Bubba Atkinson

Bubba Atkinson  (February 14, 2015)
The Medal of Honor Recipient Used to Look Like This, But See Just How Far He’s Come…

This badass dove on a grenade for a fellow soldier…

Bubba Atkinson  (February 10, 2015)
BREAKING: Amid Firestorm of Criticism, NBC Announces the Fate of News Anchor Brian Williams

You reap what you sow…

Bubba Atkinson  (October 21, 2014)
Sadie Robertson Adds Old-Fashioned Morals to a Sexy Dance Style to Wow the Judges on DWTS

Dynasty Duckling flashes that southern charm that keeps wowing the judges…

Bubba Atkinson  (September 26, 2014)
Damning New Video Surfaces of Debbie Wasserman Schultz Suggesting Republicans Violent Towards Women

Looking like the end of the road for the ‘War on Women’ …and the top Democrat…

Bubba Atkinson  (September 25, 2014)
Derek Jeter Goes Off in Final Appearance at Yankee Stadium, Wins Game in Epic Fashion

This is the stuff of legends…

Bubba Atkinson  (September 25, 2014)
Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to the Brown Family & Explains Lengthy Removal of Body From Street

“I want to say this to the Brown family…”

Bubba Atkinson  (August 19, 2014)
27 Images From Ferguson: The Story of a City Marred By Violent Riots, Police Militarization, and Conflict

A tragedy that has been worsening by the day…

Bubba Atkinson  (August 19, 2014)
How Trey Gowdy Reacts to the Ice Bucket Challenge Makes You Think He Has Ice Water Running in His Veins

In a full-suit like a boss…

Bubba Atkinson  (August 16, 2014)
17 GIFs of a Drunk DA at the Heart of Indictment Charges Show Why Rick Perry Wanted Her to Resign

The root of why he is being indicted…

Bubba Atkinson  (August 9, 2014)
UPDATE: Diner Now Famous For ‘Praying in Public’ Discount Forced to Stop After Group Rains on Parade

Freedom From Religion Foundation proves they are the wet blanket we knew they were.

Bubba Atkinson  (July 3, 2014)
2008 Candidate & Constitutional Law Professor Barack Obama Would Hate President Obama Right Now

2008 Obama would be so pissed at 2014 Obama.

Bubba Atkinson  (July 1, 2014)
232 Young and Patriotic Cancer Patients Will Blow You Away With Their Hopeful World Cup Message

We believe that you will win, too.

Bubba Atkinson  (June 29, 2014)
Mike Rowe Just Sent This Strong Response to Critics Complaining That He Was Too Tough On Lawyers

The guys spews honesty and truth like we haven’t seen in a while.

Bubba Atkinson  (June 29, 2014)
Matt Drudge Gives Extremely Rare Radio Interview and Reveals His Latest Obsession

“I don’t surf waves, I make them.”

Bubba Atkinson  (June 29, 2014)
On a Scale of One to America, This Dog Just Went Pure Patriot For His Soldier Coming Home

Puppy could not have been more excited.

Bubba Atkinson  (June 28, 2014)
Marine Pilot Caught on Camera Making Emergency Landing on a Stool …and He Totally Nailed It

Glad to have this guy fighting for us!

Bubba Atkinson  (June 22, 2014)
An Open Letter to Comcast Says Everything You’ve Wanted to Say to Your Cable Company

Cable Company hatred: Something that unites America.

Bubba Atkinson  (June 19, 2014)
How to Dumb Down CNN and Hillary Clinton: A Lesson By Jon Stewart

…Can’t decide if CNN’s coverage was a complete joke…

Bubba Atkinson  (April 29, 2014)
This is Ted Cruz Telling John Kerry He Should Resign Over His Israel ‘Apartheid’ Comments

Not afraid to go there.

Bubba Atkinson  (April 28, 2014)
Drone Footage Gives Unique Bird’s Eye View of Devastating Tornado Destruction in Arkansas

So very tragic.

Bubba Atkinson  (April 28, 2014)
When the Crowd Got Racist, This Soccer Player Responded in a Way That Has Won the Internet

Winning the internet today.

Bubba Atkinson  (April 25, 2014)
13 Times George HW Bush Had the Most Badass Socks a Boss Has Ever Had

Can’t help but love him.

Bubba Atkinson  (April 25, 2014)
Watch John Boehner Mock His Republican Colleagues Over Immigration Reform

Forecast: Turbulence in the GOP.

Bubba Atkinson  (April 18, 2014)
Fox News Dismantles New York Times Article Linking Veterans Coming Home to the KKK and White Supremacy

“Return of veterans appears to correlate more closely with Klan membership…”