‘Militant Atheist’ Forces Town To Display Beer-Can ‘Festivus Pole’ Next To Manger Scene

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Chaz Stevens is a self-proclaimed “militant atheist” who has gotten the city of Deerfield Beach, Florida to erect a ‘Festivus’ pole on city property next to other religious-themed displays, including the scene of the birth of Christ.

Another battle in the “War on Christmas”? Or just a whimsical, clever story?

Last year, the city of Deerfield Beach had to allow Stevens to erect his pole on city property, since it had allowed other religious-themed holiday displays. This year, Deerfield opted not to allow any displays at all.

But the state this year allowed private groups — the Florida Nativity Scene Committee and Reclaim Christ for Christmas — to┬áplace a manger and wise men in the Capitol, so Stevens applied as well.

For those of the uninitiated, the “festivus” holiday is a fictional celebration made up by Frank Costanza, a character on the popular sitcom “Seinfeld” of the nineties. It consists of an “airing of grievances,” and the “feats of stength” among participants.

However, it would seem the only feat accomplished here is a mockery of traditional holidays like Christmas.

“I cannot freakin’ believe they approved this!” Stevens said, delighted. “I never thought after last year we would get another 15 minutes of fame – the pole gets another 15 minutes.”

We can’t believe it either. Congratulations on helping, in tiny, almost insignificant way, erode the principles and institutions of Western Civilization. Someone get Bill O’Reilly on the case!!

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