Obama & Holder Blocked by FBI? Investigation Shows Zimmerman Not Racist

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The mainstream media have been politicizing the Trayvon Martin shooting from Day 1, and the Democrat Party has been all-in on the double-game. But an FBI investigation shows they are on a wild “f****** coon” chase.

The newswire McClatchy reports:

After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.

Even the lead detective in the case, Sanford Det. Chris Serino, told agents that he thought Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his attire and the circumstances — but not his race.

Serino saw Zimmerman as “having little hero complex, but not as a racist.”

The Duval County State Attorney released another collection of evidence in the Zimmerman murder case Thursday, including reports from FBI agents who investigated whether any racial bias was involved in Trayvon’s Feb. 26 killing. [...]

Federal agents interviewed Zimmerman’s neighbors and co-workers, but none said Zimmerman had expressed racial animus at any time prior to the Feb. 26 shooting of Martin, a black teen, in a confrontation at a Sanford housing complex. As Sanford police investigated the circumstances of Martin’s death, the FBI opened a parallel probe to determine if Martin’s civil rights had been violated.

Several co-workers said they had never seen Zimmerman display any prejudice or racial bias.

On Sunday, Attorney General Holder revived the bogus civil rights investigation into Zimmerman’s motives for shooting Trayvon Martin. From the NY Daily News:

“Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial,” the Department of Justice said.

The announcement came as welcome news to civil rights leaders, who began calling for the federal charges almost immediately after the verdict was read in Seminole County court in Sanford, Fla.

“We are outraged and heartbroken over today’s verdict,” NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said in a statement.

The FBI has already done your homework for you, guys. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

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