11 Absolutely Freaking Crazy Stories of the Week

  • pelosiface2
  • Hillary Clinton to get "Liberty Medal" from Jeb Bush
  • Kriten-Stewart-Crazy-Reaction-Gif
  • yWXJplf
  • tumblr_m43f0yKhty1rqfhi2o1_500
  • Gitmo Prisoners Refuse Gym Equipment Made By 'US Infidels'
  • Obama Pushes Voter ID Program - In Kenya!
  • IRS Agents Used Taxpayer-Backed 'Credit Cards' for Porn, Wine, Diet Pills...
  • Obama 'Got The Last Laugh' Over Superstorm Sandy
  • Jim Carrey Slams Gun Violence in His Own 'Kick-Ass 2' Movie
  • Alec Baldwin Get A Free Pass For Gay Slurs
  • Hernandez Jerseys Hot Sellers On Ebay
  • Virginia Sorority Girl Jumped by Six Plainclothes Officers for Carrying Bottled Water
  • Scandalmania: $500 Million in Government Bids Given to IRS Agent's Buddy
  • pelosiface
  • 26% Of Obama Supporters Say Tea Party Is Nation's Top Terror Threat
  • fucking-crazy-wiig
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