Meanwhile, Back At The Bromance

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Is there trouble in Bromanceland? The budding relationship between Chris Christie and Barack Obama that began soon after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Jersey Shore looks like it’s on the rocks.

During a visit to a Republican stronghold for one of his regular town hall meetings this week, the New Jersey governor went out of his way to put some distance between himself and Obama.

As reported by AP, before he took questions from the public, Christie talked about the problems in Washington – appearing to place most of the blame on Obama:

“We look at Washington, D.C., and we shake our heads in wonder at a president who can’t figure out how to lead, at a Congress that only 11% of the people in the last poll I saw – approve of the job they’re doing.”

Referring further to the dismal approval ratings, Christie said, “that’s what happens when you don’t have a leader at the top.”

“That’s what happens when you have someone in the executive office who is more concerned about being right than he’s concerned about getting things done, and I’m not going to be that kind of leader of New Jersey.”

When former Vernon, NJ Mayor Sally Rinker thanked Christie for the way he worked with Obama after Sandy and referred to the criticism he took for it, the governor cut her off – saying he disagreed with Obama “probably 95% of the time” and hadn’t voted for him in either 2008 or 2012.

Barack Obama, Chris Christie

“Say it ain’t so, Chris”

Christie, a potential 2016 presidential candidate who is well aware of the criticism he has received from Republicans who complains he has grown too close to Obama, made his feelings clear:

“I don’t want him to be president but it wasn’t my choice.”

So, what’s going on here? Does Christie believe he has the November governor’s race locked up and therefore need not fear alienating Democrat cross-over voters by distancing himself from Obama – or is he thinking more about 2016 creeping up behind him and wanting to make sure that Republicans aren’t concerned about for which team he plays? I suspect the latter.

Politics do indeed make strange bedfellows. Even in the case of a six-month fling.

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