12 People Who Want the Royal Baby to Choose it’s Gender, Not the Patriarchy

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It seems as if the entire world is squealing at the birth of the British royal baby. While there are some detractors of the global glee, there are also those who question whether it’s right to even assign a gender to a child who hasn’t opined on the issue him..uh.. her.. itself. How imperialist of the royal parents to declare their child a “boy” just because he has male genitalia?!

Thankfully, the internet is full of those well-versed in post-modern gender theory who can set us straight, or rather, set us transgender on the issue:

“Dove” is a person of transgender choice:


“Heteronormative” means imposing traditional standards of gender:

A feminist:


From San Francisco!

He got into a little tiff over it:

Another foreigner!


A “Queer Arachnofeminist”:


It’s a brave new world, friends. Full of wondrously confused people who demand you don’t impose your imperialist cisgender patriarchal definitions on what previously were clumps of cells. I’m actually kind of confused.
Some more on Storify. H/T @GenStuart

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