NBC’s Deutsch: We’re Only Concerned About Obama’s Scandals Because We’re Bored

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NBC Today panelist Donny Deutsch, who said earlier this month that Republican senators who voted against Obama’s gun-control bill “literally have blood on their hands,” is back with another  gem:

The only reason the American people are concerned with the scandals rocking the Obama Administration is because they’re bored. Seriously.

On Today this morning, Donny Deutsch not only tried to downplay the scandals, but attempted to explain why the rest of us (simpletons) are concerned with them:

“I think in this media age we spend so many year – four years, night and day staring at these candidates, that after a while we get a little bored and turned off. And really the only story to report going forward is what I’ll call that kind of slippery slope.” [Huh?]

Funny, I don’t recall being bored the last time I heard about the violent murder of four innocent Americans or the IRS singling out people based solely on their political views. Anyway, Deutsch’s observation was so ridiculous that even über-liberal Matt Lauer called him out:

“I think you’re making a little light of some of these stories. Some of these are pretty important – big stories.”

As to be expected, Deutsch doubled down:

“I think this is a function of, as I said again, of we are gonna over-magnify versus diminish anything that happens for any second-term president.”

Quintessential left-wing “logic” lesson #4,867: Blame those who see the problem vs. those who are responsible for it. Good job, Donny.

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