young, white, child-free men.”


“There’s nothing inherently wrong with a young, white child-free man’s perspective, of course – it’s just that there are tons of other persepctives in the world that should influence how a story gets told,” Zandt wrote in an editorial for Forbes last year, entitled, “Yes, Wikipedia Is Sexist – That’s Why It Needs You.”

And the sexist argument has a few fans of its own – and they come prepared with examples.

via WFB: 

Noam Cohen, a columnist for the Times who does not have a Wikipedia page, has asserted the encyclopedia is biased because articles about friendship bracelets are shorter than entries about baseball cards.

‘And consider the disparity between two popular series on HBO: The entry on ‘Sex and the City’ includes only a brief summary of every episode, sometimes two or three sentences; the one on ‘The Sopranos’ includes lengthy, detailed articles on each episode,’ he wrote.

But isn’t it sexist in itself to argue that friendship bracelets are only for girls, and baseball cards are only for boys? Or to say that only women watch “Sex and the City” and only men watch “The Sopranos?”

Maybe “The Sopranos” is just a better show. Maybe baseball cards have a deeper history.

If the government is going to insist upon taking our hard-earned money, they have a responsibility to spend it wisely. This is yet another example of fraud, waste, and abuse from the Obama Administration.

Senate Permanent Subcommittee Investigations Hearing On JPMorgan Whale Trades

Democrats Keep Getting Creative with Over-the-Top Bill Names That Seem Ripped from Fiction Novels

The names of bills proposed in Congress typically are grandiose, symbolic gestures. For example, the legislation known as the “Affordable Care Act” actually raised health care rates, or even took insurance plans away from families due to new regulations.

For fun, see if you can identify which of these bills was just proposed in Congress:

  1. The Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule
  2. The Equalization of Opportunity Bill
  3. No Federal Contracts for Corporate Deserters Act
  4. The Fair Share Act

Atlas Shrugged aficionados will recognize that numbers 1,2 and 4 are the fake ones and that number 3 is real.

The purpose of the bill is to forbid government contracts with companies that reincorporate overseas (known as “inversion”), have 50% or more ownership by foreign shareholders, and have no substantial business in the foreign country where they are incorporated. This is something that the President has mentioned in recent speeches and in his weekly radio address.

Carl Levin (D-MI), one of the sponsors of the bill in the Senate, said this yesterday:

We ought to put a stop to all inversions, but at the very least, we should stop these companies from receiving federal funding from the same American families who have to pick up the tax burden inverted companies shrug off.

After submitting a companion bill in the House, Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) said this:

The federal government has been subsidizing this bad behavior by continuing to reward inverted companies with lucrative federal contracts.These companies take advantage of our education system, our research and development incentives, our skilled workforce and our infrastructure, all supported by U.S. taxpayers, to build their businesses. But when the tax bill comes due, they hide overseas.

With rhetoric like this, and for it to be such a point of issue for both the President and Democrats, you would expect that a huge number of companies have inverted. But that’s not the case. Since 2003, there have been just 47 of them.

So why are they making such a fuss? Referring back to the first sentence above, not only is the name of this bill utterly symbolic, the proposed action is as well.

This is leadership by sound bite, a populist attempt to appear serious, while castigating businesses struggling to survive for following the current rules of the game. Here’s a crazy proposal for the Democrats: leave business alone and allow them to try and dig us out of our economic hole.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.52.39 PM

Man’s Wife Didn’t Want To Take Maternity Photos, So He Hilariously Took Matters Into His Own Hands

Taking maternity photos is often considered a tradition for women, symbolizing the birth of entering into motherhood. However, one Reddit user’s wife did not have any interest in taking maternity photos.

So instead of just forgetting the whole idea in general, DruishPrincess69 decided to take matters into his own hands, hiring a professional photographer to take maternity photos of him pretending to be a pregnant woman.

“My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…”

These hilarious photos would be a little creepy if they weren’t so spot on:


While most children will eventually see embarrassing photos of their parents, I suspect this child will be in for a particularly rude awakening.


New Polling on Illegal Immigration: American People Not on the Fence About Border Security

A new AP/GfK poll was just released on immigration and the results do not bring good news for Democrats, President Obama, and amnesty supporters in general.

The poll finds that the vast majority of Americans see illegal immigration as a major problem, there’s less support for amnesty than in previous polling, opposition to President Obama’s border plan, and majority support for accelerated deportations of Central American children.

Here are some takeaways from the poll:

  • 67% of Americans view illegal immigration as an extremely or very serious problem
  • 68% of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of illegal immigration while only 31% approve
  • 51% of Americans support a pathway of citizenship for illegal aliens, which is down from 55% in May. 46% oppose a pathway to citizenship with 25% strongly opposing.
  • 38% of Americans oppose increased emergency spending as Barack Obama has proposed on illegal alien housing, with only 32% in support, and 29% undecided.
  • 51% of Americans support accelerated deportation of Central American minors, with only 18% opposed.

These findings are consistent with other polling done on the border crisis, which shows strong disapproval with Obama’s handling of immigration. The country has soured on the administration’s refusal to secure the border.

The American people are making it clear in poll after poll: they want illegal immigration stopped and the border secured.

How A Paralyzed Marine Getting Assaulted And Thrown Out Of Wheelchair Became A Story Of Inspiration


San Diego news channel KUSI News is covering an outrageous assault on a paralyzed Marine who was robbed of his custom surfboards and thrown out of his wheelchair, after attempting to defend himself:

After spending fourteen years as a Marine Corps recon scout sniper, Abbott’s body got pretty banged up. When he got out of the service he needed back surgery. But during that surgery his spinal cord ended up getting accidentally severed, leaving him paralyzed.


But Abbott turned his tragedy into a triumph, opening a surf camp for kids with disabilities. After all, he was able to get back into the water himself because of specially designed surfboards. Surfboards that ended up getting stolen Monday night after two thugs assaulted Abbott, leaving him with cuts and scrapes after they threw him out of his wheelchair.


“One guy was cutting the straps and I said ‘Hey, I’m paralyzed, don’t steal my surfboards!’” said Abbott. “And then the other guy came at me and took a swing at me, and I took a swing at him. He missed, and I connected. I caught him with a pretty good uppercut.”


“The guy that was cutting the straps had come around behind me, and threw me out of my wheelchair, and then kicked my wheelchair and it rolled probably 50 feet down the parking lot. Then they threw my surfboards in the back of their (Toyota) 4Runner and took off.”


The assault was a despicable act by any measure, but what makes it even more heartbreaking is that it happened to a guy like Randy Abbott. In addition to years of military service for his country, Abbott now runs a non-profit, The View From 42, which trains “rescue to service” dogs for disabled veterans and provides other services for those with disabilities.


In addition to training service dogs for disabled veterans, Abbott’s non-profit The View From 42 also runs a surf camp for disabled kids.

Abbott has received an outpouring of support from a public disgusted with the acts of his attackers and inspired by his service to others. An ongoing GoFundMe campaign to replace Randy’s surfboards has already raised $3,421 (nearly 3 times the stated goal of $1,200).

The comments left by donors evidence the chord Randy’s story and life has struck in the hearts of fellow surfers, soldiers, and the general public:


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.58.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.58.04 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.57.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.57.35 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.57.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.57.08 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.56.45 AM

As infuriating as this story is, it’s also inspiring. When two assailants make you want to lose faith in humanity, there are hundreds of others who step in to restore it.


Newly Surfaced Email Shows Concrete Evidence of Lois Lerner’s Feelings on ‘A**hole’ Conservatives

In an explosive email just released by the House Ways and Means Committee, former IRS official Lois Lerner has an exchange which shows a fear and concern about “a**hole” conservatives whom she considers worse than our foreign terrorist enemies.

Here’s the email:

lois lerner asshole emailAnd a transcript:

TO LOIS: Well, you should hear the whacko wing of the GOP. The US is through; too many foreigners sucking the teat; time to hunker down, buy ammo and food, and prepare for the end. The right wing radio shows are scary to listen to.

LOIS: Maybe we are through if there are that many [redacted]holes.

TO LOIS: And I’m talking about the host of the shows. The callers are rabid.

LOIS: So we don’t need to worry about alien teRrorists. It’s our own crazies that will take us down.

No wonder she had to plead the fifth.

While the World Fights Turmoil, MSNBC Spends Entire Segment Devoted to Emoji Inequality


MSNBC, the network of Chris “Tingles” Matthews, Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz, fell to fourth place – behind HLN – in the July ratings battle.

Why, you ask? Here’s a recent example of the hard-hitting, investigative reporting and analysis that occurs on the troubled network, as reported by NewsBusters:

On a truly idiotic segment of the July 29 edition of Ronan Farrow Daily, the host of the Lean Forward network’s “next-generation news show” discussed the current state of emojis with linguist John McWhorter, CNet’s Maggie Reardon, and journalist Dave Cullen.


Farrow commented how the popular emoticons are “becoming more and more the fabric of the kind of communication you see,” and truly out-liberaled himself with his question to McWhorter, who happens to be black.

After wondering whether emojis, which originated in Japan, could alter “tech-driven communication across international lines,”  Farrow asked McWhorter:: “Do you think there’s a limitation we’re suffering from in terms of the racial diversity of these emojis?” 

Incredibly, the linguist responded to the question seriously, but had a different take:

“No, I think that actually what we’re going to see more is a gender skew. Apparently women are more likely to use them and more richly.” 

So, that settles it; emojis are both “racist” and “sexist.” 

While Farrow & Co. may have had good intentions here, this is yet another example of trivializing racism, which, in the long run, only serves to numb us to the real thing.

You Have to See What ‘Might Be The Worst Beat in the History of Tournament Poker!’


You don’t really need to know anything about poker to feel the tension, drama, and crushing end to this very rare hand of poker, which knocked out a player to the tune of one million dollars.

ESPN does a good job of showing you the odds of one person winning above the other when they both have a pair of aces dealt to them (called “pocket aces”), and the rest of the cards are dealt.

The ending is just brutal.