Flashback: Barack Obama Promotes Single-Payer Universal Healthcare

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Barack Obama repeatedly lauded single-payer universal healthcare systems while denying that Obamacare was a “trojan horse” for such a system.

In addition to the well-known quote circa 2003 in his address to the AFL-CIO about being a “proponent of single-payer universal healthcare system,” the president also discussed the matter in 2008, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

“If I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system,” Obama told some 1,800 people at a town-hall style meeting on the economy.

A single-payer system would eliminate private insurance companies and put a Medicare-like system into place where the government pays all health-care bills with tax dollars.

As Politifact pointed out, the president later talked about the consequences of moving towards a single-payer system in Annandale, Virginia on July 1, 2009:

“For us to transition completely from an employer-based system of private insurance to a single-payer system could be hugely disruptive, and my attitude has been that we should be able to find a way to create a uniquely American solution to this problem that controls costs but preserves the innovation that is introduced in part with a free-market system.”

Of course, as insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and price companies out of the state exchanges, and employers continue to dump coverage for employees and spouses onto the government, one must wonder how well a free market can coexist with a government participant that can raise “revenue” through taxes and set the business terms of its “competitors.”

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