Colossal Failure: ObamaCare Sign-Ups 97% Behind Schedule

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ObamaCare enrollment on the state exchanges has produced only 49,100 confirmed customers, which is 97% behind the White House’s schedule. If anyone in the private sector had such a dismal performance, they’d have been fired by now.

The central planners projected 7 million new enrollments, 2.7 million of them by participants between the ages 18 and 35, by March 2nd. At the rate of 1.4 million expected sign-ups per month, the administration has hit only 3% of its target. As reported by Reuters:

President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform has reached only about 3 percent of its enrollment target for 2014 in 12 U.S. states where new online health insurance marketplaces are mostly working smoothly, a report released on Monday said.

States with functioning exchanges have signed up 49,100 people compared with the 1.4 million people expected to be enrolled for 2014, according to the report by healthcare research and consultancy firm Avalere Health.

The medical firm Avalere also look at 11 of the 14 states and D.C. that elected to build websites for their own exchanges. Many of these websites were having grave technical issues as well:

Some of the states included in the tally have also had technology problems along the way. Hawaii did not launch online enrollment until the middle of October. Vermont’s governor has asked to extend current individual policies into March 2014 to give residents more time to shop because of issues on its state’s site. Colorado and Minnesota have also experienced problems with their web sites.

The number of 49,100 insurance sign-ups includes Medicaid enrollments. What was that about this massive entitlement program, with its waivers, subsidies, employer mandate delay, premium increases, and reliance on young people signing up, not adding one dime to the deficit, again?

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