Democrat Rep: ‘I Will Not Be Donating Or Forgoing My Salary’

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A number of Congressmen (and women) have announced that they will forgo their salaries or donate them to charity as long as the shutdown lasts. One of them will not be Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore.

To the contrary, Moore has vowed that she will not give up her salary during the shutdown:

“Approximately 800,000 federal government employees have either been forced into furlough leave or are working without pay. Federal government employees who rely on their paychecks to feed their families deserve a salary. That’s why I am coming to work every day and keeping both my district office in Milwaukee and my Washington, D.C. offices open and fully operational.

I am speaking, voting and working diligently to help my constituents through the shutdown and speak on their behalf in Washington to reopen the government. I will not be donating or forgoing my salary.”

This is exactly the attitude we don’t need in Washington. Forget her party affiliation for a moment (members of both sides of the aisle are forgoing their salaries); this is simply selfish behavior at a time when federal workers aren’t receiving pay. Sure, they may receive it later in back pay, but they don’t have access to it now.

History will look back on this Congress very poorly, and Rep. Moore is an excellent of example of why; Congress is not demonstrating that it identifies with the average American in how it legislates or how it appears. Many act as if they are above us. They are not. And they will answer for it in due time.

Incidentally, according to the Wall Street Journal, Moore is the mother of Sowande A. Omokunde, who was among five Democratic presidential campaign operatives in Milwaukee charged with slashing the tires of vehicles rented by Republicans to take voters to the polls during the 2004 election.

Moore railed against the case, calling it revenge for her election, but her son pleaded no contest at the end of his trial in January 2006.

Just another reason to make sure you vote in 2014 and 2016…

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