Report: EPA Waives Fees For ‘Green Groups’; Conservative Groups? Not So Much

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It just keeps getting worse and worse for Barack Obama. Fresh on the heels of three explosive scandals in two weeks, word now comes of a fourth. This time, it involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A new report out today charges that the EPA has routinely charged conservative groups fees that it has waived for the mainstream media and “green” groups. From The Examiner:

Conservative groups seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived, according to requests reviewed by the Conservative Enterprise Institute. [...]

“This is as clear an example of disparate treatment as the IRS’ hurdles selectively imposed upon groups with names ominously reflecting an interest in, say, a less intrusive or biased federal government,” said CEI fellow Chris Horner.

For 92 percent of requests from green groups, the EPA cooperated by waiving fees for the information. Those requests came from the Natural Resources Defense Council, EarthJustice, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, The Waterkeeper Alliance, Greenpeace, Southern Environmental Law Center and the Center for Biological Diversity.

Of the requests that were denied, the EPA said the group either didn’t respond to requests for justification of a waiver, or didn’t express intent to disseminate the information to the general public, according to documents obtained by The Washington Examiner.  CEI, on the other hand, had its requests denied 93 percent of the time.

While any one of these scandals in and of itself is cause for major concern, this is a classic example of “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

One scandal targeting American citizens or groups based solely on their political views is troubling; Four scandals clearly points to an ominous pattern. This administration will stop at virtually nothing to neutralize its enemies – even if that means breaking the law.

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