Republican Governed States Crush Democrats in Economic Competitiveness Rankings

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Think it doesn’t make a difference if you’re in a blue or red state? On the contrary, my friend. Check this out from the Daily Caller:

Thirteen of the top 14 best states for business and economic competitiveness are led by Republican governors, according to the 2013 edition of an annual study by CNBC.

Topping the rankings is South Dakota, which received the best score for any state since the study began in 2007. CNBC credits South Dakota’s incredible score to tax cuts enacted after the 2010 Republican sweep of statehouses put Dennis Daugaard in the governor’s residence in Pierre…

The only state with a Democrat as governor to finish in the top 14 is seventh-place Colorado, which also has a Democratically controlled state legislature.

The bottom six features four states with a Democrat as governor, along with Independent-controlled Rhode Island, whose governor Lincoln Chafee endorsed President Barack Obama. Brian Sandoval’s Nevada holds the unfortunate distinction of being the only bottom-six state controlled by a Republican.

Here is the entire list for you (Party of Governor/Party of Legislature – via

  1. South Dakota (R/R)
  2. Texas (R/R)
  3. North Dakota (R/R)
  4. Nebraska (R/-)
  5. Utah (R/R)
  6. Virginia (R/R)
  7. Colorado (D/D)
  8. Georgia (R/R)
  9. Wyoming (R/R)
  10. Idaho (R/R)
  11. Iowa (R/R)
  12. North Carolina (R/R)
  13. Tennessee (R/R)
  14. Kansas (R/R)
  15. Minnesota (D/R)
  16. Massachusetts (D/D)
  17. Oregon (D/D)
  18. Indiana (R/R)
  19. Montana (D/R)
  20. Arizona (R/R)
  21. Washington (D/D)
  22. Wisconsin (R/R)
  23. South Carolina (R/R)
  24. Arkansas (D/R)
  25. Oklahoma (R/R)
  26. Missouri (D/R)
  27. New Hampshire (D/House – D/Senate – R)
  28. Ohio (R/R)
  29. Michigan (R/R)
  30. Florida (R/R)
  31. Delaware (D/D)
  32. Vermont (D/D)
  33. Alabama (R/R)
  34. New Mexico (R/D)
  35. New York (D/D)
  36. Kentucky (D/House – D/Senate – R)
  37. Illinois (D/D)
  38. Maine (R/D)
  39. Pennsylvania (R/R)
  40. Maryland (D/D)
  41. Mississippi (R/R)
  42. New Jersey (R/D)
  43. Louisiana (R/R)
  44. Alaska (R/R)
  45. Connecticut (D/D)
  46. Nevada (R/D)
  47. California (D/D)
  48. West Virginia (D/D)
  49. Rhode Island (I – endorsed Obama/D)
  50. Hawaii (D/D)

The study gave scores to weighted categories (from most important to least important): cost of doing business, economy, infrastructure, workforce, quality of life, technology and innovation, business friendliness, education, cost of living, access to capital.

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