Rasmussen Poll: Majority Of Americans Favor Government Shutdown Until Congress Cuts Obamacare

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defeund obamacare
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There may be in-fighting in the GOP about whether or not to risk the political fallout of shutting down the government in order to defund or slash Obamacare, but a poll suggests this anguish may be unnecessary.

From The Washington Examiner:

In a huge boost for conservatives trying to trim or kill Obamacare, a new Rasmussen Reports just out finds that 51 percent of voters back shutting down the government until major cuts are made in the new health care program that begins Oct. 1.

This is a remarkable finding, especially since so many simply assume that a government shutdown would damage Republicans.

Overall, however, most believe that a shutdown would damage the economy. But there appears to be support for a partial shutdown until both sides can agree on spending cuts, including Obamacare. Some 53 percent told Rasmussen that they agree with a partial shutdown. Another 37 percent said they’d prefer Congress avoid a shutdown and OK spending at current levels.

Some other findings in the survey:

  • Approval of the Tea Party is at 39%.
  • 78% of Republicans think its at least somewhat important for congressional leaders to work with the Tea Party.
  • Only 24% of voters think the sequester was too deep a cut, while 44% think it wasn’t cut enough.

But will the GOP listen to the people or continue acquiescing to the president?

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