Obama Recovery: 88% of Jobs Created in 2013 are Part-Time!

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According to Mort Zuckerman, a stunning 88% of jobs created in 2013 are “part-time.” In case you were wondering if this was “historic,” yeah, yeah it is.

Appearing on PBS’s McLaughlin Group, Zuckerman said late last month, “88 percent of the jobs that have been created this year are part-time jobs. A large part of the reason for that number of part-time jobs which is unprecedented in American history is because people are apprehensive about the impact of ObamaCare on and the costs of ObamaCare on full-time jobs.”

So, how are Americans going to pay for those skyrocketing insurance premiums in many states when their hours are being slashed? The average work-week continues to fall: now it’s around 34.54 hours.

Gee, I wonder why Obama illegally suspended the employer mandate of the ObamaCare law.

An estimated 48% of applicants will be eligible to receive some subsidies for mandated health insurance (no, not all of them will get it for free). Ultimately, the way many are going to pay for it is with other people’s money. This is the new “American way.”

While food stamp recipients have doubled since 2008, poverty is the worst it’s been since the 60s, and the number of ‘disability’recipients is going through the roof, the economy continues to splutter in terms of creating full-time jobs able to support families. This, in turn, generates more government dependency, which require taxes to pay for it. These taxes harm private job creation.

Maybe Americans will finally get fed up with Obamanomics and vote for the proven way of generating wealth and jobs — free economy. Until then, there’s always McDonald’s.

H/T Newsbusters

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