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So Here’s 4-Star General Martin Dempsey Singing ‘Uptown Funk’ and the ‘Unicorn Song’

Speaking at an event for the children of military personnel and veterans, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff broke into song, even getting the youth on the panel to join in, writes The Hill.

Four-star Gen. Martin Dempsey has been invited back each year, and each year he answers questions and performs for the audience — so they must like it, he reasoned.

Mediate reports what led to the general’s act this time:

It began when Dempsey was answering a question about how failure is a necessary learning experience for everybody who faces life’s challenges. “It’s like Chumbawamba,” the general said, referring to the song Tubthumping. “I get knocked down, and I get up again.”

Even though he claimed they were trying to get him off the stage, it is clear everyone enjoyed the entertainment. The event was broadcast on C-Span.

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