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The US Government is Replacing Alexander Hamilton With a Woman on the $10 Bill

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The Treasury Department is preparing to announce that they are putting a woman on the $10 bill, as a source has confirmed what appears to be a premature tweet.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will announce Thursday that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will put a woman on the bill as soon as 2020.

Wednesday evening, Nancy Lindborg tweeted:

Lindborg is the president of the Institute of Peace, which was created by and is funded by Congress.

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Following her tweet, White House reporter Philip Crowther tweeted that Limborg had “broken” an embargo on the release.

His tweet referred to a release the Treasury Department sent Wednesday, which had an embargo of midnight Thursday.

A source confirmed the news to IJReview.

And CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski tweeted:

While much of the focus for the redesign was on the $20 bill, CNN reported in March that the $10 bill was also due for a makeover, including the possibility of replacing Hamilton.

The hashtag for the campaign will feature #TheNewTen, our source told us, which was replicated in Lindborg’s tweet, which is screenshotted below in case it is subsequently deleted:

Visiting thenew10.treasury.gov yields this message.

“Sawbuck” is slang for a ten dollar bill.

The current ten dollar bill features Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury.

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