Astroturf Activism: Union Member Admits Being Paid To Protest Against Walmart On Video

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On Black Friday, leftists organized a nationwide protests at several Walmart locations in order to try to extort union dues from the supermarket chain’s vast employee pool.

Ostensibly, they were advocating for higher wages, but among the long list of the demands was their true intent – to unionize the nation’s largest employe, second only to the federal government. Wal-mart haters have a long history of pushing lengthy demands onto the retail chain.

Some big groups are indeed backing the latest spate of protests, which has hit at least 15 cities. As al Jazeera (you take the truth where you can get it) reported:

Walmart told Al Jazeera that Thursday’s protests represent “a union driven publicity stunt” and “made-for-TV demonstrations.”

“You will continue to see today that very few, if any associates are actually taking part in these demonstrations,” the company said. “The opinions being expressed aren’t representative of the vast majority of the people who work for us.”

But Maritza Silva-Farrell with the Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN), an advocacy group that has put pressure on Walmart, said that charge is not true.

“Instead of responding to the workers’ needs, they are trying to spin the news and say this all like a union drive, that special interests are trying to do, which is not the case,” Silva-Farrell said. “The customers are asking for those changes. People are asking for those changes, and Walmart is not able to open up their ears and try to make a change.”

The Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, organizations that back the protests, said the workers are seeking a minimum wage of $25,000 per year.

The media are portraying the latest strike as an uprising of Walmart employees, and the organizers propagate the narrative with the hashtag campaign #WalmartStrikers on Twitter. In fact, few employees actually walked off the job, and many of the protesters were union members and Occupy Wall Street layabouts.

And while leftist news outlets like the Nation try to discredit claims that protesters are professional activists instead of normal people, or Walmart employees, there’s nothing like a video of a Union member actually admitting to it to settle the debate.

In the video, a protesters yells out, “Local 7!” after which a group seems to laugh. He responds, “I wouldn not tolerate this for a minute if I was not being paid!”

The footage was captured by Revealing Politics during a protest at a Walmart in Wheatridge near Denver, Colorado. But you can bet with the ubiquitous presence of union members at the anti-Walmart demonstrations, that many “grassroots protesters” were actually paid union members.

Editor’s note: This article was updated after publication.

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