The Hate Crime Hoax At Oberlin College That Fooled The Media To Push A Racist Agenda

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You’re a student at a private, historically liberal college. You believe in all the right virtues and principles that your fellow students do – multiculturalism, anti-colonialism, and diversity are the cornerstones of your “moral life.”

Imagine the horror when you find out one day that someone at your college is spraypainting swastikas and lurking around in a KKK hood! You would be morally indignant and outraged! You’d demand justice loudly and unceasingly, and blame the institutional and historical racism of a country that was founded on genocide and continues to prosper from the blood and sweat of indigenous peoples!

And then, you find out it was a hoax.

That’s exactly what happened at Oberlin College earlier this year, and the media couldn’t get enough of it, when they thought the racism was real. Now that it’s been exposed, there’s not that much interest. Odd, isn’t it?

Here were the headlines back when it was thought to be real:

Michelle Malkin was one of the few who called out the event way back in March as most likely a hoax, and has been since proven right.

Now that the crime is shown to be a hoax, outlets decrying American’s racism are simply reporting that it was meant as “a joke” which completely downplays the ridiculous slander on our society.

This is exactly how liberal narratives are spread – the early readers of these stories are disgusted and pass them on, ensuring wide distribution. The corrections, or resolutions are downplayed, and few ever discover the error, while the narrative carries on.

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