Special Ops Group of Over 1,000 Unroll 60-Foot Petitition Demanding Answers on Benghazi

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Special operations veterans unveiled a 60-foot petition demanding answers about the siege of a diplomatic compound and murder of four servicemen in Benghazi, Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 last year.

Special Operations Speaks PAC unveiled the petition with Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) and other Congressmen near the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. late Tuesday afternoon. It bore the names of 1,000 special operations veterans seeking the truth about what happened the night of the Benghazi attack.

The pressure is building within the House of Representatives for Speaker Boehner to call a select committee to investigate a cover-up that veteran journalist Carl Woodward compared to Watergate. Newsmax relayed:

The Republican House leadership is under renewed pressure to allow a vote on legislation that would create a special committee to investigate the Benghazi, Lybia, terrorist attack in September that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Rep. Steve Stockman is circulating a discharge petition that would force House Speaker John Boehner to allow a floor vote on forming a Benghazi select committee, according to The Hill.

stevensWhile partisan Democrats may want the Benghazi investigation to close, and for America to “move on,” there are several remaining questions. Even though Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer claimed it was “irrelevant” where President Obama was the night of the attack, that is, in fact, a crucial question. As Commander-in-Chief, he bears direct responsibility for command decisions.

As former Ambassador Ann Wagner related, the president is responsible for ordering troops and other military assets to “stand down” during an attack on a diplomatic compound.

That is because it is protocol to attempt a rescue operation by launching an in extremis rescue force (as anyone who has worked in a bureaucracy knows, there are Standard Operating Procedures for everything; superiors dictate when not to follow SOPs).

Indeed, a disturbing comparison of the CIA and Pentagon timelines put together by Jennifer Griffin makes clear that CIA assets were ready for deployment and were told to wait before attempting a rescue operation… twice. The eventually slain CIA servicemen Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were told to stand down and not even attempt to rescue Ambassador Stevens, who had met with the Turkish consul earlier that night.

smithThere is speculation that a buyback of military hardware that was in the possession of al Qaeda terrorist-connected groups was among the topics of discussion, as well as potential gun-running to Syrian rebels through Turkey.

Now removed General Carter Ham sent an unarmed drone to the Benghazi compound 17 minutes after he was notified of the attack; however, the ordering of armed military aircraft must come from the president, and the Libyan government unequivocally stated that it received no such flyover request that entire night.

This adds weight to the testimony of former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that reveals that no serious rescue operation was even attempted. Panetta’s testimony avers that the president was absent after his initial briefing on the situation, and cross-examination by Senator Lindsey Graham makes clear that no serious military assets were dispatched to Benghazi for over eight hours.

DOHERTYWhile there are some complacent-minded people who are used to waiting for the federal government to act in emergency situations, and thus cannot grasp why this is such a big deal, this is neither the American way, nor the military code to leave people to die this way. You do not leave men behind when you can act. And clearly, the Commander-in-Chief did not act.

By all accounts, President Obama took a briefing, departed for his evening sojourn, and awoke lithe and sprite for his Vegas fundraiser the next day. He even cancelled his attendance of a State Department announcement of the terrorist attack scheduled for the next day. Partisan Democrats can howl all they like, but this is flat-out unacceptable. The American people deserve, and many of them demand, serious answers.

The White House’s behavior shows that it is not interested in people getting the truth about the attack. It promoted disgraced U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to National Security Adviser, after either incompetently, or more likely, dishonestly telling the people repeatedly there was a demonstration in Benghazi over an offensive YouTube video the night of the Benghazi attack. State Department emails that were revealed in the mainstream media directly contradict the Obama administration’s absurd talking points after the obvious terrorist attack.

The State Department earlier had the hubris to state it may not comply with a Congressional subpoena for documents pertaining to a Benghazi investigation. And it was recently claimed by Congressman Frank Wolf that Benghazi witnesses were silenced by the State Department through their signing of NDAs — Non-Disclosure Agreements.

The media is absent on such matters; and this is not a partisan tiff. President Obama is being granted pass after pass — he has been found to be unaccountable for his policies at double the rate of previous presidents.The president should answer for being AWOL when he should have been fulfilling his prime directive — protecting the American people (not campaigning).

WOODSAnd for Jeb Bush to offer a “Liberty Medal” to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton one day before the upcoming anniversary of the Benghazi attack — that is a despicable mockery of Liberty and the American people. Due to Mrs. Clinton’s inaction, the diplomatic consul that came under siege was in dire need of more security in the former warzone (that would be the war that President Obama got America involved in without Congressional authorization). Stevens begged for more security, and was turned down by Clinton’s State Department (and yes, there were available funds for that).

As Townhall noted, “murdered US Ambassador Chris Stevens’ second in command, Gregory Hicks, was instructed not to speak with a Congressional investigator by State Department lawyers.” Hicks’ testimony before Congress indicates a clear attempt to silence him and he was then punished at the State Department for ostensibly no other reason than telling the American people his side of the story about what happened. More ‘sides of the story’ like Hicks’ need to come out for the public to get a fuller picture of what went down before, during and after the deadly terrorist attack at Benghazi.

But to quote Hillary Clinton and partisan Democrats: What difference, at this point, does it make? If one might be permitted to answer, it is the character of the United States government and the military’s commitment to its troops that are on the line. If you cannot grasp that, you are not fit for public service.

Featured image photo credit: Congressman Louis Gohmert’s Facebook page.

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