July 4th Checkpoint Video Goes Viral After Police Search Without Consent

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To be perfectly clear, the vast majority of policemen and women do an incredible job of enforcing current laws, protecting property, and limiting civil disorder.

Unfortunately, there are a few bad eggs out there that want to go on power trips, and this is one of them.

According to the YouTube page of the driver, Chris Kalbaugh, a 21-year-old junior at Middle Tennessee State University:

The officer orders me to pull over and get out of my car, demands me to give identification (it is only lawful for him to ask), gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having “Illegal Drugs” in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away Constitutional rights for safety. All while not being detained. All this because my window was not lowered enough to his preference. I broke no laws whatsoever. On a day that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom and liberty. At the end of the encounter, the officer did not want to give me his name when I asked him. After I repeatedly asked him, he finally gave it to me.

Interestingly, Libertarian Party of Tennessee Communications Director Axl David, the “crash the checkpoint” party was pre-planned.

David said Kalbaugh contacted him Thursday night to tell him that he planned to “exercise his rights” at the checkpoint and record the results by video camera. David said he encouraged him to go ahead.

“I broke no laws, and I made sure to be respectful the entire time while still exercising my constitutional freedom,” Kalbaugh said. “The officers would not let me leave, but they would not answer if I was being detained.”

David said that the Libertarian Party of Tennessee is not anti-police and claimed it “regularly donates funds to the Murfreesboro Police Department to show support,” according to the Daily News Journal.

COMMENT: Did this policeman go too far, or should the kid just have rolled his window down in the first place?

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