This Classic Halloween Video Could Be the Best Redistribution Lesson Ever

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To be perfectly clear, taxes are good for our country. We need tax revenue to help pay for things like bridges, roads, schools and assisting the needy. Unfortunately, our government has proven to be horribly inefficient with our hard-earned money.

Watch Steven Crowder show kids what it’s like to get your paycheck only to find a bunch of money was withheld in order to pay for things like:

  • A health care website that doesn’t work that costs several hundred million dollars
  • $50 million dollars in IRS conferences
  • $70 million in bonuses for IRS employees even after claiming to be “short on resources”
  • $515,468 for a National Science Foundation study examining how shrimp scamper on treadmills
  • $9.3 million for Harvard to study robotic insects
  • $639,884 for the Pentagon to develop rolled-up beef jerky that is already on the market

Bonus Info: Obama’s fiscal cliff deal at the beginning of this year, which did not extend the payroll tax holiday, raised taxes on 160 million Americans by decreasing their paychecks by 2%.

Ultra Bonus Info: 57 companies in the ‘Standard & Poor’s 500′ paid an effective tax rate of zero.

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