Mike Miller

While Mike's professional background is in the financial field, he has been a political junkie since his early days in grade school. He entered college with the intent of pursuing a journalism degree, but politics and the business world pulled (and pushed) him in a different direction. Mike also publishes "Rat Nation," a conservative political blog. Mike's articles have been featured on Forbes.com, The Dallas Morning News, Fuse, Newsvine, Discovery News and various other sites.
Mike Miller  (July 7, 2015)
Donald Trump’s Comments About Mexico Might Have Just Been Blown Out of the Water by This Revelation

“He might come one day and pretty much tell us to get the heck out of here…”

Mike Miller  (July 7, 2015)
Bernie Sanders Once Gave ‘Unconventional’ Cause of Cervical Cancer. The Cure for It? More Orgasms.

““Sexual adjustment seemed to be very poor”…

Mike Miller  (July 7, 2015)
O’Reilly Names Those He Blames for Killing of Woman by Illegal Immigrant Who’d Been Deported 5 times

“Talking points is disgusted with the cowardice of our elected officials…”

Mike Miller  (July 6, 2015)
They’ve Been Feuding For a While, But Chris Christie Just Upped the Ante with Rant Against Rand Paul

“He should be…”

Mike Miller  (July 6, 2015)
Jake Tapper Got Called Out for His Show Lacking Diversity — He Responded With a Knockout Blow

“Just won Twitter…”

Mike Miller  (July 6, 2015)
Remember the Anti-Gun Democrat Who Was Busted in International Gun-Smuggling Ring? Here’s an Update

Irony, or poetic justice?

Mike Miller  (July 4, 2015)
While Americans Enjoy 4th, US Government Wants to Pass Regs Against Fireworks, BBQ & Even Sparklers

Wait’ll you hear about the s’mores…

Mike Miller  (July 3, 2015)
This is What Happens When You Debate Gun Control With a Fired Up Lady Who Wrote a Book About It

“I can spout off stats all day long…”

Mike Miller  (July 1, 2015)
Megyn Kelly Gets Out the Long Knives Over Ted Cruz’s Proposed SCOTUS Fix

The popular Fox host and GOP Senator mix it up…

Mike Miller  (June 30, 2015)
Mike Rowe Shares His Feelings About the Confederate Flag. Then He Tells Us What He Thinks About It

“I have no control over my feelings … fortunately, though…”

Mike Miller  (June 29, 2015)
Ted Cruz Explains the One Question the Media Uses to Try to ‘Trap’ Candidates

“Some people say, ‘why didn’t you just say no?'”

Mike Miller  (June 28, 2015)
Now That SCOTUS Has Ruled on Gay Marriage, is Polygamy the ‘Next Horizon of Social Liberalism’?

One thing is clear: America changed forever on Friday…

Mike Miller  (June 27, 2015)
As Hillary’s Favorability Numbers Keep Tanking, People Seek Out a Savior.

Run Joe, Run! Run Joe…Run?

Mike Miller  (June 26, 2015)
High School Grads Are Asked 3rd Grade Level History Questions About the Nation. It Gets Interesting.

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph strikes gold…

Mike Miller  (June 26, 2015)
Keith Olbermann Jumps on the Confederate Flag Bandwagon and Takes a Shot at Another Favorite Target

“Violence, madness, murder and genocide…”

Mike Miller  (June 26, 2015)
Bob Beckel Fires Back on Twitter After Unexpected Fox News Statement About Future on ‘The Five’

The story takes a new twist…

Mike Miller  (June 25, 2015)
Those Lois Lerner Email Backup Tapes That the IRS Was Ordered to Preserve? Yeah, Well…

IRS: We have no immediate comment…

Mike Miller  (June 25, 2015)
Hillary Goes to Ferguson to Lecture on Social Inequality. But How She Got There Is Raising Eyebrows

‘Where you been? It’s been ten months, girl!’

Mike Miller  (June 24, 2015)
Twitter Firestorm Erupts Over the Phrase Hillary Used at Black Church Near Ferguson

“Pretty violent and despicable…”

Mike Miller  (June 23, 2015)
One Remarkable Letter Reveals How an NFL Owner Reacted to the Tragic Shooting in Charleston

“Our hearts are one with those who grieve…”

Mike Miller  (June 22, 2015)
Van Jones Says Charleston Shooting Was ‘White Terrorism.’ Here’s What FBI Dir. Has to Say About That

The government has a very basic definition of “terrorism”…

Mike Miller  (June 22, 2015)
Rudy Giuliani Says The Message Being Sent by the People of Charleston Can Help Heal America

“They’re showing that you have to forgive”…

Mike Miller  (June 22, 2015)
Check Out How This ‘Irresponsible’ Photo of Ted Cruz Compares with Two Other AP Shots of Obama

“Not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light”…

Mike Miller  (June 21, 2015)
After Their Public Squabble Over Foreign Trade Bill, Obama and Pelosi Kiss and Make Up. No, Really.

Would this be “sexist” if a Republican did it?