Get Ready To See Michelle Obama’s Face Plastered All Over Your Local Subway Sandwich Shop

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If you thought you could simply enjoy your Subway sandwich without partisan politics, you thought wrong. Michelle Obama’s face is about to invade every one of their restaurants.

The first lady was expected to announce Thursday that the Subway sandwich chain will spend $41 million over three years to encourage finicky young eaters to eat more food that comes out of the ground or grows on trees. The announcement was being made at a Subway shop near the White House.

Subway will only offer a kids’ menu that mirrors federal standards for school lunches. That includes offering apples on the side and low-fat or nonfat plain milk or water as a default beverage.

First off, who wants to have the First Lady’s face all over advertisements of a sub shop anyway? Regardless of whether it’s Michelle Obama, Laura or Barbara Bush, it’s a cheesy and questionable advertising strategy in that it is painfully obvious that it will cause at least some level of controversy.

Secondly, are taxpayers footing the bill for this ad campaign? How do you think Subway’s competitors feel about the added publicity that the restaurant chain will receive as a result of the federally subsidized “Let’s Move” campaign featuring one of the most prominent faces in America? It seems to give other businesses not named Subway an unfair shake.

Lastly, whatever happened to the government being the government and business being business? How can there be a level playing field in business when a White House is picking sponsors for PR campaigns – and who knows what kind of crony corporatism can arise out of that?

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