Mike Miller

While Mike's professional background is in the financial field, he has been a political junkie since his early days in grade school. He entered college with the intent of pursuing a journalism degree, but politics and the business world pulled (and pushed) him in a different direction. Mike also publishes "Rat Nation," a conservative political blog. Mike's articles have been featured on Forbes.com, The Dallas Morning News, Fuse, Newsvine, Discovery News and various other sites.
Mike Miller  (September 3, 2015)
Huckabee Wants to Know Why No One is Answering This Question About the Marriage License Controversy

“Kim is asking the perfect question…”

Mike Miller  (September 3, 2015)
The Makers of a New AR-15 Want to Keep it Away From Terrorists. So They Etched it With a Bible Verse

“We wanted to make sure we built a weapon that would never be able to be used by Muslim terrorists to kill innocent people…”

Mike Miller  (September 3, 2015)
Obama Buys Cinnamon Rolls at Alaskan Cafe But It’s His Tip That’s Making News

“I’m going to take all of those…”

Mike Miller  (September 2, 2015)
Carly’s Advice for KY Clerk on Marriage Licenses May Not Sit Well With Same-Sex Marriage Opponents

“That’s my opinion…others may disagree…”

Mike Miller  (September 2, 2015)
After Police Show up at Wrong Address to Check on Possible Break-in, Things Go From Bad to Worse

A loud crash… arking dogs …then gunshots…

Mike Miller  (September 2, 2015)
Fox News Host Smells a Rat: Hasbro Mocks Harris Faulkner with a Children’s Toy Rodent?

Faulkner is filing a lawsuit over what she believes is the toy company’s portrayal of her as a rodent….

Mike Miller  (September 1, 2015)
A Kid Thinks It’s Cool to Impersonate a Cop, But What Happens While ‘on Patrol’ is Just Too Fitting.

Yeah, things definitely went downhill from there…

Mike Miller  (September 1, 2015)
After Ted Cruz is Called ‘Jackass’ by Speaker Boehner, the Texas Senator Gives a Masterful Response

“Politicians in Washington bickering like schoolyard children…”

Mike Miller  (August 31, 2015)
This Comedy Bit About Police at Sunday’s VMAs Has Some ‘Black Lives Matters’ Activists Up in Arms

“A mockery of the past year…”

Mike Miller  (August 31, 2015)
The Journalist Who Ambushed The Donald & Was Tossed Has a One-Word Warning About a Trump Presidency

“Dangerous for press freedom in this country…”

Mike Miller  (August 30, 2015)
Sure Trump’s Leading in All the Polls, But This New Finding Might Really Shake His Detractors

“It’s not something we’ve seen before. And it may not be something we see again…”

Mike Miller  (August 30, 2015)
Summer of Discontent: Once Considered Sure Bets, Hillary and Jeb Are Anything But These Days

Things not going as planned for America’s political royalty…

Mike Miller  (August 30, 2015)
Slain Deputy’s Wife Pens Open Letter to Tell Everyone What Kind of Man Her Husband Really Was

“All the language that I know is inadequate for what I want to express…”

Mike Miller  (August 30, 2015)
Chris Christie Has an Idea for Tracking Foreigners. Let’s Just Say the Folks at FedEx Would be Proud

Your tracking number, ma’am?

Mike Miller  (August 29, 2015)
Dynamic Duo? The Curious Relationship Between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

What exactly are these guys up to?

Mike Miller  (August 29, 2015)
Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shot ‘Execution Style’ at Houston Gas Station. This is What We Know So Far.

A senseless act of violence against a police officer and many people now in mourning…

Mike Miller  (August 29, 2015)
After 8 Years as Obama’s Comedic Sidekick, Here’s What America Can Expect from a Biden Presidency

Who wouldn’t wanna have a beer or two with Joe?

Mike Miller  (August 28, 2015)
Marco Rubio Stops by ‘Fox & Friends’ to Play the Word Association Game With ‘Hillary Clinton’

“Aren’t the kinds of words people put on their campaign pamphlets…”

Mike Miller  (August 28, 2015)
There’s Some Bad News for Al Sharpton and His Weeknight Show

“I want to congratulate Al and his team…”

Mike Miller  (August 28, 2015)
CNN’s Don Lemon Has a Different Take on Roanoke Shooter’s Motive Than Many of His Media Colleagues

“And yes, anyone who does what he did was also out of their mind…”

Mike Miller  (August 27, 2015)
After O’Reilly Analyzes the Trump-Ramos Spat, He Decides One of Them is a ‘Grandstanding’ ‘Zealot’

“Hoping to generate publicity for himself…”

Mike Miller  (August 26, 2015)
We Know Donald Trump Has a Problem With Megyn Kelly – Now Ted Cruz Complains About Her Questions Too

“Megyn, I get that that’s the question you want to ask…”

Mike Miller  (August 26, 2015)
Trump Gets an Intro From Someone Who Might Even be More Controversial Than He is

“God hasn’t given up on America yet…”

Mike Miller  (August 25, 2015)
Focus Group’s Surprising Comments Convince Top Pollster That ‘Nothing Disqualifies Trump’

“The man’s entitled to change his mind on things…”