MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Goes Berserk On 23-Year Military Veteran

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A 23-year veteran called in to Ed Schultz’s radio show Thursday to disagree with Schultz’s charge that Republicans were responsible for a shutoff of military benefits. That’s all Schultz needed to go all-Schultz. 

Despite the fact that the veteran (Russell) attempted to engage the bombastic Schultz in a civil debate, Ed would have none of it, calling Russell’s point of view “an idiot argument” immediately – without even hearing him out – before ultimately hanging up on him.

Here are a few “highlights,” beginning with the vet’s opening statement:

“I just called to disagree with you about Democrats caring about veterans. I’m a retired veteran with 23 years of service and I don’t know if you know it, but 1 October, 171,000 of us were kicked off our health care. And those ‘evil Republicans,’ as you like to call them, passed a bill in June and it’s been sitting in the Senate and Reid won’t bring it up.”

That’s all the hair-trigger Schultz needed to whip himself into a frenzy:

“First of all, you have, uh, your facts wrong. … I’m not going to freaking argue with you, Russell. You’re full of crap, okay? You’re full of it. The government shutdown hurt the veterans. Is that wrong or right?”

Needless to say, the conversation went downhill from there – as Schultz’s blood pressure continued to rise. Finally, Schultz hung up on Russell, saying he didn’t want to “deal” with him.

As it relates to Schultz’s latest tirade, it is not newsworthy in and of itself. What is newsworthy about it, is that not only is it a quintessential example of the left’s disdain for both Republicans and the U.S. Military, it also illustrates the left’s rush to anger and dismissive intolerance for opinions with which it disagrees.

Well done, Ed.

HT – The Blaze

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