Is Obamacare Biased Against Young Men? Here’s Something You Guys Will Wanna See…

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CNN Money ran a piece “Who will pay more under Obamacare? Young men” back in the day that apparently flew past our radar: young men are gonna be hit like a mutha under this boondoggle.

Check this out:

The Obama administration says the Affordable Care Act will provide cheaper health insurance for millions of Americans.

But some people, particularly young men who aren’t insured through their employers, could see their premiums go up once coverage in the state-based insurance exchanges begins in January.

Ironically, we’re all going to be paying for women’s contraception, birthing and “other” needs, whether we keep a close eye on our male equipment or not.

Did the Democratic Party declare a “war on men” and we were all too busy ogling Kate Upton or watching football to notice it?

Young menYeah, that’s probably exactly what happened.

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