USDA Letter Warned Food Stamp Program To Shut Down In Time For Thanksgiving

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A letter bearing the logo of the U.S.D.A. that was purportedly sent to local administrators of the SNAP food stamp program warns them to get ready for a complete shutdown of benefits just before Thanksgiving.

From WeaselZippers:

According to a memo dated Oct 11 2013 and circulated among SNAP program administrators for all states that participate, the USDA recommends they begin withholding benefits from citizens beginning in November.


The letter reads in part,

According to the information we have received, several States provide the next month’s issuance files as early as the 15th of the month. With that in mind, understanding the operational issues and constraints that States face, and in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing States to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to State electronic benefit transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.

I thought it was suspicious enough that the supposed EBT electronic “glitch” came during the same time as the shutdown and caused many welfare recipients to blame Republicans. Now we’re supposed to believe that the shutdown that only closes about 13% of the government will cause a 100% shutdown of food stamp handouts?


Fox 13 in Utah obtained a copy of this memo, which was sent to an urban center in Salt Lake:

“States across the country are being told to stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice.

That’s according to a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Fox 13 obtained a copy from the Crossroads Urban Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Crossroads says if Utah families don’t get food stamps, they’ll turn to the local food pantries, which are already strapped due to the government shutdown. Homeless people Fox 13 talked to, some who use SNAP, say losing food stamps would mean going hungry.” [Read more...]

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