How WaPo Just Vindicated 11 Things Conservatives Were Laughed at for Saying Years Ago

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The Washington Post, one of the flagship publications of the left-wing vanguard, has spilled more beans regarding ObamaCare in the last year than Juan Valdez after his 17th cup of java. One of its Sunday news stories beats all.

This is from its news piece “For beleaguered IRS, a crucial test still awaits after troubled rollout of health-care law.” Notice the not-so-subtle shift to what we might call “honest language” now that the election is over and ‘their guy’ is in the White House.

1. Oh yes, the IRS will have a big role “enforcing” ObamaCare.

“Whether the new law can be enforced will be up to the Internal Revenue Service, an already beleaguered agency charged under the act with carrying out nearly four dozen new tasks in what represents the biggest increase in its responsibilities in decades.”

2. It’s not really a tax, it’s a penalty (all legalistic mumbo-jumbo aside).

“None is more crucial than enforcing the requirement that all citizens secure health insurance or pay a penalty.”

3. The Obama administration is violating the intent of the law by illegally suspending mandates.

“But those efforts have been hampered by a one-year delay in applying new insurance regulations to large employers. Those employers had been expected to provide insurance coverage information that the IRS would use to help identify who has insurance and who does not.”

4. It’s not a way to lower insurance prices, but is instead a gigantic welfare program based on wealth redistribution (through taxes and premiums).

“While failures in launching the federal insurance Web site and online exchanges have thrust the Department of Health and Human Services to the center of public attention, the IRS also has a huge role in carrying out the law, including helping to distribute trillions of dollars in insurance subsidies and penalizing people who do not comply.”

5. The program turns on forcing young, healthier people to pay for what they don’t need (and they are not all eligible for subsidies, either.)

“The fine is intended to encourage healthy people to enroll even if they do not have an immediate need for care.”

6. There is a “death spiral” scenario – meaning that ObamaCare would bleed red ink like there’s tomorrow.

“If the elderly and the sick dominate the ranks of those who sign up, it could lead to what health economists call an “ insurance death spiral” of rapidly escalating costs, premium hikes and declining enrollment.”

7. If you decide not to pay, confiscating tax refunds is the main way the IRS can “get you.”

“The lawmakers who drafted the health-care law intentionally barred the IRS from using its customary tools for collecting penalties — liens, foreclosures and criminal prosecution. The only means of collecting the fine is to essentially garnish tax refunds for people who overpaid their taxes.”

8. The strong-arm tactics of the already unpopular IRS may be key to whether or not this law “works.”

“Some of the tasks are so vital to the success of President Obama’s health-care initiative that any uncertainty about whether the IRS can do its job raises doubts about the overall endeavor.”

9. Liberals at heart are authoritarians: here is the Washington Post subtly calling for a tougher IRS.

“A question now is whether the IRS was given enough enforcement muscle.”

10. So-called “liberals” just want to get their big government projects “through the door” so they can add  on the most undesirable elements of laws later.

“Lawmakers also curtailed the vigor of enforcement after rumors surfaced that the IRS would hire thousands of new, potentially armed agents to enforce the health-law provision.

‘There were all these reports of jackbooted thugs hauling people away to jail,’ said John McDonough, who served as a health policy adviser to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.). [...]

11. A mobilized conservative base can defeat big-government progressives.

“Jacobs said that decision was a sound political judgment at the time, given the possibility of ‘a conservative uprising’ that could have defeated the legislation.”

After all the ObamaCare mandates going into effect, and along with it, all the higher penalties, the rising taxes and the soaring debt… sooner or later, people will be looking for more “reform,” and the “liberals” will be calling for “single-payer.” And conservatives will once again say, “I told you so.”

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