Destroy a Liberal’s Argument: 7 Reasons ObamaCare Needs To Be Fully Repealed

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ObamaCare and its train wreck implementation are making headlines almost daily, and the case for repealing this disastrous health care law and all of its job-killing regulations has never been stronger.

House Republicans have been fighting harder than ever to get rid of ObamaCare once and for all, while Democrats continue to desperately defend it.

The next time you’re arguing with your  friends, here are 7 reasons why ObamaCare needs to be fully repealed.

1. ObamaCare is creating a part-time economy. 

With 7.4% unemployment in Obama’s economy, millions of Americans are looking for full-time jobs. But ObamaCare is making a bad situation even worse – with the Democrats’ health law placing costly new regulations on businesses with 50 or more employees, part-time work is surging to record highs.

While millions of Americans are still searching for financially stable, satisfying, and dependable jobs, ObamaCare is only making that job search harder.


2. ObamaCare is increasing the cost of health insurance. 

It looks like the Affordable Care Act isn’t going to be so affordable. ObamaCare implementation has started gearing up, and some states are already bracing themselves for skyrocketing premiums. Ohio is expecting insurance premiums to jump by 41%. Families in Georgia are bracing for premiums to increase by as much as 198%!

Contrary to what Democrats promised voters when they passed the law, ObamaCare’s costly regulations, rules and mandates are increasing the cost of health insurance.


3. ObamaCare is killing jobs. 

We need jobs in Obama’s economy, but ObamaCare is only creating a complex maze of uncertainty for small business owners. Instead of focusing on expanding business and creating jobs, business owners are navigating ObamaCare’s rules, regulations, red tape and taxes.


4. ObamaCare continues to get delayed. 

If ObamaCare is so great, why has the White House delayed so many crucial parts of it? These delays are still costing taxpayers.

Democrats have already admitted that the law is flawed. Rather than further confusing and delaying ObamaCare, the law needs to be fully repealed, and we can start over.


5. ObamaCare is still very unpopular. 

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass ObamaCare to find out what’s in it?

It’s been three years, and the American people still don’t like ObamaCare. Even some Democrat voters are walking away from President Obama’s “signature” health care law. It’s time to repeal the train wreck and start over.


6. ObamaCare’s implementation has been a train wreck.

Train wreck might be too nice of a word. The Democrats have been flailing around trying to implement ObamaCare - one ObamaCare expert even told Congress that the White House was in “triage mode” trying to figure out how to carry out all of ObamaCare’s rules and regulations.

If the implementation of this law is any indication of how ObamaCare is going to impact American families and their health care, Americans say no thanks.

ObamaCare in one image.

ObamaCare in one image.

7. ObamaCare is forcing Americans to lose their health insurance. 

Remember when President Obama promised us that if we liked our health care plan, we could keep it? Turns out that’s not the case. The fact of the matter is, the ObamaCare train wreck is causing some employers to terminate their health coverage for employees and their families, and other insurance companies are leaving certain markets altogether! It’s only one of many of ObamaCare’s broken promises.


This post was written by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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