The Monster Obamacare Data Hub That Will End Privacy in the United States

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The American people will soon have to turn over every shred of information about their lives to the United States government just to receive healthcare in the near future.

The “free” healthcare program that currently costs $2.7 trillion over ten years and won’t even insure tens of millions of people will crush once and for all any claims to privacy in the United States or any sense of autonomy from the government.

Just take a gander at the image above provided by the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, which will be run by left-wing “community organizers,” and start making plans with your doctor and/or travel agent accordingly. Here are just some of the bits of information the community activists gathering data for the Obamacare “datahub” will want to get their hands on:

  • Tax Information
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Patient Medical Records
  • Social Security Number
  • Welfare Information
  • Family Size
  • Demographic Data (e.g. address, birthdate, physical description…)

And no, this Obamacare data hub is not presently secure from identity thieves — not that any criminal would need to hack into this giant bureaucratic database. He can just sign up as a “navigator” for one of the community organizations that will be making money gathering and entering private information (think: the TSA).

President Obama recently hobnobbed with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show and stated with a straight face, “We don’t have a domestic spying program.” Even if he wasn’t talking about the NSA, that is patently untrue. The Obamacare data hub will have the centralized database that will end privacy as we know it, and the dangerous opportunity for community activists and criminals to find sensitive information and abuse it.

Those familiar with the IRS scandal do not need to be reminded that the former head of the tax exempt branch Sarah Hall Ingram will be heading up the Obamacare office. So the same tax agency that has admitted to the political targeting of conservative, Christian and tea party groups, and the leaking of sensitive tax information to left-wing non-profit ProPublica, will be involved in administering the data hub.

The problem isn’t that the radical President Obama is running Obamacare, or that left-wing activists will be participating in propagandizing for it and gathering data for it. It’s that no government should have the kind of power and authority that Obamacare will wield over citizens; and regardless of the political persuasions of those running the program.

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