Knockout Game Goes Right: Unlikely Target Gives Thug REALLY Ugly Beatdown

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When a would-be knockout game star and his accomplice run down a Vegas shopping mall to punch a random woman in the face, the attacker finds out quickly what happens if you pick on the wrong person.

You wind up being humiliated on social media. The targeted woman doesn’t go down when the swing goes awry, and she begins waylaying on him. The boyfriend flies in with a Bruce Lee-style tiger knee to the face, and the rest is Internet history.

World Star Hip Hop hosted the video, and according to American Livewire, it was originally uploaded by “Kevin” and posted by Persist. An assumed part of the knockout game is posting your thuggishness on social media so everyone can see what a subhuman jerk one can be.

Congrats, champs, you just won the idiot lottery. [H/T CNS News]


According to Oliver Darcy at the Blaze, this isn’t an incident related to the knockout game. Las Vegas Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield told The Blaze Monday it appears the involved individuals had contact with each other before.

“This incident does not suggest it would be related to any random incident like a ‘knockout’ type game,” he said, noting it “remains under investigation.”

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