Mike Miller

While Mike's professional background is in the financial field, he has been a political junkie since his early days in grade school. He entered college with the intent of pursuing a journalism degree, but politics and the business world pulled (and pushed) him in a different direction. Mike also publishes "Rat Nation," a conservative political blog, where he writes as "Rat." Mike's articles have been featured on Forbes.com, The Dallas Morning News, Fuse, Newsvine, Discovery News and various other sites.
Mike Miller  (October 31, 2014)
If Your Whole Campaign Depends on a Ridiculous Lie About Condoms, Your Hopes are Premature

“If Cory Gardner gets his way, you’d better stock up on condoms.”

Mike Miller  (October 31, 2014)
It’s Not the Monster Mash, But It’s Still One of The Best Videos You’ll See Today: Happy Halloween!

He did the healthcare mash.” Yeah, tell me about it.

Mike Miller  (October 31, 2014)
Wisconsin Democrat Governor Candidate Mary Burke’s Ad Proved to Be a Lie in Less Than 10 Seconds

Yeah, this throws a monkey wrench in her claim for sure…

Mike Miller  (October 30, 2014)
MSNBC Hosts Go Off on Teachers Unions’ Political Tactics That Hurt Our Children’s Education

“Why do you hate teachers?”

Mike Miller  (October 29, 2014)
This Brilliant ‘What Happens When You…’ Spoof Will Have a Majority of Americans Laughing and Nodding

All humor contains an element of truth…

Mike Miller  (October 29, 2014)
Sarah Palin Makes Head-Turning Announcement About Her Future Employment Plans

“I’m gonna bug the crap out of them.”

Mike Miller  (October 29, 2014)
Watch A Democratic Senator Twist Herself Into A Pretzel Refusing To Say If Obama Has Done A Good Job

Scared Democrats can’t get far enough away from the president…

Mike Miller  (October 29, 2014)
Another Prominent Former Administration Official Refutes Obama’s Excuse for the Rise of ISIS

‘Warned by everybody’ about ISIS and ‘did almost nothing.’

Mike Miller  (October 28, 2014)
All Aboard the Topless Model Bus: Cosmo Magazine Sends Strippers to Take American Students to… Vote?

Hey, who WOULDN’T hop aboard?

Mike Miller  (October 27, 2014)
This Halloween, You Can Thank Darth Vader For Those Ebola Vaccines In Development

But – but – but – didn’t Republicans cut the budget?

Mike Miller  (October 27, 2014)
Here’s Everything You Hate About Politics. Captured in 7 Minutes and 38 Seconds.

See if can watch it to the end without your head exploding…

Mike Miller  (October 25, 2014)
Father And Son Deputies Die In The Line Of Duty. It’s The Rest Of The Story That’s The Tragic Irony.

What are the chances…

Mike Miller  (October 24, 2014)
Beloved Dogs of Soldier Slain in Terror Shooting Wait Patiently for a ‘Dad’ Who Will Never Come Home

Godspeed, Nathan Cirillo. You were one of the good guys.

Mike Miller  (October 24, 2014)
Three Thugs Break In & Try to Rape a 19-Yr-Old Girl. But Grandpa Had Other Plans & It Involved Grabbing a Gun.

What might have happened to this hero and his family if he were not a law-abiding gun owner?

Mike Miller  (October 23, 2014)
Like Clockwork, MSNBC Uses the Canadian Parliament Attack to Push Gun Control

Shocked? Yeah, me neither.

Mike Miller  (October 22, 2014)
Missouri State Senator Who Sponsored Anti-Gun Bills Gets Arrested In Highly Ironic Situation

Not only that, she was also drunk at the time…

Mike Miller  (October 22, 2014)
A U.S. Senator Just Made It Really Awkward for a Debate Moderator by Showing Up as an Empty Chair

Wait’ll you hear the excuse…

Mike Miller  (October 21, 2014)
‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Killing Girlfriend

Was justice served?

Mike Miller  (October 20, 2014)
As the College Football Season Heats Up, Do You Know Who the Nation’s Favorite Teams Are?

Anyway you slice it, is football great or what?

Mike Miller  (October 20, 2014)
When Obama Begins to Speak at a Rally, Something That Was Unthinkable 5 Years Ago Happens

My, how times have changed…

Mike Miller  (October 20, 2014)
The Next Time You Try to Video-Bomb a Reporter, You Might Want to Watch for the Edge of the Pier

Monday vibes…

Mike Miller  (October 19, 2014)
The Halloween Decoration an Idaho Man Posted in His Yard Would Make ISIS Terrorists Proud

Neighbors passing by didn’t know what to make of this…

Mike Miller  (October 19, 2014)
Everything the Ebola Czar Knows About the Virus Summed Up in One Painfully Awkward White House Video

Shouldn’t this be a basic requirement?

Mike Miller  (October 19, 2014)
Watch the Obama Administration’s Handling of the Ebola Threat Shredded Before Your Very Eyes

One absurd case right after another…