Evan Sayet: How Modern Liberals Brainwash People Into Hating America

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Former stand-up comic and Hollywood comedy writer Evan Sayet is best known for his viral Heritage foundation lecture “How Modern Liberals Think.”

Evan’s new book The Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks is based on the Heritage lecture that the late Andrew Breitbart called “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.” It provides perhaps the best paradigm for explaining liberal thought that one could ever hope to encounter.

kindergarden-of-eden-bookMy favorite passage from Sayet’s new book comes on page 39. After explaining how people’s opinions are like “flavors” of ice cream to the Modern Liberal, he puts his finger on something that is spot on:

“Stupid, bigoted, phobic, evil and greedy are, of course, the only explanations that the Modern Liberal can or does offer to explain why Right-Thinking people don’t join him in support of his latest godless, anti-scientific, utterly infantile and invariably failed schemes. In fact, take a second and try to think of a single argument that the Modern Liberal offers regarding any issue that doesn’t consist in its entirety of ‘we’re right because (our grandiose self-esteem tells us) we’re morally and intellectually superior, and anyone who disagrees with us is (1) stupid, (2) bigoted, (3) phobic, (4) greedy, or (5) evil.’ The truth is you can’t name one. Not one. Seriously, try it.”

Sayet’s latest video applies his powerful unified theory of liberalism to the mainstream media and why they always report everything exactly wrong. Michael Barone said he’s “crossed the line from funny to important.” No disagreement here.

The video above and the following transcript is just a sample from the full speech you’re going to want to watch in full:

“If America isn’t exceptional, then how do you explain our exceptional prosperity? How do you explain our exceptional strength? Well, first of all, it’s ‘unjust.’ Why should we be so rich if we’re nothing special? But given that we are the most prosperous nation in all of human history, the strongest nation in all of human history, Barack Obama and those who share his ideology have no choice but to see America as the greatest injustice in all of human history.

So go back to the mainstream media and let’s look at the Middle East. And we thinking people, I call us Right-Thinking people… and folks, buy my book. Save my voice, buy the book… It boggles our minds, how can liberals have such hate for this tiny, wonderful democracy of Israel. They’re supposed to be liberals — they have women’s rights, they have gay rights, they have freedom of the press, freedom of speech — and they hate this nation like no other nation on earth.

And they look at the Palestinians, and the Islamists, and the Arabs in general — not the Arabs in general, mostly the Islamists — and they see them as the victims. How can it be? How can they report… why do they do this? It’s because if you start out saying that the Arabs and the Israelis are equally good cultures, if you start out saying, as they must, these reporters must start out with the notion, that the Jews and the Palestinians both want peace. After all, the Palestinians would be a bad culture if they didn’t want peace. So, they’re not allowed to think that. That just might be their prejudices.

So they must start with the conclusion that both sides want peace. Then why are the Palestinians doing such horrible things? Why are they blowing up buses in Israel? It has to be… it can’t be their culture… so it has to be something the Jews did to provoke them. Now they will look through and cherry pick, and spin, and manipulate, oh wait, didn’t a Jew build a house in Jerusalem three weeks ago? Oh, that must be… and that becomes the salient part of the story.

And the more heinous the attack, the more evil the provocation must have been. Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy. That’s what the liberal believes. That if you eliminate discriminating thought, you’ll eliminate things to disagree about. We won’t fight, we won’t kill each other, we won’t scream and yell, we won’t hurt each other. If you eliminate thinking, their going to have this Paradise, this Kindergarden of Eden.

That’s not what happens. They don’t eliminate the recognition of right and wrong, they flip-flop it, and invariably, there’s nothing else they can do. They were raised to believe that indiscriminateness is a moral imperative and indiscriminateness of thought leads only and always to siding with evil, failure and wrong.”

The Kindergarden of Eden is on sale now at EvanSayet.com. I highly recommend it as one of the five most important conservative books of the last twenty years. Watch the full speech below.

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