12 Stunning Charts Show the World is Becoming a Better Place

  • 9. Infant Mortality Rates in the U.S. are Down
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  • 3. War Killing Fewer
  • 4. Homicide Rates are Way Down
  • 7. Global Warming is Trending Down
  • 2. Terrorist Attacks are Down
  • 1. Deaths from Terrorism is Down
  • 12. Global Poverty is Way Down
  • 5. Violent Crime Rates in the U.S. are Way Down
  • 10. Cancer Rates in U.S. are Improving
  • 11. U.S. Life Expectancy is Up
  • 9. Infant Mortality Rates in the U.S. are Down
  • 8. Traffic Fatalities are Down
  • 6. Fatalities from Extreme Weather are Way Down

Beyond the sensationalism of mainstream media reports, the world is becoming a better place. Virtually every aspect of human life is improving, except in those areas where the government has control: such as the quality of education and the standard of living in less-free economies.

The following charts show global, and if appropriate, U.S. statistics. SHARE the great news with your friends!

Kyle Becker has a graduate degree in International Studies from The University of Iowa. His fiction novel Envirotopia is on sale at Sony, Amazon and Kobo.

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