CNN Blasts Out Zimmerman’s Social Security Number Despite Death Threats

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Once considered the bastion of breaking cable TV news coverage, CNN broadcast the Social Security Number and other personal ID information of Trayvon Martin murder defendant George Zimmerman.

The public disclosure occurred amidst an explosion of death threats over the last few days. Many of these can be readily seen via Twitter; and unsurprisingly, many are foul-mouthed and graphic.

The mainstream media have played a major role in making the case of the”white Hispanic” George Zimmerman as polarizing as possible. As the case has unfolded, however, major doubt has been cast on the narrative of the media that Zimmerman was a racist vigilante out to persecute a perfectly harmless teenager.

For example, a witness recently testified that a man with lighter skin was being beaten “ground and pound” style by someone on top of him. Somehow, CNN exactly reversed the story, leading to even more public outrage:

CNN-LIECNN has published information about Trayvon Martin that is less than exculpatory, such as: “Other items taken from Martin’s phone included text-message discussions of drugs and pictures of a gun and marijuana plants.”

But CNN also allowed legal analyst Marcia Clark to cast undue doubt that Zimmerman’s actions were in accordance with state law, which says that a citizen can rightfully use a law to prevent death, great bodily injury or a forcible felony.

The Zimmerman trial reminds one of the Duke Lacrosse rape case, where all the defendants were eventually cleared of wrongdoing. According to Professor Wahneema Lubiano:

“Regardless of the ‘truth’ established in whatever period of time about the incident at the house on N. Buchanan Blvd.,” she expounded, “the engine of outcry in this moment has been fueled by the difficult and mundane reality that pre-existed this incident.” So, to Lubiano, the “members of the team are almost perfect offenders in the sense that [critical race theorist Kimberle] Crenshaw writes about,” since they are “the exemplars of the upper end of the class hierarchy, the politically dominant race and ethnicity, the dominant gender, the dominant sexuality, and the dominant social group on campus.”

Did you get that? Regardless of whether or not the particular individuals on trial are innocent or guilty of any given crime, the mainstream media should frame politics in such a way that one race is “guilty” and another race is “innocent,” regardless of the facts. The academics call it “Critical Race Theory,” and if it sounds more than a little bit racist, you’re not alone.

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