We Need More Republicans Like Rep. Andy Harris. This Video Shows Why…

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“The reason taxpayers fund food stamps is to put food on the tables of hungry people. The goal is not to put money in the pockets of greedy criminals,” said U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.


Democrats say there is no fraud, Republicans just don’t care about the needy and want to slash the budget. Republicans say that they care about the needy, they just want to ensure that there is enough money for the needy by cutting out fraud and waste. There are, after all, clear cut cases of fraud… Take Baltimore for example:

Baltimore businesses are accused of swiping millions in taxpayer money. Now the feds are stepping in…

The owners of eight stores were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday, accused of swiping nearly $7 million of your money.

Corner stores across the city are now locked up tight after 100 federal agents raided them Tuesday morning. The owners are accused in a multi-million dollar food stamp scheme.

What do you think? After watching the video above, do you think Rep. Andy Harris’s argument for delving into the Food Stamp program and surgically removing 5% of overall funding (not across-the-board cuts) is okay, or do you agree with Democrats that taking 5% out of the overall Food Stamp budget is too much and will only hurt the people that need it most?

P.S. Martin Bashir, you are extremely condescending. Rep. Harris was having a polite discussion with you even though you sound like a pretentious prick that continues to interrupt him.

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