Muslims Outraged Over A Katy Perry Video! Will The Admin Blame Attacks On Pop Singer?

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Conservatives are going to feel pretty silly over denying that Muslims might riot over a Youtube video when they see the furor over a small scene in a Katy Perry movie. What will Obama blame on her evil videos?!

Muslims have even started an online petition to have her stoned the video removed from YouTube, so you better watch the heinously blasphemous video above! I’m sure the heresy will be obvious to you, but for those who aren’t sensitive enough, the offending scene is at about the 1:15 mark, where a man wearing a the word “Allah” as a decoration is disintegrated by Katy Perry’s evil magic. Apparently this isn’t allowed in the Koran:

katy-perry-islamFrom Al Arabiya:

Nida Ahmed from Huddersfield, UK signed on the petition that the video shows “great disrespect to Islam yet these lot say we are the bad ones well hah shame on these people (sic).”

Faeezah Shaik from South Africa said: “Artists should consider the impact their ‘art’ would have on society and not just go ahead and do things for the sake of being controversial. There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world, all of whom would be extremely hurt and angered to see their God’s name depicted in such a tasteless manner!”

Unik Salihu from Sweden said, “I as a Muslim, think this is a disgrace. Does she want to start a war against Muslims? This video is insulting to us and needs to be removed before something happens! (sic).”

Yeah Katy Perry, why do you want to start a war against Muslims?! They’re so utterly rational in their faith, and you are just begging to be attacked by suicide bomb! Ya big jerk.

Whatever happens, we’re sure the Obama administration will be more than happy to blame another YouTube video and apologize to the Muslim world for our continued wanton disrespect and aggression towards their religion.

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