NBC News Pulls Original Article on the President Lying About ObamaCare

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Lies may be temporary, but the Internet is forever. NBC News issued a blockbuster report (only in as much as the outfit is well-known for its sycophantic coverage of Obama) and then tried to scrub some of the more unsavory bits from its website.

Only… there’s this thing called Google cache. Weasel Zippers grabbed the news article — which was taken down and replaced on the NBC site under a new url.

First, what a reader will find at the old url:


Then, NBC News’ “excuse” for why the link was changed. Surprise, surprise — a “glitch”:

IJReview investigative reporter SooperMexican captured the edits:

DEFENDWALLSTWeasel Zippers noted that NBC posted a replacement article and made the original article available in a Google cache.

UPDATE: It appears that NBC News replaced the missing paragraph in yet another version. There is no explanation on the present article for the multiple edits; but just maybe NBC realized that it’s pointless and maybe even harmful to its image to redact the original published version.

UPDATE2: What one will find at the old (multiple-website-linked) url:


UPDATE3: The headline for this article was edited after publication, as well as the video and references to it.

UPDATE4: Another screenshot with the retracted paragraph can be downloaded in pdf here. (H/T IloiloKano)

UPDATE 5: When NBC News changed the url for the first story, it killed more than 3,000 mostly adversarial comments. It appears that NBC has purged the comments again; after Drudge changed the link back, there were another 3,000 comments. At the time of this update, there are 1,156 comments.

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