Obamanomics: More Get Federal Food Aid Than Work In Private Sector

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Number Of People Receiving Government Food Assistance At Historic High
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Obamanomics 101: The number of Americans receiving subsidized food assistance from the federal government exceeds 101 million – more people than are employed in the private sector.

As reported by cnsnews.com, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a total of 101,000,000 people – roughly a third of the U.S. Population – currently participate in at least one of the 15 food programs offered by the agency, at a cost of $114 billion in fiscal year 2012.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 97,180,000 full-time private-sector workers in 2012 – which means that the number of Americans receiving food assistance has surpassed the number of private sector workers in the U.S.

Of the 101 million receiving food benefits, a record 47 million Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps. The USDA describes SNAP as the “largest program in the domestic hunger safety net.”

While Newt Gingrich was roundly criticized by the left (and labeled racist) for referring to Barack Obama as the “food stamp president,” Gingrich’s point was well-taken: Federal welfare spending under Obama has jumped by 32% as of the end of 2012, as reported by The Washington Post.

Moreover, SNAP participation under Obama has increased at 10 times the rate of job creation – with the program’s cost doubling to $80 billion during his presidency.

While we as a country have a responsibility to provide a safety net for those in need of assistance, through no fault of their own, the system is clearly broken. Month after month, record numbers of people join the ranks of those receiving Social Security disability income. Or Medicaid. Or federal food assistance. One in six Americans now receives subsidized (taxpayer-funded) help from the federal government.

I don’t think this is the “Yes, we can!” America that most Obama supporters envisioned in 2008.

I sure hope not, anyway.

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