California to Grant Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

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The term “illegal” just became meaningless in the state of California. Governor Jerry Brown will sign a bill this Thursday that will allow illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Illegal aliens in California have been pushing for such a provision for decades. Many of them felt it was unreasonable for illegal immigrants to have to live in fear of being pulled over by police and deported every time they took to the roads in their illegal vehicles.

Let’s recap that: illegal immigrants illegally driving an illegal vehicle think its unfair that they need to be have to worry about being arrested for doing something illegal. 

“This is really a historic day for California,” said Marielena Hincapie , executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. “This is really simply about driving and ultimately about being able to engage in everyday activities that every American does.”

Yes, except Americans are expected to follow the law. Our President has been crowing “its the law” regarding the current Obamacare/shutdown battle for a week now. Its the law. Its the law! Apparently its only “the law” if you’re a citizen. If you are in the state of California illegally you will not be expected to follow the law. The rest of us will be punished for breaking the law accordingly.

The new licenses for illegal immigrants will include a special designation on the front that indicates it is for driving only and may not be used as federal identification. Naturally the “illegal drivers” bill contains language to assure illegal immigrants will not be subject to “racial profiling” (although I’m not sure how you can tell whom is here illegally by their race).

This bill is widely considered a companion bill to the controversial Special Order 7 in Los Angeles. According to SO7 if officers stopped an unlicensed driver who met several requirements — including having auto insurance, valid identification and no previous citations for unlicensed driving — they could no longer invoke the part of the state vehicle code that allowed them to confiscate the vehicle for 30 days. Many considered it a victory for illegal immigrants because many illegals who had their cars impounded were unable to pay the exorbitant fees and simply left them to be claimed by the city. SO7 was eventually overturned by an L.A. Superior Court judge and the verdict is currently being appealed.

The “illegal drivers” bill is expected to go into effect in January of 2015.

Lets wrap our heads around this one last time: illegal aliens residing in the state of California will now be able to legally obtain legal documentation that will make their previous illegal activities legal but will not allow them to legally identify themselves to federal authorities but will still serve as a legal identification for driving purposes in California.

At what point do immigration laws become just completely useless? The state of California is endeavoring to find out.

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