Who Gets Priority Under ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion? It’s So Absurd It’s Almost Unbelievable

Who Gets Priority Under ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion? It’s So Absurd It’s Almost Unbelievable


A shocking new video released this morning by the Foundation for Government Accountability highlights in an entertaining manner a serious issue few are even aware of – the crowding out of services for the current Medicaid population by ex-cons.

According to the video and the Department of Justice, 35 percent of those newly eligible for Medicaid under ObamaCare have a criminal history. Yes, that’s right, 1 in 3 of the new expansion population may be former prisoners.

But providing health care to ex-cons really isn’t the main problem here.  The issue is with the perverse incentives under expansion. Criminals will be prioritized over the truly vulnerable in our society. How can that be, you ask?

The new expansion population has a higher reimbursement rate than those in “old Medicaid,” all but ensuring those who are the sickest among us get pushed to the back of the line.

“The entire idea of Medicaid expansion would be absurd if it weren’t so terrifying,” said  Tarren Bragdon, CEO of The Foundation for Government Accountability. “Not only does ObamaCare expansion ruin a state’s financial future, it also sends the disabled, the elderly and children to the back of the line while the criminals go to the front.”

Medicaid was originally only intended to provide medical care for the disabled, the blind, low income mothers and the neediest among us. It was never intended to give free health care to able-bodied, working age, mostly childless adults who have other options. And it was never intended to prioritize those with a criminal history while simultaneously robbing $716 billion from our seniors receiving Medicare; but that’s exactly what it’s doing now.

What’s worse is that the victims of violent crimes will now be paying the medical bills of those who victimized them, all while watching their grandparent’s and children’s health care suffer,” – Bragdon explains.

It’s so absurd it’s almost unbelievable. ObamaCare may have helped some, but for many it continues to be a nightmare that won’t end.

Trey Gowdy’s Not a Detective & He Doesn’t Play One on TV – But He Just Solved the Mystery How Inept The Obama Administration Is


There are few pure pleasures in life. Taking a long stroll down the beach at sunset, the waves lapping at your toes while little squiggles of seaweed massage your tired feet. Downing a tall frosty mug of tap beer after a full work-day spent pounding the pavement on a road construction site.

Listening to Trey Gowdy simply grill some hapless bureaucrat who just had a really bad day and somehow found herself in the crosshairs of Congressional testimony. Ahhh, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Such was the case on Tuesday when Congressman Gowdy confronted Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, whose unenviable task it was to inform the nation that an attack on the White House in 2011 was only discovered three-to-four days later… by a housekeeper.

Congressman Gowdy just goes ahead and puts the Secret Service Director on the spot:

Is that true, did a housekeeper find evidence of the shooting and your agents did not?

Ms. Pierson not only admitted this was the case, but that the shooting was discovered by her three-to-four days later.

Incompetence, much like certain viruses in the news, tends to spread. And in the case of government incompetence, it starts at the head and works its way through the entire organism.

Whether it’s the VA, the EPA, the State Department, the ATF, the DOJ, all the way to the National Parks Service, and obviously the Secret Service, when the head of the nation is too inexperienced and too ideologically detached to understand basic operations of government, we can expect it to take three or four days to find out there was a shooting at the White House, and that it ultimately was discovered by a housekeeper.

As Economy Dwindles The Primer Of Manhattan's Fifth Ave Suffers

Not Even Common Core Math Could Explain the Limo Tab For a Teachers’ Union Spending Recklessly

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and its president Randi Weingarten describe themselves as a group committed to advancing principles of fairness, democracy and economic opportunity for its members and students alike.

What they don’t advertise is that the nation’s second largest teachers’ union also has a strong commitment to traveling in style.

Recent filings released by the Department of Labor revealed that the labor union spent a monstrous $131,560 on limousine companies within the last two years alone. The following charts show the bulk of these charges are spread out across only three U.S. cities.

$119,640 is owed to Alpine Limousine Service in New York.


Another $6,906 to Polo Limo in Denver, CO.


And, finally, $5,014 to Flagship Tours and Limo in Baltimore, MD.


That’s a lot of money to blow on sweet rides around town, but what may be more concerning is Weingarten’s exorbitant salary, which differs slightly from that of the average first year teacher:


With information like this, it comes as a bit of a surprise that more teachers aren’t challenging the use of their union dues and contributions.

Exactly how much is the AFT committed to principles of fairness, democracy and economic opportunity? We’ll have to check our common core math, but the answer appears to be less than their support of a clean limousine.


You Read It Right: Nancy Pelosi Wants John Boehner to Feel How Frustrated She is Dealing with Obama

Nancy Pelosi beating up on John Boehner (and Republicans in general) is not news; it happens all the time. But Pelosi going after Boehner for not holding Barack Obama’s feet to the fire? That’s news.

During a breakfast with Bloomberg News on Monday, Pelosi all but said that Boehner was not being tough enough on Obama as it relates to the President’s refusal to seek congressional approval to expand military force against ISIS:

“Everybody in the country’s talking about it except for us. Since when do we sit around waiting, using the excuse he [Obama] didn’t ask?


No, if you want to have an authorization that has any constraints on the president, you don’t wait for him to write it.”

Like bricks to the face, this must have come as a shock to many Democrats and Republicans alike.

As reported by Stars and Stripes, Pelosi’s comments were in response to comments made by Boehner on Sunday, during which he said he would call Congress back into session to vote on expanding military action in Iraq and Syria – if Obama requested that he do so.

So what’s going on here?

Conventional political wisdom suggests that Pelosi, like most Democrats running for reelection in November, is not only fully aware of the impact of Obama’s low poll numbers, but is also beginning to think ahead to 2016.

Moreover, Pelosi is an avid supporter of likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is also doing her best to separate herself from several of Obama’s decisions – including his refusal to arm Syrian rebels prior to the emergence of ISIS as a major threat.

Gotta love politics.

Man in a hazmat Suit holding vial

It’s Here: First Ebola Virus Case Diagnosed in U.S. and It Strikes Right in the Heartland of America

Ebola, a vicious disease which has caused over 3,000 deaths has its first confirmed case within the United States, in Dallas, Texas.

ABC News has more:

The first Ebola case has been diagnosed in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today.


Although American Ebola patients have been treated in the United States prior to this diagnosis, they all contracted Ebola in West Africa. Ebola has killed 2,917 people and infected 3,346 others since the outbreak began in March.


According to the Associated Press, a patient arrived at the Dallas hospital on Monday with possible Ebola symptoms and recent travel history to West Africa. The patient was being kept in isolation until the CDC could confirm the diagnosis.

According to the World Health Organization, the average fatality rate for someone who contracts the disease is 50%. In addition, a current vaccine does not exist for Ebola, but two are being in the process of being tested.

Here’s how social media users reacted to the news:

Some opted for the fight option. 

Some opted for the flight option.

This guy foresaw a zombie apocalypse in our future.

Fortunately, infectious disease experts don’t believe that Ebola will travel very far in the U.S. However, as it is not known if the patient exposed others, this case is being treated with the utmost seriousness and caution.

Centers for Disease Control director Thomas Friedan stated, according to ABC News:

“I have no doubt that we will control this case of Ebola, so that it does not spread widely in this country,” Frieden said Tuesday. “It is certainly possible that someone who has contact with this patient could develop Ebola. But there is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here.”

We can only hope that this is the only case the United States ever sees and the patient exposed is able to recover.

The Most Decorated Olympian of All-Time Arrested in Maryland for Second-Offense Charge of DUI


Michael Phelps may be an Olympian who knows how to keep his cool in the swimming pool, but he’s definitely in hot water after flaunting a previous DUI charge and racking up a second count in Maryland early Tuesday morning.

TMZ reports:

Our sources tell us … the USA Olympic legend was pulled over around 1:40 AM in his white Land Rover. We’re told he bombed his field sobriety test … and his B.A.C. was almost twice the legal limit.


Officials just issued a statement saying Phelps was initially pulled over for going 84 in a 45 … and during the stop, the officer noticed he was hammered.

This is not the behavior of an Olympic champion whom thousands of America’s youth look up to.


Indian PM Must Have Felt Like Halibut of a Bad Joke After Invite to White House Dinner During Fast

Hosting a dinner party can be tricky. One has to take into account food preferences, allergies, and well, one would hope – religious observances.

There was a bit of an awkward situation on Monday night at the White House. President Obama was hosting a dinner in honor of visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but there was a small problem: Modi is in the middle of a 9-day religious fast.

The Hill reports that Modi is observing the Hindu festival of Navatri, and during this time he only consumes water.

So while the guests enjoyed “compressed avocado with goat cheese and baby bell peppers, crisped halibut with ginger carrot sauce, and mango creme brulee,” Modi stuck with warm water.

Modi was kind about the oversight, encouraging everyone else to eat, as recounted to the Wall Street Journal.

As Indian and U.S. officials sat down to dinner, Mr. Modi told the group: “Please don’t feel embarrassed and please continue with your food,” Syed Akbaruddin, a spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry, recounted later Monday in a briefing for reporters.

indian pm dinner table

The president, of course, enjoyed his crisp halibut while the Indian premier drank warm water:

Modi is in the United States for bilateral talks with the President, discussing issues such as Ebola, terror threats, and a possible strategic partnership between the two countries.

According to the Embassy of India’s Twitter page, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry will be hosting a state lunch for the Prime Minister on Tuesday. Again with the food, you guys!

State Department Goes All In Defending Obama’s Failure: Even ISIS was Shocked By ISIS?


While President Obama continues to try to deflect criticism of his administration’s failure to adequately assess the growing threat of ISIS, one thing is certain: the spokespersons of the State Department are right there with him. Including, of course, Marie Harf.

Monday, Ms. Harf offered up this defense of Obama – who threw the intelligence community, including director James Clapper, under the bus during a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday:

“The President said, for a long time we’ve known about the serious threat from ISIL, but everyone — us, the Iraqis, even ISIL itself probably — was surprised by how quickly earlier this summer they were really able to take territory in Iraq.”

So not even ISIS knew how effective it would become, Marie?

“They moved more quickly than anyone could have imagined.”

The facts suggest otherwise. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she urged the president to arm moderate Syrian rebels as early as 2012 – a recommendation he rejected.

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently agreed with Clinton: “We pay the price for not doing that in what we see happening with ISIS.”

The only people who seem to be denying that the fallout from Obama’s celebratory decision to pull out of Iraq was anything less than a disaster is – no surprise – those in the Obama administration itself.

The San Diego Chargers routinely threaten to black out games due to lack of ticket sales.

The NFL Changed Dramatically Today for Those Suffering from the Long-Standing ‘Blackout’ Rule

The Federal Communications Commission has sacked the NFL blackout rule.

That means even though Indianapolis, San Diego and Green Bay tickets may go unsold, fans in the area will still be able to kick back in front of their big screen TVs and watch the game. Those teams in the past routinely have had problems selling out their stadiums. Last minute buys by local business owners usually stop the blackout, but with today’s decision, everything has changed.

In a unanimous 5-0 vote, the FCC dumped the rule.

The blackout rule was adopted in 1975 because tickets were the main revenue source for teams. That isn’t the case anymore. Television and cable rights packages, merchandise, concessions and luxury boxes all combine to bring in billions of dollars to NFL team owners.

The Hill reports FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, a Republican appointee, said,

It is the commission’s job to serve the public interest, not the private interests of team owners. No longer will we be on the side of those willing to keep fans in the dark.

The blackout rule also extended to satellite and cable providers in the areas of NFL franchises, but not anymore.

NFL owners say the move could hurt fans in the long run, forcing up prices and eventually moving the games to pay TV.

D.C.: The Magical ‘Fairyland’ of Zero Accountability, Where Everyone Thrives While America Suffers


Apart from giving us the greatest use of the word “micro organ” this year, this report from journalist Charlie LeDuff also features his uniquely passionate brand of irreverent commentary.

It’s a neat summation of all the things that make up the D.C. “fairyland” and how outrageous and enraging it is that it exists. While the nation struggles and aches its way through hard economic times, D.C. thrives. And pampers itself.

Some of the more particularly infuriating examples of D.C. fine dining on tax dollars, according to LeDuff:

  • $400,000 a year for a tax-payer subsidized barbershop in the Senate.
  • A subway system which shuttles members of Congress around the US Capitol.
  • A yearly deficit of more than a half-trillion dollars.
  • A quarter of a million dollars a year for elevator attendants.

As the Atlantic pointed out, it’s no coincidence that 6 out of the top 10 richest counties by median income are found around the nation’s capitol:

This is an issue that cuts across party lines and affects all of us. For most people living outside the magic D.C. kingdom, the “new normal” is not much of a fairy tale.

Despite a Barrage of U.S Airstrikes, ISIS Terror Army Drives to the Gates of Baghdad


As targeted airstrikes continue to hammer the Islamic State, a breaking report has been released about how ISIS has made it a mile outside of Baghdad. From The Daily Mail:

Fierce fighting has been reported on the outskirts of Baghdad where ISIS militants are attempting to seize control of the Iraqi capital – despite ongoing Western airstrikes against the terror group.


Reports that ISIS militants are now just one mile from Baghdad came from the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East – an organisation supporting the work of Canon Andrew White, vicar of the city’s St George’s Church, the only Anglican church in Iraq.


In a message posted on Facebook, the group said: ‘The Islamic State are now less than 2km away from entering Baghdad. They said it could never happen and now it almost has.

When ISIS had surrounded Erbil (where we have a consulate), the U.S. pushed them back with airstrikes. While Baghdad is home to the largest U.S. Embassy in the world, it would only make sense for the United States government to secure and protect its interests.

In addition, because the ISIS presence managed to cause members of the Iraqi army to flee in Mosul and Tikrit, we can only hope that Iraqi forces are able to hold their ground.

The Would-Be Jihadi Plotting Second Oklahoma Beheading Makes Chilling Warning to the Willfully Blind


When Jacob Muriithi made the second threat to his co-worker at an Oklahoma nursing home and claimed to do it in the name of ISIS, she realized he was serious about beheading her. And then came this:

This is just what we do.

Those chilling words, nearly two weeks before another Oklahoma man followed through on a threat to cut off the head of a co-worker, sent her to police after the bizarre exchange at the Bellevue Nursing Home in Oklahoma City.

KFOR reports it started when 30-year -old Muriithi commented on the female co worker’s Star of David necklace and claimed he represented ISIS.

When asked what that meant, the arrest affidavit claims that Muriithi told her “they kill Christians by cutting off their heads.”


The alleged victim claims Muriithi then asked her what time she got off work.


The report claims the suspect “told her he was going to wait until she got off work and cut her head off.”


The victim says she thought he was joking because he has a dry sense of humor.


She asked if he had a guillotine set up outside, but he said he “was going to cut her head off with a dull blade, then post it on Facebook.”

Muriithi told police he was just joking. They don’t think he was. While at first the native Kenyan was charged with one count of threatening an act of violence, after last week’s actual beheading at the Vaughan Food plant, they added a charge of making a terrorist threat and took him into custody.

While authorities looking into the actual beheading in Moore, Oklahoma, are calling it workplace violence, ten miles away authorities believe this case was a potential act of terrorism.


NFL Penalizes Chiefs Player for Getting Just a Bit Too Religious for Comfort with TD Celebration

It was a religiously incorrect move. Or so it appears from the penalty on a Kansas City Chiefs player (irony, anyone?) who hit his knees after scoring a TD in a 41-14 romp over the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

After picking off Tom Brady for a score, Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah dropped on his face in a prostrate position.

Oh, it also appears that he’s not a Christian, which adds to the media controversy surrounding a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct that was thrown his way. Here’s another angle:

Deadspin pointed out that Abdullah’s brother Hamza, a former NFL safety himself, gave this by-now familiar shout-out in celebration of the pick-six:

Abdullah’s agent was not fooling around in case the NFL wanted to place a fine on top of the penalty:

The background on this is fairly clear, as Deadspin notes, although the NFL rulebook states that “players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground.” When players kneel in prayer after a touchdown, they are exempt from unsportsmanlike conduct for “taunting.”

Here’s the vice president of officiating at the time Mike Pereira explaining the exemption back in 2008:

As Pereira colorfully put it, “One time that you’re going to be allowed to go on your knee after you score like that, and that’s when you want to praise the Lord. If you do that, then I’m going to allow that because I don’t want to be struck by lightning.”

He tweeted a follow-up remark after a similar controversy in 2013:

The NFL clarified after the game that there should not have been a flag for the show of faith by Abdullah:

Bleacher Report comments that Abdullah told the Kansas City Star following the game that, “If I get a pick, I’m going to prostrate before God in the end zone.”

Given the numerous prayers of other National Football League players before and during the game, including recent kneels by Brandon Marshall of the Chicago Bears, it seems reasonable to let players express themselves a bit after a score, so long as they aren’t disrupting the game or taunting another player.

Why take the fun and spontaneity out of football? If you do that, you wind up with something like the “saddest touchdown spike ever,” which came from Gronk following last night’s Monday Night football debacle for the Patriots:

A few examples of such prayers show that NFL players, whose lives can be altered dramatically in any given game by injury, tend to be a fairly religious group of people and faith is an inherent part of the game for many players.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady shares a knee with New York Jets players, showing truly how uniting shared faith can be.

AFC Wild Card Playoff Game - New York Jets vs New England Patriots - January 7, 2007

Cowboys and Raiders? If faith can transcend that, then it must surely be something worth allowing.


Then New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow kneels with his teammates and a group of San Diego Chargers.


Tim Tebow isn’t the only one who has made public displays of faith at professional football venues. The NFL needs to realize that fans want to see personality and variety on the football field, even if they don’t always agree with the exact celebration.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.45.23 PM

The Battle Over a Senior’s Laser Themed Yearbook Pic Ends With Hilarious Alternative From Principal

Draven Rodriguez, a senior at Schenectady High School, says he wanted his last image in his high school yearbook to portray his “vibrant, intense personality.”

And what better way than with his beloved rescue cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, and lasers?

draven yearbook

Vincent Giordano / Trinacria Photography

When Rodriguez submitted his senior portrait for submission, it was initially met with “uncertainty,” Today reports. So, before the photo could officially be declined, he preemptively started a petition, with the goal of getting 500 signatures.

As of this writing, Rodriguez’s petition has earned 7,436 signatures – but he didn’t even need to use it.

That’s because the school principal, Diane Wilkinson, stepped in with a suggestion of her own – instead of using the photo as Rodriguez’s senior picture, the two of them would take a new portrait, each holding their rescue pet, and the photo would appear on her page.

Additionally, Wilkinson would include a few words on her page encouraging the adoption of shelter animals.

Rodriguez and Mr. Bigglesworth and Wilkinson and her rescue dog, Vivian, went back to Vincent and Fran Giordano’s Trinacria Photography studio, and shot one glorious portrait.

Vincent Giordano / Trinacria Photography

Vincent Giordano / Trinacria Photography

And this goes without saying, but the pets truly stole the show.

“Mr. Bigglesworth the cat and Vivian the dog were very calm and poised. True pros all the way, the camera loved them!” Vincent Giordano told TODAY.com.

The Giordanos, who have also rescued a pet owners, are hoping to use the publicity to raise awareness for shelter adoptions.

As for Rodriguez’s wish for the yearbook – something tells me his classmates will always remember his photo… but they’ll also remember their cool Principal Wilkinson.

Holocaust Survivor

Nazi Death Camp Survivor Responds To California School’s Ban On Popular Holocaust Book

A charter school in California is stirring up major controversy after banning a popular book about a woman who helped saved Jews during the Holocaust.

Fox News has more:

Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, Calif., not only had a problem with “The Hiding Place,” they also took issue with any other book that was written by a Christian author or included a Christian message.


“We do not purchase sectarian educational materials and do not allow sectarian materials on our state-authorized lending shelves,” Superintendent Kathleen Hermsmeyer wrote in a letter to attorneys at the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI).

“The Hiding Place” is a best selling book written by Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, a woman who even after living in a concentration camp made it her life’s work to help rehabilitate other survivors.

Hiding Place

Image Credit:NewTestatmentPattern

I had the opportunity to talk with my friend Alter Wiener (a Holocaust survivor who wrote his own book about his personal story surviving the Nazis) and here’s what he had to say about the ban:

The papers or TV do not bring good news. Violence, corruption, prejudice are on the top of the news. I am saddened and frustrated and feel like reading something uplifting. I had been inspired reading The Hiding Place twenty years ago. The book came to my mind now when I am eager to find a source of light in the darkness. While reading it, for the second time, I gained a respite from exposure to the disparaging current events. Being riveted to The Hiding Place, I am hiding ephemerally from the ominous world.


In today’s modern culture selfishness prevails, youth show no respect for the elderly. The ten Boom family’s moral conduct is the antidote to the corrupted people in today’s society.


As a Holocaust survivor, I just don’t understand how somebody wishes to ban a book such as The Hiding Place that has a message of love and compassion, and banned the book because of its Christian message of love and tolerance.

In addition, the Pacific Justice Institute has threatened to take legal action if the ban isn’t reversed, citing that is a violation of the 1st Amendment. Perhaps the school can just reverse the ban and allow the readers the freedom to choose what they want to read.


Your Service Tonight Sucks, Now Let Me Explain Why I’m Leaving You the Biggest Tip You’ve Ever Seen

Makenzie and Steven Schultz ate at an undisclosed restaurant Saturday night. The service “sucked,” as they put it. It took “forever” to get their food. When the ordeal was over, their bill was $66.65. To which they added a $100 tip. Why? The couple explained on Facebook:

“So here’s the deal. Our service tonight sucked. Took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree. People all around us were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was.


But, it was very obvious that the issue was being short staffed, not the server. He was running around like crazy and never acted annoyed with any table. At one point we counted he had 12 tables plus the bar.”

Makenzie and Steven used to wait tables; they identified with the server, who was running back and forth and continually apologizing to customers for the bad service.

“Wow, this used to be us. Steven and I agreed it would feel good to make this guy’s night when he would probably be getting minimal to no tips due to slow service.”

As understanding and generous as they were with their server that night, the message they left for him on the tab was even better:


We’ve all experienced lousy service, right? The question is, how many of us take it out on the servers in situations like this, vs. rewarding them for working their butts off to try to make the best of a bad situation?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.17.54 AM

The Power Rankings Are Out: Holder Isn’t Even the 2nd-Most Disliked Cabinet Member to Resign

This year has seen three significant resignations from Team Obama, and according to polls it looks like Holder will be unable to break out of third place.

Thanks to our friends at Hot Air and YouGov for this graph that clearly shows the battle for the top spot that ensued with these three MVPs:


#1. Kathleen Sebelius, former HHS Secretary

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.46.01 AM

Coming in first, as the most-disliked administration official to quit this year, was Health and Human Services head Kathleen Sebelius. Not only did she deservingly rake in a vote-winning 41% disapproval rating, she also garnered a runner-up 19% approval rating.

For perspective, that’s a shade higher than the percentage of folks that either think the moon landing was faked or aren’t sure.

#2. Eric Shinseki, former VA Secretary

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.47.09 AM

Placing just behind Sebelius was Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, who left the VA under a cloud of scandal surrounding the treatment of injured veterans. He had the lowest approval ratings of any official in this race, with a miserably awful 18% positive score.

Since 21% of Americans think that the government actively hides proof of alien landings, obviously some Americans can be convinced of anything. Shinseki pulled off a 40% unfavorable score, just behind the chief Obamacare water-carrier, for second.

#3. Eric Holder, retiring Attorney General

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.47.59 AM

Showing up in third is Eric Holder. His negative polling was at 37%, not anywhere near the impressively-disliked VA and HHS leaders. Furthermore, with a positive rating of 26%, basically 1-in-4 of those surveyed liking him, that’s 1% better than the percentage of Americans who think their Congressman should be reelected.

So as far as the race to the absolute bottom of the barrel goes, it seems that Holder’s massive failures were only sufficient to put him into third.

mike rowe disappointed

Mike Rowe Dishes an Epic Serving of Tolerance to Fan ‘Disappointed’ in His Appearance On Glenn Beck

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Especially if you’re a celebrity and you stand up for what you believe in.

Some people deal with this fact of life better than others. But if anyone needs a quick lesson in how to deal with people who are disappointed by your perfectly reasonable actions, look no further than “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe.

Rowe, a frequent guest star on Glenn Beck’s radio program, was recently on air to discuss his program, its beginnings and the workers of America who do the jobs that not everyone would want to do.

A fan by the name of Tobey Gloss did not take too kindly to this appearance. Rowe posted Gloss’ letter on his Facebook page.

“Mike- you were recently tagged in Glen Beck’s post about being interviewed on his program. Do you realise how many people are upset about this because they despise Glen Beck?! I am disappointed that you did the interview because I want nothing to do with Beck. It’s a travesty.” Posted by Tobey Gloss, 3:20 pm, 9/25/2014

Ever the straight-shooter, Rowe fired back: not with an apology, but with a lesson we could all stand to hear.

Hi Tobey


I’m not so sure we agree on the definition of a “travesty.” To me, a travesty is what happens when the state executes an innocent man, or sets a guilty one free. A travesty is ignoring a bully, or betraying the public trust. A travesty is not what happens when Mike Rowe talks publicly to someone that Tobey Gloss doesn’t like. That’s called a “conversation.”


Now to your question – I have no idea exactly how many people share your disappointment over my recent appearance with Glenn. I would assume quite a few. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are unable to separate an idea from a person. Consequently, I’ve heard from people equally distraught by my past proximity to a number of pundits, including Bill Maher, Sean Hannity, Don Lemmon, Mike Huckabee, Ed Schultz, and Bill O’Reilly.


So much disappoint, so little time…


Here’s the thing, Tobey. I have a foundation called mikeroweWORKS. Our goal is to raise awareness around several million good jobs that no one seems to want. These are jobs that require the mastery of a hands-on skill. Spreading that message requires lots of PR, and Glenn has been very supportive of my foundations goals. I’m grateful for the chance to speak directly to his audience, and will do so again whenever I’m invited back. Likewise, MSNBC and FOX. As well as NPR and CNN. And anyone else with an big audience.


Obviously, our country is a divided mess. If I want to reach the masses, I can’t limit myself to programs and individuals that meet with your specific approval. I know this must come as a surprise, but thanks to the web, disappointment is now easier to share than ever before. So by all means, keep sharing yours. I don’t mind. Just know that when it comes to promoting mikeroweWORKS, your disappointment is a price I’m happy to pay.


Thanks for the feedback, and have a great weekend.



Rowe certainly pulls no punches, because there’s absolutely no need for him to do so. What Americans need to do is converse with one another – not limit their interactions only to those with whom they agree. There can be no progress until this ideological intolerance ends.

Monster Truck Loses Control and Plows Into Spectators Killing 3 In Tragic Accident Caught on Film


An out of control monster truck killed two adults and one child while injuring dozens more at a monster truck rally in the Netherlands, according to BBC News.


Photo credit: BBC

Video footage shows the gigantic truck plowing into a group of spectators after bulldozing over six parked cars as a part of the performance on Sunday.

During the horrific incident, which occurred in the city of Haaksbergen, dozens of spectators tried to run away as the truck veered towards them. But because it happened so quickly, few were able to reach safety.

According to one eyewitness,

“It was awful to see. It was not too bad in terms of speed. But such truck is so heavy, there is nothing can be done. I think people did not have time to jump away. It was too late. I saw many people lying on the ground, and people running there to help. There were also people under the truck.”

Many are speculating that the breaks or the gas pedal failed to work properly, preventing the truck from stopping. The driver of the vehicle suffered no injuries, but has been detained by authorities, according to local media.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.57.31 PM

It’s Sure Looking Like N.C. Sen. Hagan Voted Money Into Her Husband’s Pocket With Stimulus Vote

In 2009, the Democrat controlled Congress passed President Barack Obama’s so-called economic stimulus package, which was a series of spending programs and targeted tax cuts designed to revive the American economy. North Carolina’s Democrat Senator Kay Hagan was one of those who voted for the stimulus.

Among the programs contained into the stimulus were tax credits and Federal grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. One of the beneficiaries is a company owned by Senator Hagan’s husband and his two brothers.

From Politico:

JDC Manufacturing, a company co-owned by the Democratic senator’s husband, Chip, received nearly $390,000 in federal grants for energy projects and tax credits created by the 2009 stimulus law, according to public records and information provided by the company.


[...]Financial disclosure statements show that the Hagans’ income from JDC Manufacturing increased from less than $201 in 2008 to nearly $134,000 in 2013. Company representatives said higher rental income account for the uptick, not the stimulus-funded projects that were completed during that span.

Hagan told Politico that she consulted a Democratic attorney, Marc Elias, on the matter and he said there was nothing improper about the dealings.

Politico also pointed out that Caitlin Legacki, the spokeswoman for JDC Manufacturing, is “a former Democratic operative and now a spokeswoman for the company,” but Erik Wemple at WaPo takes it a step further to point out the eyebrow-raising connection between a North Carolina holding company and a top PR firm smack in the middle of DC:

Legacki is listed as a principal at Precision Strategies, the crisis-management/branding/organization-building outfit piloted by partner Stephanie Cutter, a former top Obama campaign official and a CNN pundit. Nowhere in the piece does Politico cite the connection between Legacki’s work for the Hagan company and Precision Strategies, nor her standing as former communications aide for Kay Hagan. …


Anytime that beleaguered public officials call in the “principal” of a top Washington firm connected to the White House, that’s a bit of detail that’s useful to readers. They deserve to know whenever there’s a down pillow’s worth of coziness in a senator’s PR defenses.

While the downright shocking news of a politician voting money into her own pockets may not change your day in any fashion, this could have implications in the pivotal Senate race in North Carolina.

Hagan ran in 2008 against Sen. Elizabeth Dole, who she claimed put “special interests and their lobbyists before working families,” and now runs against Republican State House Speaker Thomas Tillis in part because he “sides with special interests” for opposing the Export-Import Bank.


Do you smell the hypocrisy Hagan is cooking? Because it smells like everything wrong with DC in the first place…

Whistleblowers Force New Info on Secret Service Lapses: One Event Even Put Obama’s Daughters at Risk


Thanks to information released to the Washington Post, in part due to the efforts of whistleblowers who contacted the chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee on national security Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), we have a much fuller picture of the Secret Service debacle earlier this month that saw a fence jumper make it all the way into the White House.

Earlier this month, Omar Gonzalez, who was armed with a knife, jumped the fence that surrounds the White House and actually made it into the White House itself. Gonzalez fought off a female Secret Service officer who tried to tackle him. The Washington Post reported:

An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at what officers believed was a request of the usher’s office, said a Secret Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


The officer posted inside the front door appeared to be delayed in learning that the intruder, Omar Gonzalez, was about to burst through. Officers are trained that, upon learning of an intruder on the grounds — often through the alarm boxes posted around the property — they must immediately lock the front door.

The Secret Service has described this incident as a “failure of leadership.” President Obama and the First Family were not home at the time of the fence-jumping incident.

Here’s a video of the fence-jumping incident:

The following is a map of Gonzalez’ entry into the White House grounds and the building itself, via WaPo:




However there was another disturbing incident in 2011 that put the life of Sasha Obama, President Obama’s daughter, at risk.

The Huffington Post revealed more information about a security lapse from 2011 that should alarm citizens:

A string of security lapses resulted in a four-day delay before the U.S. Secret Service realized that a man had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House in 2011, an incident that could have put President Barack Obama’s daughters at risk, according to a Washington Post investigation.


At issue is what the Post calls the Secret Service’s bungled response to the case of Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez, an Idaho man who was sentenced to 25 years in prison after firing at least seven bullets at the White House on November 11, 2011. The president and Michelle Obama were away, but their daughters were in Washington — one at home and the other due to return that night.


A White House usher expressed concerns about the safety of Malia Obama, who was to arrive within minutes of the reports of the shots, The Post reported. The usher told the staff to keep Sasha Obama and her grandmother, Marian Robinson, inside.

These two incidents reveal that the Secret Service is having some problems doing its “one job,” which is to protect the First Family. Congress is set to hold hearings on these incidents and the Secret Service leadership is set to face some tough questions over these breaches of security.

Chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee on national security Jason Chaffetz commented on the situation on CNN:

Hopefully, Congress and the Obama administration will work together to develop a security overhaul that will correct these security breaches and protect our President and his family.


Babies Don’t Need Words to Tell You What’s Up in Their Sonograms — Their Body Language Says it All.

We don’t know how babies feel about getting their pictures taken at ultrasound appointments, but we think we did a pretty good job at interpreting body language (with some flair added)!

So we present some sonograms with pizzazz…

Read. The. Sign.



Oh hey — you caught me at a bad time, I’m in the middle of relaxing. But don’t worry, the accommodations are great!



Mom, does it make you jealous that I’m drinking coffee right now and you don’t get to?


Talk to the foot. BAM!



I’m a little peanut right now!



I can’t wait to do this wrapped in a blanket, in your arms.



I think Mom nailed it.



OH. You’re here? Let me smile for the camera.



Is that you, Mom? I’m reaching for youuuuu!



I look like a turtle — so what?!



Please, no pictures yet. I need my beauty rest for my big day. ‘K thanks. Love youuuuu.



This is all you need to know right now.



Mom I’m already as cute as a baby sloth. Imagine how good I’m going to look when you meet me.



You’re doing great, Mom, keep up the good work!


Enough said.

It’s A Grab Bag of Mixed Emotions for Three Brothers Who Just Found Out That Mom Is Having Twins


Mom and dad are sharing big news with their boys after their doctors appointment, by showing them a picture of mommy’s ultrasound.

– One son is elated and can’t stop giggling.

– Another is convinced the picture isn’t real and it’s just a photo of mommy’s nostrils.

– The eldest child is not happy with this news at all.

Mom, on the other hand, is ecstatic and even dad is brimming with excitement.

This is one chaotic car full of emotions, but a beautiful one at that.