Blockbuster: Obama Tells Aides, ‘I’m Really Good At Killing People’

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Remember the youthful presidential candidate who promised “hope and change” from the unending “nightmare” of the Bush administration? Well, journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann shed some interesting light on that in their new book Double Down, as related by WaPo:

But there’s still click-bait aplenty: Obama meditating on drone strikes and telling his aides that he’s “really good at killing people”; Christie’s raging temper; Romney adviser Stuart Stevens vomiting backstage after Clint Eastwood’s performance art in Tampa; Romney’s fascination with fat people, including his habit of ribbing male campaign staffers about dating overweight women; George W. Bush calling Rick Perry, his gubernatorial successor in Texas, “a chicken-[expletive] guy”; Obama’s team secretly polling and focus-grouping the notion of replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Democratic ticket; and so on…

The president is indeed good at killing people; in addition to other things. When it comes to waging wars, keeping a personal kill list, and other issues of life and death, overseeing 73% of fatalities in the Afghan War, carrying out a recent “mini-surge” in Iraq, not to mention re-authorizing the Patriot Act without major changes, tracking journalists, and carrying out NSA surveillance on Americans and foreign allies, the president has out-Bushed former President George W. Bush

And remember this 16-year-old, killed by an Obama drone strike?


Enjoy your “change,” Obama voters.

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(H/T Fox Nation)

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