VIDEO: Why You Gotta Lie, Unions? ‘Google Employee’ Angrily Yelling At Protesters Actually A Plant

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Unions must be getting very desperate for attention. We’ve already seen the video where a union member admits to being paid to protest, but now there’s video of a completely staged angry argument at the protest line!

The Union Guardian posted the video above of a supposed Google employee angrily yelling at people protesting “gentrification” from the search engine giant, which manages private buses to get their employees to and from work.

Earlier today, protesters stood in front of a bus to keep it from running:

That’s when the events of the video above occurred – a guy identified as a Google employee starts yelling and screaming at the protesters, and then walks off in a huff. It’s a masterful performance! But it turned out to be completely false after sharp-eyed social media users identified the man as Max Alper, a Union organizer from Oakland.

After being caught lying and deceiving the public, these idiots actually claim it was just “impromptu performance art”! How is it that Max looks cleaned up and perfectly fits the mold of Google employee, when in his other pictures he looks like the typical dope-smoking, unbathed, sweaty, mouth-breathing hippy?

They didn’t even let the protesters know they were going to be abused verbally by this so-called “performance artist” and they’re kinda not happy about it!

Some of the protesters feel duped.

“No I did not know him, he didn’t tell me that he was going to be doing that,” said Erin McElroy, who since January has led the Anti-Evitction Mapping Project. A part-time nanny and caretaker for the elderly, she’s poured hours of her downtime into the project. The protest was supposed to highlight an issue that for the past year has been her life’s work.

“I’m really upset that this happened….”

Fortunately for them, they look pretty stupid protesting “gentrification” anyway, so this only slightly increases their embarrassment.

h/t Business Insider

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