ObamaCare Navigators Caught Red-Handed: Lies, Deception & Fraud

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“You lie because your premiums will be higher.” “Never report it, I always lie on my applications.” “Don’t tell them that.” These are just a few of the comments made by ObamaCare navigators caught on video.

James O’Keefe, the videographer who helped bring down ACORN and got NPR’s president fired, sent his undercover investigators to meet with ObamaCare navigators, who, in the words of the Department of Health and Human Services, “will serve as an in-person resource for Americans who want additional assistance in shopping for and enrolling in plans” on the Obamacare exchanges.

What they discovered was shocking. From National Review Online:

Government-paid workers supposedly trained to uphold the law advise clients on how to lie on government forms, evade legal requirements, and ignore proper procedures.

“You lie because your premiums will be higher,” one navigator advises an investigator for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, who tells the worker he sometimes smokes. “Don’t tell them that. Don’t tell ’em.”

The investigator then poses as a low-income worker at a university who has unreported cash income on the side, worrying about how that might affect his premium subsidies. That’s no problem for a navigator, who says:

“Don’t get yourself in trouble by declaring it now.” “Yeah, it didn’t happen,” another navigator says. One more chimes in: “Never report it.”

There’s much more in the video, which O’Keefe suggests may not be his last undercover investigation of ObamaCare navigators, given what he’s found so far.

An unanswered question: How many navigators nationwide were hired without background checks whatsoever?

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