Trader Joe’s Dropping Insurance For Employees; ThinkProgress Says This Means Obamacare Works!

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The wheels have been coming off the Obamacare bus for quite a while now, and always there is the mainstream media performing pit crew duty to cobble it back together and send it on it’s way.

But even they have their limit.

More and more companies are announcing that the onerous regulations of ObominableCare are forcing them to shut down health care plans they can no longer afford for their employees. You might think this would be a problem, but have no fear! The worst of lapdog media mendacity from ThinkProgress assures all Americans that this is a sign that Obamacare is actually working!

…these companies only feel they need to go out of their way to provide workers with health coverage because of America’s utterly broken health care system, which leaves vast segments of the working poor without health insurance.

See? No problem! The government will now supply what private industry did out of gratitude to their employees – so more and more people can become dependent on big government instead of private assocation! Thank you, glorious omnipotent government!

Americans making up to 399 percent FPL will receive government subsidies on a sliding scale to help pay for this coverage, and Trader Joe’s will even give employees who will be affected by the change $500 to help them adjust to the transition.

And guess who will be paying for those subsidies? Some of it will be coming out of your taxes, but a lot of it will be coming out of your kids’ and grandkids’ taxes as they pay back the Chinese government for graciously allowing us to keep borrowing from them.

By that reasoning, if we could get everyone on welfare, then government would “work” perfectly!

Thank Obama we have ThinkProgress to set us straight on why losing benefits is so wonderful as long as we can be forced to suckle at the teat of big government!

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