Mike Miller

While Mike's professional background is in the financial field, he has been a political junkie since his early days in grade school. He entered college with the intent of pursuing a journalism degree, but politics and the business world pulled (and pushed) him in a different direction. Mike also publishes "Rat Nation," a conservative political blog. Mike's articles have been featured on Forbes.com, The Dallas Morning News, Fuse, Newsvine, Discovery News and various other sites.
Mike Miller  (July 30, 2015)
Bill O’Reilly & Andrea Tantaros Team up to Condemn #BlackLivesMatter Tactics

“They’re never going to be taken seriously…”

Mike Miller  (July 30, 2015)
Morning Joe Blasts Reporter for Going After Trump with Decades-Old Story – Then Takes Drastic Action

This is a third-degree burn on-air…

Mike Miller  (July 29, 2015)
Michael Moore’s About to Unload Another Film on the American Public – And We Know One Thing About It

“Here’s the 6-min video from the Periscope I just did regarding my new film”…

Mike Miller  (July 27, 2015)
Her Blistering Attack of the Obama Admin’s Response to Chattanooga Shooting Went Viral. Here’s Why She Did It.

“Everyday 22-year-olds feel this way…I’m just the first one to say it…”

Mike Miller  (July 25, 2015)
When You See Who Dennis Rodman Just Endorsed for President it Will All Make Sense

Together on the campaign trail?

Mike Miller  (July 24, 2015)
Hillary Complained to New York Times About ‘Criminal Inquiry’ Story – Guess What the Times Did

The New York Times got a call from the Hillary campaign…

Mike Miller  (July 23, 2015)
After Years of Falling Ratings, MSNBC is About to Clean House and Bring Back Some Old Names

Out with the old, in with the older?

Mike Miller  (July 23, 2015)
Donald Trump Torches Anderson Cooper with One Line After CNN Host Questions His Credibility

“You keep bringing up…”

Mike Miller  (July 22, 2015)
Marco Rubio Just Smoked Trump and Obama with a Line That Will Set Their Hair on Fire

The Donald fires back in 3…2…1…

Mike Miller  (July 22, 2015)
Armed Civilians Across the Country Send a Message to the Government: Protect Our Military or We Will

“What the government won’t do, we will…”

Mike Miller  (July 21, 2015)
22-Year-Old TV Host Has a Fiery Message for Obama After Chattanooga: ‘If You Won’t Say It, I Will’

“This is not… This is…”

Mike Miller  (July 21, 2015)
Judge Jeanine Goes After Obama on Chattanooga Shootings: ‘They Are Here on American Soil to Kill Us’

“The politically-correct fantasy world that you live in…”

Mike Miller  (July 20, 2015)
Chattanooga Shooter’s Diary Reveals Ominous Signs That Led to Last Week’s Massacre

“Susceptible to bad influences…”

Mike Miller  (July 20, 2015)
Obama’s Plan to Subject Social Security Recipients to Gun Background Checks is Already Drawing Fire

4.2 million Americans could be affected…

Mike Miller  (July 19, 2015)
Hillary’s Order to Young Supporters at an Iowa Campaign Event Has the Media Shaking Their Heads

Is there something we’re missing here?

Mike Miller  (July 19, 2015)
3 Words From a Dem Presidential Candidate Got Him Booed Off the Stage

He also had to apologize for saying it…

Mike Miller  (July 18, 2015)
Trump Speaks Out on Immigration Again; But These Comments Are Getting Little Attention in the Media

“We have to protect our people…”

Mike Miller  (July 18, 2015)
The 5th Victim of the Chattanooga Terrorist Attack: A Navy Petty Officer Who Leaves Much Behind

“You think that’s not going to happen to your family…”

Mike Miller  (July 18, 2015)
Hillary Clinton Gets Pushback in New Hampshire When Out of the Audience People Started a Chant

She could only blurt out, “That’s OK, that’s OK, that’s OK”…

Mike Miller  (July 18, 2015)
After HuffPo Dumps Trump to the Entertainment Section, The Donald Responds as Only The Donald Can

“Mr. Trump is number one in the unimportant Huffington Post poll.”

Mike Miller  (July 17, 2015)
Scott Walker Calls Out Obama: ‘We Need to Acknowledge That Radical Islamic Terrorism is Our Enemy’

“They’re willing to take the fight to us…”

Mike Miller  (July 17, 2015)
Lt. Col. Allen West Demands Obama Issue Exec. Order That Can Prevent Mass Shootings Like Chattanooga

“Marines here don’t have guns, come on in!”

Mike Miller  (July 17, 2015)
Krauthammer Rips Obama’s Response to Chattanooga Shooting: Always Quick to ‘Disconnect the Dots’

“Always wanting to err on the side of downplaying the threat…”

Mike Miller  (July 16, 2015)
Can You Name Who is On Our Money? Here’s What Happened When These People Tried…

Hint: two of the seven famous people weren’t presidents…