Zimmerman Death Threats, Anger & Calls to Riot on Twitter After ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

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Social media exploded after the Zimmerman verdict of ‘not guilty’ late Saturday night, making #NoJustice and #justice4trayvon two top 10 trending hashtags worldwide. Another tag word, “purge” — based on a movie about mass murder that opened in June — filled up with death threats and their support, along with personal information about Zimmerman.

The media cherry-picked the Trayvon Martin case to tell a narrative of white-on-black violence and discrimination in America; and when the truth came out that Zimmerman was a Hispanic who voted for Obama and had even mentored black children, the media obscured the facts.

Twitter is a snapshot of the more extremely partisan and politically active of society; but when death threats are getting hundreds of Favorites and calls to riot are getting hundreds of Retweets, there is something seriously wrong.

What happened in Florida is that two men used very bad judgment and found themselves in a fight. But Zimmerman cannot be said to have any motive besides patrolling the neighborhood for what he rightfully or wrongfully thought was suspicious behavior; and after he was jumped and his head pounded into the concrete, he then fired at Martin in self-defense.

That Trayvon died from the gunshot wound is a tragedy; and his killing may have been manslaughter, but it is doubtful that it was second-degree murder. And there certainly isn’t a need for any ironic call for Zimmerman’s pre-meditated murder — which would in no wise be “justice.”

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