Kyle Becker

Kyle joined IJReview in 2012 and helped lead it to a top 100 publication online in terms of monthly readership. As Managing Editor, he helps write headlines and develops the website's social media presence. He is frequently among the top publishers in the world on social media on a daily basis, according to Newswhip/Spike. Articles generally accumulate over ten million pageviews and 1.5 million Facebook shares per month.
Kyle Becker  (March 2, 2015)
8 Times Criminals Were Repaid by Karma with Instant Vengeance

Brick-proof windshields, flammable arsonists, and crime-stopping alligators…

Kyle Becker  (March 2, 2015)
Presidential Artist Deals a Blow to Clinton Image with a Little Something He Adds to His Portrait

Looks like this is always going to be a stain on his presidential record…

Kyle Becker  (February 26, 2015)
What ISIS Just Did in Iraq Shows That It Truly is an Enemy of Human Civilization

Just like the Nazis and Soviet Russians, the Islamic State is undertaking a new kind of warfare…

Kyle Becker  (February 24, 2015)
Whoopi Goldberg Bursts Into Gassy Rant When She Realizes Hillary is No Better on Female Pay Gap

, ‘Oh! You did it, you did it!’ Nobody knows!’…

Kyle Becker  (February 24, 2015)
One Image Perfectly Shows How Messed Up the VA Mistaken Identity Problem Has Become…

“Maybe this isn’t a case of Stolen Valor, after all…”

Kyle Becker  (February 22, 2015)
12-Year-Old Student Gives Epic Answer to the Question: ‘Do You Really Love America, Obama?’

“President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America…”

Kyle Becker  (February 21, 2015)
13 Photos of Police Officers That Show You Their Human Side Can Be Ridiculously Funny

It seems like police officers aren’t being given much of a break in the news media for being who they really are…

Kyle Becker  (February 20, 2015)
She Turned Her Back for 2 Seconds at a Store. When She Came Back, a Stranger Was Choking Her Baby.

Every mother’s worst nightmare…

Kyle Becker  (February 20, 2015)
#ObamaLovesAmerica? War on Twitter Breaks Out Over the President’s Feelings About the Country

Does #ObamaLoveAmerica? That’s left up to the public to decide.

Kyle Becker  (February 19, 2015)
Afroman is Jamming Along at a Concert – Then He Punches Girl Without Missing a Beat

(Wait for the shocking bit at 0:14).

Kyle Becker  (February 18, 2015)
Time to Go to The Map: Unfree Nations Almost Always Have One of Two Types of Governments

Next time you’re an argument with someone about types of government, just go to the map…

Kyle Becker  (February 18, 2015)
Kanye West Humiliated Her at an Awards Show. Now, Taylor Swift Shows She’s Able to Forgive & Forget.

This is how you set an awesome example for young people…

Kyle Becker  (February 18, 2015)
Oscars Insider Rips Academy in Non-PC Full Frontal Blast on Everything from Selma to American Sniper

This refreshingly blunt take is something you rarely see out of Hollywood…

Kyle Becker  (February 16, 2015)
Fox Business Show ‘Strange Inheritance’ Captures Attention with Stories About Families and Fortunes

IJReview reached out to Strange Inheritance’s Jamie Colby about a President’s Day special that has been getting some buzz…

Kyle Becker  (February 15, 2015)
You Could Hear a Pin Drop After Jim Carrey Asks NBC This Super Awkward Question About Brian Williams

The hosts of an SNL 40 special find out the hard way – “He’s still got it!”

Kyle Becker  (February 13, 2015)
Truth or Dare: Lovers Answer Extremely Uncomfortable Questions About Sex or Drink Themselves Silly

“Name two celebrities you’d want to have sex with…”

Kyle Becker  (February 13, 2015)
FLASHBACK? All Those Times Hillary Clinton Had ‘Brian Williams Moments’ & Nobody Asked Her to Resign

Both were busted 12 years after the fact, and additionally, the lie was featured in a number of Hillary’s campaign speeches…

Kyle Becker  (February 11, 2015)
10 Times Barack Obama Was Wrong Before Changing His Mind About ISIS

“We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.”

Kyle Becker  (February 9, 2015)
11 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccinations

Whether it’s autism or Measles, it’s important to get the facts…

Kyle Becker  (February 9, 2015)
Ukrainian Explosion at a Chemical Factory Triggers Alarms: Huge Flash of Light and Mushroom Cloud

The shockwave from the explosion rocked a 10km radius…

Kyle Becker  (February 8, 2015)
Judge Jeanine Has Been Mystified by Obama’s Behavior for 6 Years. Suddenly, It All Makes Sense.

“It finally made sense to me”…

Kyle Becker  (February 7, 2015)
The Model Who Did the Carl’s Jr. Ad Too Hot for the Super Bowl? She’s Got An Interesting Backstory.

“Just girls being girls and getting in a clique”…

Kyle Becker  (February 6, 2015)
It Looks Like Something Out of a Sci-Fi Movie. But It’s Really One of the Most Badass Weapons We’ve Got.

If ISIS wants to pick a fight with the U.S. military, it should get a load of this..

Kyle Becker  (February 4, 2015)
ISIS Stages Public Viewing of Its Propaganda Film Burning a Jordanian Pilot Before a Cheering Audience

If anyone should have any doubt about the mentality of the Islamic State’s people, they should see this video…