Got Hypocrisy? CAIR Demands School Accomodate Muslim Prayer; Attacks Voluntary Bible Lessons

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Council on American-Islamic Relation (CI
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I often say “the hypocrisy of the left know no bounds” – which is true. But the left has nothing on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Two stories from Michigan illustrate the point – loud and clear.

In October of 2009, CAIR-Michigan demanded that Huron Park Elementary School in Roseville, Michigan stop handing out permission slips for students to participate in voluntary Bible lessons – off school property. Not only did the school acquiesce and stop the practice; it apologized for doing so.

From CAIR’s press release at the time:

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) said today that a Detroit-area school district has apologized for handing out permission slips for Bible study classes to elementary school students.

CAIR-MI sent a letter to Roseville Public Schools after receiving a complaint from two parents of children who attend Huron Park Elementary School about distribution by teachers of permission slips for the Bible classes at a local Baptist church.

Fast forward to April of this year. The same CAIR-Michigan demanded that Dearborn, Michigan Public Schools accommodate Muslim prayer – on school property. 


The Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan (CAIR-MI) staff recently met with Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston to discuss concerns from some parents regarding prayer accommodations in Dearborn Public Schools.

Dearborn Public Schools has implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools, as well as unexcused absences for students who leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers. CAIR-MI is currently in discussion with Melvindale Public Schools to get similar accommodations for students that are now in place for Dearborn Public Schools.

Can that be spelled any other way than b-l-a-t-a-n-t  h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?

Imagine, for a moment, transplanted American Christians living in any Muslim country in the world and demanding that the local madrassa stop allowing (forcing) children to bow down to Allah five times a day. You with me so far?

Now, after that incomprehensible thought sinks in, imagine those same transplanted American Christians showing up at the madrassa (or a madrassa across town) and demanding that it accommodate Christian children (as if there would be Christian children to accommodate) and their desire for prayer time.

The only question is: How would the Christian parents be “punished” – and would their children be punished along with them?

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