Dana Loesch Blasts Zimmerman Protesters Who Ignore Chicago Murders

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Conservative radio talk show host Dana Loesch lambasted Zimmerman protesters Tuesday, particularly those who fail to demonstrate equal outrage over the out-of-control murder of young blacks in Chicago.

As the rhetoric from Trayvon supporters escalates, so does the response from those who see the blatant hypocrisy in the (feigned) outrage – Dana included:

“Youth are the biggest target in Chicago. In 2012, Chicago had 100 more murders than New York City, 215 more than Los Angeles, and according to the Chicago Reporter and other statistics, from 2008 to 2012, half of Chicago’s nearly 2,500 homicide victims were killed before they reached their 25th birthdays.”

“So where are the riots?  Where are the protests? I mean yes, apparently they are just killing black teenagers out there – but who is ‘they’?  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 black Americans are killed every year. 93% of these murders are committed by other black Americans.”

To Dana’s point, if the people protesting for Trayvon are so concerned about the death of black youths, where have they been throughout the Chicago murder rampage? Where was Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? The NAACP? Eric Holder or Barack Obama?

The answer is simple. The killing of Trayvon Martin fits the liberal “narrative.” Black-on-black crime in the streets of Chicago does not.

The narrative, of course, says this: Blacks are victims of white America. Always have been – always will be. Why else would CNN and others try so hard to convince us that George Zimmerman is white? [See: "White Hispanics."]

Why else would Eric Holder aggressively launch a Justice Department investigation into possible civil rights or “hate crime” violations by Zimmerman [zero] – when the state of Florida found him not guilty and the FBI found no racial motivation for his actions?

Conversely, the reality of blacks killing blacks doesn’t fit the narrative. Blacks are always victims; they must never be portrayed as criminals. Until America – and the black community in particular – “gets it”, the madness will continue. Including in the streets of Chicago.

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